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Caption This: What’s the Buzz About at Spaceship Earth at Epcot?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today’s “Caption This” photo comes to us from inside Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

This shot, taken in 1985, depicts a part of the attraction that showcases the moment when the telephone exploded in popularity. Looks like these switchboard operators are sure earning their paycheck today.

What’s all the buzz about? You tell us in the “Comments” section below.

See below for more chances to “Caption This”:


  • “Shall I add the Disney Dining Plan to your reservation?”

  • “I’m sorry, the sponsor you dialed is no longer at this attraction. Would you like to leave a message for the current one?”

  • “I’m sorry, all reservations for Coral Reef Restaurant have been booked.”

  • “Your call is important to us”

  • “Ahhhhh! These Lonesome Ghosts keep calling!!!!”

  • “Is my refrigerator running?? I don’t have time for this nonsense!”

  • Press 1 for English.

  • “I’ve been smiling for 3 years now… Can I stop?”

  • Enter plug A into socket B then plug X into socket Y. I should have paid more attention in training class.

  • …so confirming your order ma’am, your tracking number is 8 and your delivery should arrive in 4 to 6 months…

  • You’re Donald who? Donald Duct? I’m sorry Donald I can’t understand a word you’re saying, you want to call who? Phaisy? Thazy? Crazy? I think you need a new Bluetooth! Try calling on a clearer line.

  • maybe i can call in a order for five guys and pick it up for dinner tonight

  • Caller: “I’ve been on hold, for like, 20 years!”

    • 🙂

  • Yes Ma’am, I’m trying to connect you now, but my arms are made of plastic and I can’t quite reach….

  • No Jeremy Irons no longer works here sadly but Dame Judy Dench is in. Shall I transfer the call?

  • Operator: “You’d like to speak to who? Donald Duct? How are you spelling that?”
    Caller: “With letters.”

  • “We’re sorry, but all available cast members are busy now. Please hold, your call is important to us.”

  • “what do you mean you have problems I’ve been stuck inside a huge golf Ball for years and have Giant mice running around like they own the place not to mention all of thier friends who are quite the characters. Have a Disney day”

  • “I’m sorry, but Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow is no longer at this address.”

    • Funny!

  • Hello. This is a call from the future. You are just going to love WDW. Surprises are everywhere. Sorry I have to go millions of people are trying to call.

  • Whom would you like me to page ?……Oh, Mr. Tom Morrow.

    • Good one!

  • ok,and you say there is a dragon,flying around the castle right?

  • Operator: “Connecting you now.”
    Goofy: “Well howdy, I hear it’s your birthday…”

  • Are you calling about a dining reservation today, or are you already in the Orlando area?

  • three ring-dingys….four ring dingys….I’m sorry sir, they’re not answering and you’re all out of ring-dingys.

  • corrected text from above(dang spell check!!) three ringy-dingys….four ringy-dingys…I’m sorry sir, they’re not answering and you’re all out of ringy-dingys.

  • “The Disney Parks Blog will be with you shortly.”

  • Thirty years and I still don’t know where to put this wire.

  • Yes, Sir… You can enjoy Character Dining with Chip & Dale in THE LAND Pavilion. How many children? Oh, just a party of one?…okay.

  • “Nina, have I got a man for you! He is coming through town tonight. His crew is working their way south and I really think you should come out dancing with the group of us this evening!”

    It wasn’t all business on the lines! My grandparents met while she was a switchboard operator and he was working the lines after WWI.

    She is on the far right in the purple shirt getting set up on the blind date of a lifetime! Or at least we think that is her every time we ride Spaceship Earth!

    • What a cool connection! I’m happy this attraction can bring back family memories for you.

  • I was happy to help you with your reservation. Have a magical day”

  • No, sir, I’m sorry, but we are currently all out of royal purple pigment. Please try again later.

  • “Hello…Expedition Everest Yeti Watch.”

  • One ringy dingy…two ringy dingies…three ringy dingies…

  • I can’t believe nobody has put this in yet.

    “Welcome Home!!!!”

  • “Very nice job reciting those ABCs. They’re pretty easy to learn, aren’t they? Thank the Phoenicians, they invented them!”

  • “You wouldn’t believe what the future has in store. Come down and see us to find out!”

  • Hello, Can you here me now?

  • “Whats that? You want Jeremy Irons hosting again? That will probably happen when Captain EO finishes its ‘limited’ run”

  • Hello, is this is the Electric Company? This is the Telephone Company. You haven’t paid your bill lately, so we’re gonna have to cut you off! Sorrry!

  • Dr. Who???

  • Can you hear me now???

  • Oh, of course Mr. Mouse. Miss Minnie is coming on the line right now.

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