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Caption This: Printing History at Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This” photo was snapped inside Spaceship Earth at Epcot back in 1985.

As a writer, this part of the attraction – which depicts the adoption of Gutenberg’s printing press – has always been one of my favorites. Have you traveled through this scene and stared at the guy in the red jacket and wondered just what he was reading?


You tell us…what’s he so engrossed in reading about? Go ahead and give us your headline in the “Comments” section below.

See below for more chances to “Caption This”:


  • Alright Everyone, look alive. We’ve got visitors.

  • It’s the menu from his favorite restaurant.

  • From stone tablets to computer tablets – you mean this discovery is only temporary?

  • “EPCOT hours to expand. Audio-Animatronics say they’ll strike. Ben Franklin threatens to (keep) walking!

  • “We go to great pains to put out a great product, but all people really care about is the crossword puzzle.”

  • Hark, fellows! Thou must seeth Ye Olde iCanHasCheezburger! For verily, it causeth me to LOL.

  • All of that’s in a Hot Dog?

  • Jennifer Fickley-Baker gets a raise!!! Wish it was that easy.

  • Some one named Walt Disney is going to build a park on swamp land. That will never work.

  • “It’s Erasmus, not Erasmouse”.

  • “It says here that Da Vinci is working on some kind of flying contraption. It’ll never work…”

  • This looks like HTML code… I think we got the wrong paper again. This is a computer printout.

  • Hmm…Seems some fellow’s invented something called the “Internet”, and now they won’t need all those copies of the Yellow Pages directories we’ve been printing!

  • I put these red tights on for this???
    Oh!!! Please?
    Tweet me next time.

  • NO NO! You spelled Earth with an extra “e”! RPRINT THEM ALL AGAIN!

  • Don’t look now…but I think Dwight Eisenhower is across the way playing a lute!

  • “Place ‘M’ next to ‘N’ and screw in with ‘J’. What?! This part doesn’t look the same as the one I have. Man, I hate these instructions that come with these put-together-furniture pieces…”

  • “Stop the press, boys! Biergarten’s added Frikadellen to the dinner options — looks like we’re gonna have to print the menus all over again!”

  • “Mr. Iwerks, how many times do I have to show how to draw Steamboat Willie correctly?” said Walt.

  • Hey guys, listen to this. It says I may have already won!

  • “This copy is nowhere near as smart as the original Jeremy Irons script. Change should enhance, not worsen.”

  • Finally, I have the lyrics for One Direction’s “You’re Beautiful”!!!

  • “Is this papyrus?”

  • “…And thus, the idea of ‘Fine Print’ was created…”

  • Florida Gulf Coast University won again!?! There goes my bracket.

  • “Beards out of fashion, mustaches in…ha ha, guys, very funny…”

  • Everyone, listen. Walt Disney World just tweeted some amazing news – we are going to be part of a great feature attraction!

  • “Wait time for Soarin’ – 566 years and 105 minutes.”

  • Why is Epcot upside down on this park map?!

  • Early bloggers face challenges with character count limitations.

  • “We wouldn’t be able to print this so easily if it weren’t for the ABCs. Thanks, Phoenicians!!”

  • It says here that some guy named Trump wants to buy us.

  • Why exactly are we doing this, sir? Someone is just gonna turn it into an eBook one day!

  • “It was the best of times, it was the MORST of times, DANG IT STEVE!”

  • “All work and no play make Johannes a dull boy All work and no play make Johannes a dull boy
    All work and no play make Johannes a dull boy All work and no play make Johannes a dull boy”

  • “I’m not to sure about this prediction from Nostradamus. I mean an entire WORLD attributed to a MOUSE. No one’s going to believe that.”

  • i have to pay how much in taxes? thanks unnamed Egyptian guy 100 feet away for created Papyrus!

  • “Hey Jill I’ve noticed a number of spelling errors. Did you use spell check?”

  • I got this red jacket yesterday, NOW IT’S 50% OFF TODAY!!!!!!!!

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