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Moms Panel Monday: Go Team!

For the first time in Disney Parks Mom Panel history, we have added two very special moms who can help you plan sporting event vacations at Disney Parks. It is my pleasure to introduce ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex panelists Audra Anders and Angie Gregg.

Team Mom Audra
I’m originally from Alabama but have lived in Atlanta for over half of my life. I’m the only female in a house of two boys, a wonderful husband of 17 years and our dog George. We have crazy sports schedules that include baseball, football, cross country, basketball, golf and fishing. Baseball is our favorite and my husband and I have been Atlanta Braves fans since the 1980’s! I’ve been a team mom for years and I am very excited about helping other parents and coaches plan trips to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for tournaments!
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Panelist Audra Anders Has Been Added to our Disney Parks Mom Panel

Team Mom Angie
I work part-time as a certified dermatology coder and also volunteer at my children’s school as a room parent. I served the role of team manager for my oldest daughter’s soccer team for the past 3 years. That meant that I was responsible for registration, tournaments, financials, hotels, and group dining. I am ecstatic to be one of the first sports specialist for the Disney Parks Moms Panel. I can’t wait to share my experience with those families who mix sports and vacation!
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Panelist Angie Gregg Has Been Added to our Disney Parks Mom Panel

If you are the team coach in your community, now there are two moms who know how to put the ‘planning’ in team! Go meet them before your team’s season starts.


  • Hi Laura!

    Congratulations to your new ESPN Wide World of Sports Specialists and what a brilliant idea to create those spots! So much more planning and forethought go into the assembly of a large group to begin with, let alone travel with them.

    I can appreciate such a thing, as I used to teach band and took my group to many festivals around our province of Ontario as well as Quebec City and Montreal. We were even invited to participate in a festival at Walt Disney World but were unable to attend because of financial reasons. We came very close, however, and I was involved with the financial and logistical aspects of organizing such an activity. What a learning curve that was!

    I would love to see a Disney Parks Moms Panel Music/Arts Specialist offering advice on the co-ordination of various Arts groups, as there are many musical, dramatic,and dance events at the Disney Parks. I would be absolutely thrilled to fill such a spot and would probably even convince band directors to try a Disney cruise as well.

    Once again, congratulations to the new panelists and I look forward to spreading the news of the Disney Parks Moms Panel on my weekly Sunday Shout-Out on Facebook.

    Best regards,
    Jacqueline (Jackie)

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