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Magic Kingdom Park Inspires New Merchandise Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

What do a spell card binder, a talking trashcan and a giant music box have in common? They are new merchandise items inspired by things found in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. I love when the merchandise development team uses attractions, characters or shows from Disney Parks as inspiration for new merchandise (it makes those items feel unique, original and special ). Here is a closer look at three new items coming this year.
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Spell Card Binder, Available at Magic Kingdom Park

A new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom spell card binder was recently introduced at Magic Kingdom Park. This soft cover binder contains several pages where you can display Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom spell cards. Look for the binder in Emporium or Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, U.S.A.; Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland; or Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland. You can also now find the previously discussed booster packs in these same locations.

If you haven’t tried Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, check out my fellow author Jennifer Fickley-Baker’s recent tip-filled article. Then, stop by the Main Street Fire Station to join the adventure. I’ve played a few times with my son, who loves the interactive experience.
D-Tech on Demand Case Inspired by PUSH the Talking Trash Can

When merchandiser Kevin-Michael Lezotte showed me a new D-Tech on Demand case, I jumped up and down like an excited child meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. It was an iPhone 5 case inspired by PUSH, the talking trash can from Tomorrowland! Since making his first appearance on February 18, 1995, PUSH has roamed Tomorrowland chatting with guests, consuming their trash and sometimes even dancing with them. He has participated in several marriage proposals, and even actual weddings!

On February 18, we are releasing this limited release iPhone 5 case in Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park. If you see PUSH that day, please give him a hug and wish him a “Happy Birthday.” But please don’t mention his age, as I guess he’s a bit self conscious about it.
Figurine Replica of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Music Box in Be Our Guest Restaurant

Finally, I recently had a delicious lunch with my teammates at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland. While dining, I watched the beautiful seven-foot tall music box of Belle and Beast spin around in the Rose Gallery. Coming this summer, we will release a 9 ½-inch-tall figurine replica that plays music from this classic animated film. It’s lovely!

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  • I have been to the Magic Kingdom twice since the new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom spell card binder was released in February with no luck in finding it. The cast members gave me a time frame of May. How & where (besides eBay) can I purchase one for my collection before my next trip in November?

  • Thanks for info Steven, does this mean they will be available via Disney Merchandising Guest Services/Mail Order or via the park?

  • Hi Steven, I wonder if you know when the PUSH iPhone 5 cover will be available to get via Disney Merchandising Guest Services/Mail Order? Have tried to get in the park (someone is on holiday there) but none in stock and don’t know when more will come in Also when I last spoke to Disney Merchandising Guest Services and I quoted 400007560062 they said a Donald Duck case?

    • @Neil – I spoke with the planning team. They said they will have additional iPhone 5 cases by mid-March. I confirmed with them that the item number is 400007560062. There are no plans for additional iPhone 4/4S cases at this time.

  • Hi Steven! Any chance we will see ShellieMay and her merchandise hitting the parks in the states this year? I would love for our Duffy to have his friend to travel with. We just returned from WDW, will be heading to Disneyland in June (first time) and then back to WDW at the beginning of December. Thank you for your help and insight.

    • @Amanda – At this point, I believe the team is only focused on Duffy the Disney Bear. If that changes, I’m sure I’ll be writing about it. Have a great trip to Disneyland – I love that place!

  • Does anyone know how much the binder is?

    • @Nicole – The retail for the binder is $34.95. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

  • I LOVE that Beauty and the Beast figurine! Be Our Guest is so incredible; I’d love to be able to bring a piece of it home like this. And I also really like the SOMK card binder! I have a binder of my own, but this one is the official one! 🙂

  • Hi Steven, I would appreciate if you could extend my interest to the team in purchasing the Beauty and the Beast replica via the online store also, please? Australia is just a little far for me to pop in and pick one up. Haha (although I am strongly considering it…)

    • @SimonRachael – Thanks for the vote to carry it online. I will share your comment with the online team. Yet, I think I may speak for everyone else on here when I say I’d gladly bring one to you in Australia! I’ve always wanted to visit. 🙂

  • Can we get an item number for the Sorcerers binder, or should I just call and describe it?

    • @Wendy – Here is the item number for the Spell Binder – 400007114005.

  • We just returned from our WDW Vacation and my son LOVED SOTMK!!! He bought some booster packs and the binder. He managed to complete the game on the easy level. Unfortunately, not enough time to start a new game. Hope to go back soon, never enough Disney time!!!!!!!!!

  • I am really interested in getting a PUSH iphone 5 case, how would i be able to get one? Live in the UK and I have phoned the mail order team but they have not got it? (I think it has too be on sale for 2 weeks before they can sell it?)

    • @Neil – Sorry to hear of your trouble. Unfortunately, at this point, your only option would be to work with our Merchandise Guest Services team. The cases are limited release, not limited edition which means more can be made if inventory is low. We don’t have plans to carry them via the Disney Parks online store.

  • I LOVE the Beauty and the Beast music box! I’m always excited to see new B&tB merchandise!

  • I hope PUSH doesn’t start consuming new types of trash just because he turned 18.

  • I LOVE the Beauty and the Beast music box! So beautiful, and that truly is one of my favorite rooms in the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Very underrated, at least I think it is.

    Ceri- the only Cogsworth clock I’ve ever seen is one that the Disney Store carried when Beauty and the Beast was released from the vault. They did a limited edition Mrs. Potts tea set, Lumiere candelabra, and a Cogsworth clock. All of which were gorgeous, and so they sold out ever so quickly. I regret not picking up any of them myself, as I’m a huge B&tB fan. I think they go on eBay now for at least 5 times what they would’ve cost you in the store.

  • How long will the Push iPhone case be available to purchase?

    • @Michael – The PUSH cases are limited release which means that more can be made if we run out of the first orders. There is no set date as to when they will be discontinued.

  • I love the idea of finding inspiration from the characters and attractions at Disney and i think they always make the best souvenirs, i myself have always wanted to purchase a Cogsworth mantle clock but never been able to find one 🙁

  • For thoes who would like to purchase an item, but won’t be at Disney or the online store is not carrying it. Give Disney Merchandising Guest Services/Mail Order a call. 877-560-6477

    I have ordered through them in the past and had no trouble getting the item(s)i wanted,

  • I like the replica Beauty and the Beast music box. Any chance us Little Mermaid fans can expect some new and equally amazing merchandise inspired by the new attraction in New Fantasyland anytime soon???

  • Steve…would you know if i can call merchandise guest services to order the iphone case? If so do you know the item #?

  • Happy Birthday, PUSH! Will the iPhone 5 case be available at the Disney Store online?

    • @Debra – There are no plans at this point to carry the iPhone cases for PUSH on the Disney Parks online store. Sorry.

  • Oooh, any chance the PUSH iPhone case will be available at DisneyStore? (I know you said limited release, but…)

    Oh, and happy birthday, PUSH!

  • I would sure love to see the Sorcerers case available online! We’ve got all our cards in a zip-lock bag right now. We won’t be back to the park for months…would love to have them organized!

    • @Wendy – I checked with the online store team but they are not planning to carry the case online at this point.

  • I love all three of these! Family coming for our first visit in June and I know what my money is going toward!

  • Will the PUSH case be available for iPhone 4 as well? 😀

    • @Alt – I have great news! We should have the iPhone 4/4S cases for PUSH available at Mickey’s Star Traders by tomorrow morning (Tuesday, February 19).

  • That phone case is awesome! Wish they had it for Android phones!

  • Speaking of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, I really do hope that they will start releasing the next series of new spell cards soon.

  • Will the Belle music box be available on-line to order? It looks perfect for my little Belle fan.

    • @T – At this point, it is a little early to say if it will be sold via the Disney Parks online store –

      I don’t know of any confirmed plans to carry it but I will inform that team of your interest.

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SOTMK binder!!! I was searching and searching for one of these back in October and ended up walking around with my cards in a small merch bag instead.

    Steven–Any chance phone covers will be coming out in the future for the Galaxy SIII? I know there are a lot of iPhone users out there, but we’re catching up! 😉

    • @Megan – I’m happy to hear that you like the figurine. It’s also great to meet someone else with a birthday in September like me.

      @Joanna – Thanks for the comment! There are some additional Galaxy SIII phone cases in the works. I don’t have an exact ETA but they will be coming in 2013.

  • Steven, you have made my day! I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago that I wished they sold a replica of the music box from Be Our Guest in Bonjour! Village Gifts because it would certainly be a must-have for me. I am so pleased and excited that it will be coming this summer. My birthday is in September, so I definitely know what I am asking for this year!

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