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Discover Alaska’s Annette Island with Disney Cruise Line

It is no secret by now that our voyages to Alaska offer some of the most amazing Port Adventures available in our entire portfolio, worldwide. Every year we search for new ways to excite our guests and help them discover the rich culture and diversity of our ports of call.
Discover Alaska’s Annette Island with Disney Cruise Line
For our 2013 summer season, we’ve added two new Port Adventures from Ketchikan to Annette Island, home to the only native reservation in Alaska. These excursions, which offer a rare glimpse of a working village, will immerse guests in the culture of the Tsimshian people, whose ancestors followed Anglican missionary William Duncan in ocean-going canoes to settle on this rugged uninhabited island in 1887.
Discover Alaska’s Annette Island with Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line guests on the Exclusive Annette Island Native Discovery will tour Father Duncan’s Church and Cottage (a museum), hear interesting stories of the village’s totem poles, explore local arts and crafts, and see a local native dance group perform traditional and contemporary dance ceremonies in their clan house.

The Annette Island Cultural Celebration with Family Activity excursion offers guests even more immersion with a unique hands-on experience. Families will construct their very own drum and learn how Tsimshian people teach youngsters about their ancestors using drum beats, song and dance.
Discover Alaska’s Annette Island with Disney Cruise Line
What’s more, on the catamaran cruise to Annette Island, guests have yet another opportunity to view some of Alaska’s wildlife, like seals, eagles and dolphins, just to name a few. Hidden gems such as Annette Island are yet another reason why when the ship is in port, you must venture ashore!

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