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Meet Mickey and Minnie at the New Adventurers Outpost in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Are you ready for an adventure?
Meet Mickey and Minnie at the New Adventurers Outpost in Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Starting this spring, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will invite you into their very own exploration headquarters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The all-new Adventurers Outpost on Discovery Island is home base for your globetrotting Disney pals, where they meet friends old and new, as they get ready to set off on their next adventure.

Adventurers Outpost is a gathering place, where explorers might come together to share tales from their expeditions around the world. This new, indoor retreat is the perfect spot for meeting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Meanwhile, over at Camp Minnie-Mickey, you’ll still be able to run into other Disney friends and catch a performance of the incomparable Festival of the Lion King!


  • At the new Pete’s sily sideshow is Pete the character available to meet?

  • For those of you asking, we’re currently in the design stage for AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We don’t have any further updates on that project to share at this time.

  • An article came out a few months ago saying that the Avatar section is being scrapped they’re no longer doing that now.

  • I think people are looking into the whole “where will Avatarland go” thing too much. I’m happy to see a new area to meet Mickey and Minnie! Plus if this means other cool characters in their old spot, that’d be cool to see as well!

  • Ok, please answer this directly. When I come to AK in the latter half of April, will I be able to see Festival of the Lion King? Yes or no? This is our favorite show on all of WDW.

    • Deborah – Yes. Festival of the Lion King is scheduled to perform during your visit. Which section do you like to be in? My boys enjoy the Warthog section!

  • Shawn, where at Discovery Island is the Outpost? One of the shops on the Asia side was being reworked during our recent visit, is that where it is? Or will it be somewhere in with the Tree of Life pathways?

    • Nicholas – Adventurers Outpost will be located at the site previously occupied by the Beastly Bazaar shop on Discovery Island.

  • Thanks for replying, Shawn! But what about the Pandora rumors? Can you clear that up please?

  • Does this mean that Camp Minnie Mickey is officially going to close, to make room for the Avatar land? I didn’t know if that was confirmed.

    What’s going to happen to Festival of the Lion King? I LOVE that show; I’d hate to see it go. Please answer!

    • Allie – Camp Minnie-Mickey and Festival of the Lion King will continue to be a part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom after Adventurers Outpost opens this spring.

  • Since Mickey and Minnie are leaving their Camp, which characters are going to take their place there?

    And what will happen to all the remaining Camp Minnie-Mickey characters when the area closes to make way for Pandora?

    • Philip – Although specific appearances are subject to change, you’ll continue to be able to meet lots of other favorite Disney characters in the Camp Minnie-Mickey area. Some of the friends you might find there include Chip ‘n’ Dale, Baloo, King Louie or Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. The best thing to do is to check with a Cast Member on the day of your visit.

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