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‘Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage’ Book Signing with Author Ridley Pearson at the Walt Disney World Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Don’t miss your chance to meet acclaimed author Ridley Pearson, as we set sail for adventure with the release of his newest book, Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage, the much anticipated addition to the Kingdom Keepers saga. Ridley will be on hand for special appearances and signings at the following locations April 10-11, 2013.

Here’s a look at the cover as well as on what you can expect from this new book.
Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage Book Signing with Author Ridley Pearson at the Walt Disney World Resort
The five Kingdom Keepers and their core friends have uncovered a startling truth: Maleficent and the Overtakers (Disney villains) are plotting a catastrophic event that could have repercussions far beyond the world of Disney. Aboard Disney Cruise Line’s inaugural passage through the new Panama Canal, the Keepers and their holograms uncover a puzzle hidden within the pages of a stolen journal. The point of that puzzle will reveal itself in the caves of Aruba, the zip lines of Costa Rica, and the jungles of Mexico. A destructive force, dormant for decades, is about to be unleashed. The five Kingdom Keepers are to be its first victims.

Something to keep in mind: Wristbands will be distributed to guests on the day of the signing with each purchase of Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage by Ridley Pearson, allowing the wristband owner to get two books signed. A wristband from the appearance location is required to meet Ridley Pearson. A limited number of wristbands will be available the day of the signing. Once the wristbands have been distributed, the line to meet Ridley Pearson will close.

For more information on Ridley’s appearance and Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage, please visit


  • I will be there with 3 children 9 and under. Only one will be buying a book. Will we have to leave her in the line since we won’t have wrist bands?

  • I plan to show up in line early for the Once Upon a Toy event. Will I be allowed to use a camp chair in line, or must I stand for the duration of the waiting?

  • For the book signing at Hollywood Studios, where is the Writer’s Stop located? The park opens @ 9a, so will there be a separate line for the book purchase and signing at the park entrance? Also, the link in the blog doesn’t have any information for this particular event. Thanks for the info!

    • Rachel, you’ll find the Writer’s Stop near Sci-Fi Diner on the Streets of America. Queue’s to purchase the books and for the signing will be near the Writer’s Stop location. Hope that helps.

  • We will have 3 pre-teen with us wanting to get books signed. Can we buy each one their own book to have signed? Can they each bring an additional book from home to be signed as their second book? Or do both books have to be purchased at the event?

    My kids are super excited about this and have never met an author before!

    • Hey Stefani! You can definitely buy each one their own book to have it signed, in fact I recommend it. In order for each one to get a wristband they will each need to purchase a book. You can certainly bring your books from home. Keep in mind, that you will need to get their early to get wristbands, as artist appearances are subject to space, time and availability.

  • Does this mean that you can only meet Ridley Pearson and have him sign the book if its bought on the premises? As opposed to already having it?

    • Hi Kelli! Yes, you must purchase at least one book at the event location on the day of the event.

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