Easter Celebrations are Hopping at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

As Thomas Smith told us last week, “Limited Time Magic” has put a little spring in our step this week with special Easter celebrations at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, through March 31. Today, I’m hopping to share some of the fun we’ve been having here at the Disneyland Resort with you. Take a look at the video below to see the adorable Bunny Hop (taking place daily on Main Street, U.S.A.) and the Wilderness Explorer Egg Hunt (all week at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail). Be sure to keep an eye out for some rarely seen long-eared friends!


  • So excited to see Roger Rabbit in the Bunny Hop!

  • Erin, what time is the Bunny Hop everyday?

    • Anne – The Bunny Hop is approximately 30 minutes before Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. Be sure to check the Entertainment schedule when you visit, as show times are subject to change.


  • You’ve brought a giant smile to my face having been able to visit the Disneyland Resort a couple of days this week. From Roger Rabbit’s surprise visit in the Bunny Hop to the Easter Bunny appearing in Town Square to Mickey’s and Minnie’s gorgeous Easter clothes to Carl Fredricksen showing up with bunny ears, I’ve absolutely loved all the Easter offerings. It’s been way too long that Disneyland has celebrated Easter. I hope these offerings will continue to happen and grow in years to come!

  • With Roger Rabbit appearing in the Main Street Bunny Hop, I hope that this is the beginning of a big return of that rabbit to the Disney parks around the world as a regular character (hope he starts doing meet-and-greets again soon).

    Please get Roger back to Walt Disney World as soon as possible!

  • I’ll be there on the 31st, which is Easter and my birthday! I LOVE rabbits, and I’ll definitely will be wearing my Oswald ears. I can hardly wait!

  • Erin, will Roger Rabbit be doing meet and greets? (I know it’s a long-shot, but can’t hurt to ask).

    • Sorry, Fred – Roger Rabbit will only appear during the Bunny Hop on Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Erin, is the Easter Bunny at DL based on the bunnies from the Silly Symphony cartoon, “Funny Little Bunnies”? He looks similar. That’s one of the best Silly Symphonies!

    • The Easter Bunny is the Easter Bunny, Dustin!

  • What a fun, sweet and happy way to add an Easter touch to Disneyland! I particularly love the Easter Egg hunt! Well done, Disney Peeps!

  • Erin – Is Mr. Fredrickson going to be a regular part of the Wilderness Explorer Easter Egg Hunt this week, and does he sign autographs? One of the Disney collections my girlfriend and I have are all of our Disney DVDs signed by all of the characters in each movie—we have everything from Mickey, Donald and Daisy on the “Fantasia” box cover to all of the Pixie Hollow fairies on “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure,” about 15 DVDs signed so far—and if this is our chance to get Mr. Fredrickson, we’re going to hop to it, pun intended!

    • What a fun collection! Carl Fredricksen will be visiting guests through March 31 as part of this week’s “Limited Time Magic” at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. I’m planning to go say hello myself – I must have a photo with him in his bunny ears!

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