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First Look: Merchandise for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Merchandise for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

I’m looking forward to the return of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. This year’s event will feature millions of blooms, great entertainment and new food offerings (hello, Dole Whip!) from March 6 to May 19 at Epcot. Last year, I enjoyed visiting Epcot on multiple occasions to photograph many beautiful flowers (I also snapped some wonderful images in the butterfly garden). This year, my photographic journey started at the Festival Center. This highly-themed destination is located between Mission: SPACE and Universe of Energy, and it’s home to demonstrations, seminars and a merchandise shop.
Mugs for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

This year, the merchandise location resembles a garden oasis. The sound of gentle water and chirping birds filled the air as I took photos. Last year, we introduced artwork that featured Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as topiaries. The artwork was incredibly popular with guests, so we added a Minnie Mouse topiary to the mix for this year. You can find her image on apparel, a reusable tote bag and, my favorite, a new coffee mug (look inside the mug for a cool detail).
Merchandise for the 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

There were a few other items that caught my eye, including a new topiary-inspired headband, a strawberry ear hat, Duffy the Disney Bear in overalls, D-Tech on Demand iPhone cases and more. We are also introducing new garden statues that look like Grumpy and Dopey. Look for additional character topiary statues in the weeks to come.

Here is a gallery of a few other items that you will find at Epcot during the festival.

I’d love for you to join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #EpcotInSpring. I also hope to see you during the event!


  • Steven,

    Can you please tell me the retail price of the three character topiary garden statues?


  • hello,
    thank you for the sku #s of the topiary garden statues. Do you know if they will have the little potted topiaries of Mickey as they did last year? if you look at the 2012 merchandise post there was a Mickey ivy(pretend ivy I think) topiary in a little flower pot. I am searching for that again this year please. thank you so much!

  • Any update on the D-tech phone cases? Did those ever come in, as my trip ended this past Tuesday, and I still hadn’t seen them anywhere? Can you please post a photo of them and provide the SKU number once they come in? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find them. I confirmed with the Epcot team that they received the cases this past Monday. They would have been found in the Festival Center. We saw sales of them, so I’m guessing they have arrived.

      Here are the item numbers:

      Mickey Mouse
      iPhone 4/4S – 400007562158
      iPhone 5 – 400007562141

      Minnie Mouse
      iPhone 4/4S – 400007562165
      iPhone 5 – 400007562172

  • Hi Mr. Miller,

    I am having a hard time finding an answer to this question as the blog was posted in November —- when will the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone cases be available in the parks and online to order?


    • @Karen – I asked the D-Tech team who said two additional Samsung Galaxy SIII cases should be arriving here in the next few months (they moved up orders). Here is an item number for the current Steamboat Willie case – 400007170162.

  • hello,
    I would love to order the Character topiaries, do you have a release date and a SKU number please?
    thank you!

    • @Faith – The Merchandise Guest Services team may not have access to these items until after the Festival. The items were made specifically for Festival at Epcot, which means they would be sold there first to Guests visiting the event. I’m sorry for any challenge you are experiencing. I will share your feedback with the team.

      @Cala – I unfortunately don’t have a confirmed release date. I went to Epcot today (Saturday) with my son. We saw the new Mickey, Minnie and Donald topiary statues in the Festival Center. Here are the item numbers for these statutes. Please note that our Merchandise Guest Services team may not have access to these items until after the Festival.

      400007283008 – Mickey Mouse
      400007283015 – Minnie Mouse
      400007282995 – Donald Duck

  • I wish they offered the Bronze dwarf statues online. Hopefully we’ll make it to the Flower and Garden festival but it won’t be until the last weekend and I’m sure they will sell out by then. Why is Disney Merchandising unable to locate these items and ship them?

  • Could you also provide SKUs for the adult Flower and Garden Festival T-shirts?

    • @Teresa – Here you go! Please note that the mail order option may not be available until after the Festival.

      Adult Topiary
      Small – 400007365841
      Medium – 400007365858
      Large – 400007365865
      XL – 400007365872
      2XL – 400007365889
      3XL – 400007365896

      Mow & Grow
      Small – 400007283350
      Medium – 400007283367
      Large – 400007283374
      XL – 400007283381
      2XL – 400007283398
      3XL – 400007404267

      Minnie Mouse Topiary
      XS – 400007255524
      Small – 400007255531
      Medium – 400007255548
      Large – 400007255555
      XL – 400007255562
      2XL – 400007255579

      Youth Tee
      XS – 400007283732
      Small – 400007283749
      Medium – 400007283756
      Large – 400007283763
      XL – 400007283770

  • These are great items! What are the SKUs for the Mickey and Minnie gnomes and the flamingo? Thanks!!

  • If my memory serves me correctly, this is the same artwork from last years festival, correct? I’ve got the “angry” Donald on my fridge.

    • @Paul – You are sort of correct. The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck images were used last year. This year, we added Minnie Mouse for this year. The color palette features green this year whereas it was blue last year. We kept a few of the greatest hits (like the reusable tote, print) but added some new items like the Minnie Mouse headband. We also updated the popular coffee mug to incorporate Minnie Mouse. The mug last year sold out rather quickly.

  • Hello Steven. I have a few questions. I am actually in Disney World right now and attended the first day of the festival today. However, I didn’t see the D-Tech on-Demand iPhone cases you mentioned in the Festival Center. Can you elaborate on what these look like?

    Also, you said there will be additional character topiary statues (like the Dopey and Grumpy ones) in the weeks to come. Can you let us know what characters those will be? And is there a particular reason that they are not available now at the beginning of the Festival (as I always like to come at the beginning of Epcot’s festivals to get first dibs on all the great merchandise and to see everything first)?

    Lastly, I have a question about the Festival Poster artwork. Who is the artist and will there be the traditional artist signings that usually take place at the Flower and Garden Festival (and the Food and Wine Festival)? Thanks for your help.

    • @Lauren – I did some additional research. It appears the D-Tech on Demand cases will be at the Festival Center on Monday. I’m sorry for any confusion. There was a delay in receiving them at the location.

      The additional garden statues will include figures that resemeble Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse as seen in the main artwork. They look outstanding (Donald even has bees on springs above his head). The Mickey and Donald statues should also be there soon but I don’t have a confirmed date for Minnie. As of March 9, the new garden statues were available in the Festival Center.

      The artwork was created by Yellow Shoes Creative Group at Disney. Stay tuned for additional information about artist appearances.

      I know that Larry Dotson will be at the Art of Disney location in Epcot from March 6-11. He will be meeting with fans from 10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.

  • Our garden is about the LAST thing in our home that has not “Gone Disney” However…..I always did want to try a Mickey Topiary on one of the tall hedges!! On second thought….maybe just a Mickey Gnome would be advisable

  • I am so sad to hear they won’t be available online! Last year I was able to get 2 of the Fantasia Flamingo’s and the Mickey and Goofy bronze statues for our backyard garden/pool area at the Disney store online. Was hoping to add the newest one (was it Dopey?) to the collection and also loved the mat print! So sad I won’t be able to add to my collection!

    • @Julie – I’m sorry to disappoint. I haven’t heard any plans yet things can change. If I hear anything different, I will update this response.

  • This has just made me even more excited to be heading to the Festival in three weeks! Are there any commemorative pins or Vinylmation for the event?

    • @Jennifer – I hope you have a great trip! There are a few limited edition pins we created for the event. I saw them in the Festival Center by the registers. There is not a Vinylmation figure for this year’s event.

  • HI Steven,
    Thanks for the great shots of all the merchandise – I can’t wait to get there. This is one of my Favorite Festivals. I LOVE the Duffy with the overalls. So cute.


  • Steve…Love the Minnie cinch bag. Do you know what items will be available online? Would you happen to have the sku # for the cinch bag, mug and milk bottle? Thanks!!

    • @Tracey – We don’t have plans to carry these items online but here are the item numbers you requested. Please note that the Merchandise Guest Services team may not have access to these items at the time you contact them.

      Milk Bottle – 400007320239
      Mug – 400007255586
      Cinch Bag – 400007255739

  • Would love to know when these items will be available online please!

    • @Julie – I’m sorry to report that there are currently no plans to carry these items on the Disney Parks Online Store.

  • I LOVE the matted print! And the mug and the milk bottle are also neat. (I wish the mug was a little bit more different than last year’s though.)

    Can you tell me if the three items I like will be available online, and can you give SKU’s for them?

    • @Jonathan – Here are a few item numbers as I don’t believe these will be carried online. Please note that our Merchandise Guest Services team may not be able to get these items at this point.

      Milk Bottle – 400007320239
      Mug – 400007255586
      Matte Print – 400007365650
      Reusable Tote – 400007287730
      Cinch Bag – 400007255739
      Topiary Headband – 400007283879
      Strawberry Ear Hat – 400007060012

  • I love those Minnie Ears! Too cute! Just another reason for me to try to make it out to Flower and Garden Festival this year. That and Dole Whip… Mmmmmmmmmm

    • @Jennifer – Dole Whip!! I can’t wait to try one at Epcot.

  • Love it !! The addition of Minnie as a topiary is SO sweet !! Hope you guys have a new Desktop Wallpaper in store for us to match the Mickey and Donald we got last year (My laptop is rocking the Mickey Topiary right now !! )

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