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Moms Panel Monday: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words at Disney Parks


Ever thought of a different way to capture magical moments at Disney Parks? If you already have pictures with the Fab 5, your loved ones in front of the castle, and other iconic areas at the parks, why not get pictures you’ve never taken before? For Disney Parks Mom Panelist Mandy Milhoan, taking pictures becomes a game for the whole family and a new adventure each time she visits the parks. “I love Disney Parks, but I know that sometimes subtle magical details are overlooked. There are layers of stories in the streets of the Disney theme parks that you have probably passed by a million times.”

Mandy and her family have scavenger hunts that open their eyes to the very smallest details. “The wonderful thing about scavenger hunts is that you can tailor them for your age group. I prefer a photo scavenger hunt because you will have some hilarious memories,” she says.

What are some of the unique and little known details you have found on your journeys through Disney Parks? You can tell me. I can keep a secret.


  • If I’m not mistaken, the last photograph is the hotel lobby at Port Orleans: Riverside (my favorite resort hotel!)

    Something my family does is a “growth chart.” On every trip, we try to take a picture at some of the same locations that we did last time, to see how much has changed. Any place where the landscape is prevalent works especially well. Animal Kingdom has some great opportunities for this. Also, photographing the same family memebers at the same location on multiple trips can be really interesting, too!

  • OMG! I feel so bad. I am a Disney Resorts maniac. AND I CON’T PLACE THE LAST PICTURE!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! It’s killing me. What hotel lobby is it from. LOL! 🙂

  • We did a series of photos once of trashcans and restroom tiles. Of course, they are themed for their areas, and they are important Disney details! Some are cute and some are really pretty. Our motto is, “Look up, look down – Disney Details all around!”

  • I love this idea and will take it a step farther. We go to WDW with grandma and grandpa, hubby and 2 kids (ages 13 & 11) about every 2-years. In fact, we are gearing up to be there first week in May.

    Grandma has been sending pictures to us every few days that we have to figure out what they are of, the names of the people/characters/etc., and at what park.

    This has really helped in keeping us excited when the trip is still a few months out.

  • My daughter is a professional photographer and we come home with hundreds of photos. We will definitely try the scavenger hunt next trip.

  • We go fairly often so sometimes I just turn the picture taking for a trip over to my 9 y/o granddaughter. It’s fun to see what they think is fun or important to take pics of.

  • Love the idea of a photo scavenger hunt! I usually take about 300 pictures on a Disney vacation.

    When was the monorail picture taken? For years, tourists have not been allowed in the front pilot cabs.

  • I love the idea of a photo scavenger hunt! If anyone hears of a list for Disneyland (or a WDW list that could be easily adapted), I’d love to know. As beautiful as the scenery is at Disneyland and DCA, there’s only so many pictures you can take, and any opportunity to see the parks in a whole new way is highly welcome.

  • I love your idea of a photo scavenger hunt. Do you have any you could share with us?

  • Hi Laura!

    What an interesting article, and I love Mandy’s idea about Scavenger Hunts! After having visited the Disney Parks multiple times ourselves, we now kick back and relax a lot more and do indeed notice all the details and historical touches in the decor at the theme parks as well as the Disney resorts.

    Disney Imagineers have left no stone unturned, having a reason for every element and detail they’ve incorporated everywhere on property. My copy of the book titled, “Disney in Details- A Scavenger Hunt Through the Walt Disney World Resort” accompanies me on every trip.

    Disney Imagineers have brought meaning to life and we really appreciate that.

    Thank you,
    Best regards,
    Jacqueline (Jackie)

  • I too love taking unique pictures. Hidden Mickeys are fun to search for and photograph. I also have some great pictures while riding Expedition Everest. You can see Epcot and Hollywood Studios while climbing the big hill.

  • Great article – is there a way to get a high resolution copy of the monorail picture used above? It’s fantastic.

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