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Nine New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise Items from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

My love for the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks grows more and more each year. Granted, my mother will probably remind me that I first rode the attraction with my eyes closed (I was seven at the time). Since then, my eyes have been opened to the awesomeness of this classic Disney attraction. The home and décor team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise recently created some new Disney Parks authentic merchandise inspired by the attraction’s amazing details. I caught up with Cody Reynolds, a creative manager at Disney Design Group, who shared some insight into these nine new items.

The Hourglass
“I’ve wanted to make an hourglass for years,” said Cody, who is an 18-year Disney cast member. “This 7 ½-inch-tall hourglass has gargoyles from the stretching room and the famous wallpaper design on the top. White sand is more commonly used in hourglasses, yet we chose purple sand to match the overall color palette. The hourglass keeps track of about an hour.”

The Hourglass - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks Candelabra - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

My favorite item is the candelabra, which also features a gargoyle. Cody said the base was inspired by the paneling found in the queue just after the stretching room.

The frame holds 5”x 7” photographs and is reminiscent of the plaque from outside the attraction. Cody said the merchandise looks so authentic because the “development teams took lots of photos inside the attraction early one morning.”

Frame - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks Music Box - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

Music Box
“We needed a music box because music is an important part to the attraction,” explained Cody. “This music box plays ‘Grim Grinning Ghosts,’ and draws inspiration from Madame Leota’s tombstone outside the attraction. Her epitaph is included on the inside lid.”

Coaster Set - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

Coaster Set
The four-coaster set also uses some of the more recognizable epitaphs from the outside graveyard, including those of Madame Leota and Master Gracey.

Bat Bottle Stopper - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

Bat Bottle Stopper
The bottle stopper resembles the bat stanchion topper from the queue.

Pillow - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks Throw - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

Pillow and Throw
“For the pillow, we considered using the chair design from the endless hallway scene,” continued Cody. “Yet we selected a simple black pillow with the phrase ‘Rest in Peace.’ The back of the pillow and the throw include the famous wallpaper design.”

Candy Dish
The candy dish also uses the wallpaper motif, along with the iconic phrase “Room for One More,” which is a nod to the ghost host inviting guests to join the 999 happy haunts that live in the mansion.

Tarot Card Hangtags - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks Candy Dish - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks

Tarot Cards
Cody mentioned the tarot card-like hangtags found on the items were inspired by Madame Leota’s cards. The purple card contains verbiage that sounds like how Madame Leota would describe the new merchandise. The cards also contain nods to details found inside and outside the attraction.

These items will be found in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. We will also be carrying them via the Disney Parks online store at a future date. I’d love for all of these items to follow me home!


  • I can’t wait for them to release more Tower of Terror items!

  • Love the hourglass. Hope it will be available early next month as we will be up there then. If not, then I guess it will have to wait until after Easter when we get there again.

  • These are amazing, will they be available to purchase in the UK at any of the Disney Stores or even online? We were staying at Walt Disney World back in October last year, but won’t be returning until 2015, not sure I can wait that long!!!!!!

    • @Lisa – I don’t know of plans to carry these items in any Disney Store location. We intend to offer them on at a future date.

  • Sweet…now all we need is a good mug to come available.

  • Hello everybody !

    I am Stephanie from Disneyland Paris (in France).
    I am a Haunted Mansion fan too.
    Here in France, the attraction is named PHANTOM MANOR. The Manor which is located in Frontierland has a special story.

    In 1849, a new little town named Thunder Mesa was built in the wild west. Mr Ravenswood was very lucky because he found a lot of gold. He created the Big Thunder Mining Company. And he was becoming richer and richer. So he built a beautifull Manor in Thunder Mesa.

    In 1860, Mr Ravenswood’s daughter would get married. But he was not really happy about this wedding because the lover wish to move out of Thunder Mesa town after the wedding.

    Suddenly, the Evil Spell of Big Thunder Mountain killed Mr Ravenswood, his wife and the lover (and many other miners). But Mr Ravenswood’s daughter was still in the Manor waiting for her lover to start the wedding.

    Many years after this terrible day, she was still waiting for her lover. But now, the Manor is dying and we don’t know what happened to this beautifull girl.

    So Disneyland Paris’s guests are invited in the Manor to try to understand what happened to her.

    What about the story of your Haunted Mansion ?
    Thank you to let me know.

    Some of my colleagues will go to Walt Disney World soon, so I am going to ask them to buy all this beautifull Haunted Mansion items for me.

    Bye !

  • These are just wonderful, I have two of the orginial Haunted Mansion stretching portait tapestys, any way you are going to come back out with them? I was also wondering if there is an email list that people can sign up for emails when the products are released into the online store?

    You creativity is fantastic!!!

    • @Debra – I don’t know of specific plans to introduce stretch portraits again. I’ll have to speak with the collectibles developer.

      As for an e-mail list, there is an option on to sign up for e-mails (see top of the screen – “E-mail list” link) Yet I don’t believe the e-mail will list every new item that is added each week. That kind of e-mail is something we don’t offer at this point.

      The e-mails you would receive would feature key focus items from (which sometimes includes Disney Parks items).

  • LOVE!! We have a few Haunted Mansion items but I have always wanted more. I’m so happy these will be available to purchase online 🙂 Do you have any idea of the prices on these? Specifically the hourglass, music box, and candy dish. Prices on all of them would be awesome to though, I really would buy them all if I could.

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    It didn’t retain the spacing the first time.

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    (Haunted Mansion organ music)

  • I wonder if we’ll we see some new Shag designs for the tiki room 50th??? I’m willing to bet yet.

  • Are any of these items limited editions and how much are they?

    • @Caroline – These items are not limited edition. I’m checking on retails with the planning team. Please see my response to question #3 for retails.

  • I’m so happy that Disney is starting to roll out Unique and “One-of-a-Kind” Merchandise! Keep it coming!! We love this!

  • These are fantastic!!! Thanks, Disney, for knowing what your fans want! I will be keeping an eye out for these on the website as I won’t be making it to the parks this year.

  • my fiance & I won’t be getting to WDW until October (for our honeymoon !) we may buy some before that for our Halloween wedding ♥

    • @Ash – Wishing you many happy years of love and laughter together! A Halloween wedding sounds awesome!

  • I love everything! Thanks for satisfying our need for new Haunted Mansion items. Please do another “Room for 1 More” type event so we can shop in person with the artists again. It was wonderful!

  • I will buy one of each!!! I am so very excited that new things are coming…been so disappointed by the lack of items from the parks. These rides live in our memory and to have something that holds a piece of my heart is going to wonderful. Thank you all…keep new things coming there is a market out there for these items inspired by the rides etc etc…Love Kelly

  • As always, thanks for your wonderful assistance! I think they found the shirt this time.

    Also, Mail Order mentioned it looked like the first shipment of the coasters has sold out for now.

  • I really want the music box; I am almost afraid to ask how much it is. We will be visiting Disneyland in August, so I will definitely be checking it out!

    • @MI – I’ve added the retails to my response to question #3. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

  • Awesome heading to the MK this weekend.

  • Love the candelabra and coasters. Will look for them this October when I am at WDW.

  • Ooooh, hourglass, definitely! They are all amazing, though. 🙂

  • My family just returned from WDW yesterday, so naturally I was a little down having to leave. Imagine my overwhelming delight to read about these upcoming Haunted Mansion collectibles. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It has made my day to know these items will be available soon. My husband said that I audibly gasped when I saw the gargoyle candleholders.

    • @Lorraine – You’re welcome. Sounds like I need to go trick-or-treating in Oklahoma. Please see the tenative schedule below as to when things will be released:

      – Frame
      – Candelabra
      – Hour Glass
      – Coaster Set
      – Throw

      – Pillow
      – Music Box
      – Candy Dish

      – Bottle Stopper

      @Michael – I thought the addition of the music was a nice touch. One of my favorite aspects of the attraction.

      @Suzie – You’re welcome! I’m so happy to hear of your excitement 🙂

  • I like the hour glass and the music box, candelabra, frame, coasters and candy dish – I would be interested in purchasing them – really cool what the music box plays

  • I would be interested in purchasing these. I am a teacher and I set up an elaborate haunted house each year for my school. Please keep me informed as to when I can order them and where. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. I am so excited about being able to add them to my haunted house.

  • I love the hour glass! I can’t wait to get it 😀

  • Will be looking for the hourglass when we visit the park in a couple weeks. Will also be getting the pillow and throw for my daughters birthday.

    • @Daryl – Please wish your daughter a happy birthday from me. Sounds like great gifts! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  • These are fantastic! Do you know how much each item will cost?

    • @Miles – I will need to check with our planning team. Please stay tuned. I’ve added the retails to my response to question #3. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.

  • The Jonathans on comments 21 and 22 are different people…what a coincidence.

    Jonathan #21

  • For the coaster set, do you know what they are made of (sandstone/tin) and whether they will be included on the online selection?

    Also, on different subjects, do you know if the Epcot 30th Spaceship Earth tee (400006849052) will be reordered? Mail order says they got a shipment in this month, but they’re already gone… And, will you have a preview of the Flower Garden merchandise?

    • @Jonathan – Yes! That’s such a great album. I recall checking out the 33 1/2 long playing record from my grade school library. Ah, memories 🙂

      @Jonathan – The coasters are made of resin and we intend to include them in the online selection (they seem to be one of the most liked items today).

      I’m confirming with our planning team about the Epcot shirt. I checked our product locator and, as of this morning, the shirt is in stock at Epcot. Here are the item numbers for the various sizes:

      Small – 400006849045
      Medium – 400006849052
      Large – 400006849069
      XL – 400006849076
      2XL – 400006849083

  • I love the “Thrilling, Chilling” allusion…I just transferred my Orange Audio Cassette to my digital collection the other day.

  • I gasped with excitement when I saw the bottle stopper!

    Also must have the coasters for obvious reasons. 🙂

  • These are awesome. I’m hoping this is a trend.

    (Maybe they will release some Enchanted Tiki Room merch besides the ultra limited edition wallet-busting stuff?)

    • @Stephen – Just wait for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. I’m going to need a bigger house. More information is coming soon about the event this summer. 🙂

  • GIMMEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • The frame and the hourglass are already available at Disneyland. Saw them in New Orleans Square recently.

  • Wow this is all really cool merch! Will it be available at the Disney Store online as well?

    • @Steven – Great name 🙂 Yes, we intend to carry these items via the Disney Parks online store at a future date. I don’t have any additional details at this time.

  • Wow, love the coaster set. When we were little my sister and I loved to read the headstones, something I’ve now pass on to my children!

  • That’s so funny about riding the first time with your eyes closed, I remember doing the same thing while riding with my Mom the first time. As a HUGE HM fan, I often tell the exact same story! I can see I’m not the only one;-)Can’t wait to purchase ALL of this new HM merchandise, looks awesome!

    • @John – Yes!! I am also glad I’m not alone. My mother and father still joke about my first visit to the Haunted Mansion. Thanks for the comment.

  • About how big is the music box? May be going on my Birthday list.

    • @Brooke – The music box measures approximately 6.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall. It’s gorgeous! And happy early birthday!

  • I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!

    • @Buffy – Best comment!!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  • I will be in Disney March 16, will this be available then? I would love to buy it all!

    • @Marisa – There may be a few items that have arrived at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At least I know that the coasters and the hourglass have arrived. Other items expected in March include the frame, candelabra and throw. I hope you have a great trip!

  • do you know when they will be available online? I won’t be visiting the parks til november, but I am a huge mansion fan and would love to get my hands on some of this merchandise before then(mainly the bottle stopper 🙂

    • @Kalya – I don’t have a confirmed date as to when these items will appear on But I know we are planning to carry them online.

  • I’ll be buying most of these if they’re available when I go in August. Hopefully they’ll still be available.

  • Love it all – we have been waiting for more HM merch. I love the Candy Dish and the throw. When will it be here??

  • This merchandise is unbelievably awesome! Is there a release date set for these items? Can you share any SKU numbers on these so I can order through the Disney Parks Merchandise line? (We are expecting a baby in June and cannot make it to the park this year to pick them up in person, but we’ll be there next year!!!)

    Ohhhhh … we better make sure in making room for baby that we make room for all this stuff, too! 🙂

    • @Stefanie – Congratulations!!! That’s wonderful news. I love being a father; it’s the best thing in the world. I wish you all the best. Please see a previous response for the item numbers.

  • Steve…When will the coaster set, throw blanket, candy dish and music box be available for phone order? How about for the Disney Store? Do you have the item numbers for those 4 items? Thanks!!

    • @Tracey – Great question about placing a phone order. I know that several items haven’t arrived at Disney Parks yet (see previous response). I don’t have a date for when they will appear on the online store. Here are the item numbers:

      Hourglass – 400007313545
      Candelabra – 400007210509
      Frame – 400007182721
      Music box – 400007403611
      Coasters – 400007313583
      Bottle stopper – 400007510470
      Pillow – 400007380578
      Throw – 400007313644
      Candy Dish – 400007435490

  • This stuff is amazing!! My favourite park merchandise are those items which allow me to bring home the design elements of the parks, like frames and candelabras. I can’t wait for these things to get on the store website!

  • This is all so incredible! Please, please, please make sure you stock enough for the Disney Parks online store. I won’t make it to WDW until October and I have to have the music box, coasters, and frame!

  • Wow, these all look incredible! I can’t wait to pick them up via merchandise phone order. Is there any specific time frame these will be released?

    • @Kristen and Joseph – So glad to hear you like the items. They will be arriving in the next few months. Here is a tenative schedule. Unfortunately, I don’t have firm dates for release as the items typically flow out to locations. I have also included retails for these items (please not that all retails are subject to change without notice).

      – Frame ($26.95)
      – Candelabra ($39.95)
      – Hourglass ($32.95)
      – Coaster Set ($24.95)
      – Throw ($54.95)

      – Pillow ($32.95)
      – Music Box ($49.95)
      – Candy Dish ($24.95)

      – Bottle Stopper ($19.95)

      These items will be carried in the following locations:

      Disneyland Resort
      – Disney Clothiers, Ltd. and China Closet – Disneyland park
      – Trolley Treats – Disney California Adventure Park
      – World of Disney – Downtown Disney District

      Walt Disney World
      Heritage House Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe – Magic Kingdom Park
      – Mouse Gear – Epcot
      – Tower of Terror Shop – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
      – Trend-D and World of Disney – Downtown Disney Marketplace

  • These would be perfect in my dining room to go with the Haunted Mansion theme I want to use in these! When will these items be released? I will be in Walt Disney World at the end of next week and would love to buy these!

  • Can’t wait to get these when they’re available! Halloween will be much more fun!

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