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Erin Glover

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With the recent opening of Fantasy Faire at Disneyland park, there’s been a lot of talk of princesses lately. Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel – the names of these lovely ladies have been on everyone’s lips. It got me thinking about which I would choose as my favorite Disney princess. Each has her own unique qualities – Snow White’s innocent goodness (which is obviously shared with the mini Snows in the photo above), Cinderella’s tireless work ethic … the list goes on. But I keep coming back to Belle because of her stubborn independence and love of literature – she’s just someone I think I’d like to hang out with.

What about you – who is your favorite Disney princess? Tell me who and why in the comments.


  • My favorite princess is Belle! She’s not afraid to be herself, even though she doesn’t fit in. She loves to read, she’s very close with her family, she stands up for herself, and she’s adventurous. And, she has brown hair and wears a blue dress, just like me!

  • Like many here, I’d say Belle. And although like many also say, it’s great she loves books, is independent, etc., the reason she takes top honors in my book is because she was selfless, giving up herself to free her dad, and then seeing beyond the surface of the Beast to his inner-self and eventually finding Love there. No wonder her name means beauty.

  • Cinderella, because she is married to Prince Charming, just like me.

  • Belle is my favorite! She’s smart and a little bit feisty, and as a little girl, of course I wanted to be her! She got her own gorgeous library and that amazing ball gown for the Beauty and the Beast dance.

  • Although I have come to love them all and admire different qualities about each of them, if choosing a favorite, it’s no contest. Merida is a girl after my own heart. Her strong will, adventurous spirit, and refusal to compromise who she is for the sake of tradition and societal norms won me over from the start. But what I really love about her is the transformation she undergoes through the course of the film. She learns to consider the effects her actions have on others, particularly those she loves most.

    Rapunzel is a close second.

  • Mulan is my favorite (does she qualify as a princess? I’m not sure, haha). Her sheer determination to do whatever she needs to do to protect her family, and her struggle to be a “proper” woman are both things I can identify with.

    If Mulan doesn’t count as a Princess, then I suppose my favorite princess (at the moment, at least) would have to be Tiana, despite my original dislike of that movie. She doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving her dreams! Not to mention the music from her movie is awesome. 🙂

    • Mulan counts! Good choice.

  • Belle is also my favorite princess! I identify with her love of reading and her desire for more to life than just being ordinary. She’s independent, not afraid to be herself, and not deceived by appearances. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover! 🙂

    • Well said!

  • I’ve always loved Cinderella and Belle. Cinderella is classic and beautiful – and I love shoes 🙂 Belle is a brunette with green eyes just like me. Plus, she loves books. Basically, she’s just like me!

  • Snow White is my all time favorite. She’s the one that started it all and all though some people give her a bad rap I think she’s an incredible character with attributes that I would love my daughter to someday look up too. She’s a hard worker, doesn’t complain, and has a richly kind heart.

    I also love Tiana for working hard to get what she wants and not relying on someone else to bring it to her.

  • Princess Leia :O

    • Good one!

  • That picture is just precious!

  • I have two – 1) Snow White…because she was the first. And, she is the most different from the others. She’s not defined by a single color. And, hello? She has a cape. Regardless what Edna Mode says, I like capes. LOL!

    2) Rapunzel…because she was strong and vulnerable at the same time. To me, she feels the most real of the Princesses. She’s the kind of person I’d like to hang out with. 🙂

    • It’s hard to beat a cape.

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