Disneyland Band Concerts Mark 30 Years of Educating Local Youth

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

For 30 years now, the Disneyland Band has traveled to various venues throughout Orange County to educate more than 1.5 million second-graders about the history of the American Band. In fact, I remember attending the Disneyland Resort Salutes the American Band concert series when I was in elementary school! (Who can forget a field trip to see Mickey Mouse?) To celebrate the milestone anniversary, a few of the people who make the experience possible explain the program and its importance in this video!


  • As more and more school music and arts programs get cut, I think it’s so wonderful that the Disneyland Band is doing its part to promote instrumental music to our children. Thank you to these wonderful ambassadors of music.

  • I remember seeing the live concert in Costa Mesa when I was in 2nd Grade. By far it was my favorit feild trip that year. Although the venue has change since I saw it, it is a wonderful trip and its was the first time I was ever introduced to all the different types of music!

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