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Disney Cruise Line’s Adult-Only Excursions in Europe

Kids aren’t the only ones that will be having fun in Europe this summer with Disney Cruise Line! Like I mentioned in my last post about Port Adventures in Europe, we developed excursions that appeal to all types of families, including those of you not traveling with children.

Disney Cruise Line Adult-only Excursion in Tuscany

One of the ways we cater to this group is by providing adult-only departures for some of our most popular tours, including Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica and Gondola Ride in Venice, Best of Ephesus from Kusadasi, Turkey and Highlights of Monaco and Monte Carlo from Villefranche, France. For the 2013 season, at least one adult-only tour is offered in each port of call.

What’s more, we’ve also created some brand-new experiences just for adults that I want to tell you about today…

The Acropolis Sightseeing and Greek Culinary Presentation

Acropolis Sightseeing and Greek Culinary Presentation – This adult-exclusive tour in Athens combines a visit to the Acropolis with a Greek culinary journey in the historical neighborhood of Plaka. A local chef demonstrates how to create authentic Greek cuisine such as tzatziki, cheese pie and yogurt with honey using fresh, local ingredients. After you enjoy the culinary creations, you’ll have time to explore the picturesque town and shop in nearby Monastiraki.

Roman Art – Mosaic Workshop with Wine and Cheese

Roman Art – Mosaic Workshop with Wine and Cheese – In Rome, adults are invited to learn the art of creating mosaics from a renowned local artist. While creating your very own masterpiece, you can sip Italian wine and savor delicious local cheeses and salumi (Italian cured meats and cold cuts). Following the workshop, free time in the city allows you to explore famous sites like the Coliseum, Pantheon, Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica.

There are so many choices for Port Adventures in Europe, and I wish I could cover them all! When you find the ones that seem the most interesting for your family, let your fellow Disney Parks Blog readers know about them in the comments.


  • The gap between the tree leaves in the top picture is the Bering Strait;
    Russia to the left, Alaska to the right.

  • Hidden Mickey’s, what about hidden geography?
    (Look at leaves in the top picture)
    168 degrees west longitude / 66 degrees north latitude

  • Just a note on the “adult only” excursions… I did these two years ago when the cruise line was in the Mediterranean. They were nice, and the excursion guides showed things that were not shown during the family excursions (e.g., prostitution area of Pompeii, etc). But, the downside to these excursions, from the perspective of a 30-something, was that they frequently moved at a slower pace as we were waiting for more senior members of the group to catch up. Not that this is a negative, but it is something that we would have liked to have known in advance.

  • As a 20-something who loves Disney but does not yet have children yet, I really appreciate the opportunity to engage in activities with a similar group. Will Disney Parks begin to offer more entertainment options centered on adult families in the future?

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