Opa! A Celebration of Greece Coming to Disneyland Resort May 25-27

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE 3/25/13: Reservations are now open for the special dinner at the Golden Vine Winery with Greek celebrity Chef Argiro Barbarigou and Greek winemaker Christina Boutari. Click here for ticket information and booking.

Join us at the Disneyland Resort from May 25-27 for Opa! A Celebration of Greece, featuring music, dance, art, food, history and more! Festivities will take place in both “it’s a small world” Mall in Disneyland park and Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure park. Mickey Mouse will even be there in his Fustanella attire!

Each day from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., these two areas will offer special experiences such as:

“it’s a small world” Mall

  • Olympics training with Hercules
  • Atmosphere entertainment by “The Citizens of Greece”
  • Live performances from Greek musicians and dancers
  • Special Greek food offerings

Paradise Garden

  • Greek wine tastings
  • Live performances from Greek musicians
  • Kalamatianó line dances
  • Special Greek food offerings
  • Atmosphere entertainment by “The Citizens of Greece”

And on May 26, you’re invited to join Greek celebrity Chef Argiro Barbarigou and Greek winemaker Christina Boutari for a special dinner at the Golden Vine Winery in Disney California Adventure park. Reservations and tickets may be purchased online starting March 25, so check back for booking details.

Come join us for Opa! A Celebration of Greece, May 25-27 at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks!


  • Happy Monday !
    Is there a link for the dinner tickets yet ?

    • Happy Monday! Yes, registration is open here.

  • Do you have a link for the dinner tickets? I can’t find one. Thanks!,

    • Christy – Booking for the dinner will begin March 25. I’ll update this post with a link at that time, so check back!

  • Will this event be planned for Disney World in Orlando?

    • Matthew and Maddie – This event is currently planned to take place only at the Disneyland Resort.

  • Hi, Will this event be planned for Disney World?

  • Erin, this is great!
    I’m the director of a church Greek school and would like to know if we can bring 35-40 children and thier families for graduation. Would it be possible for us to meet somewhere for 20 minutes and hand out certificates of Greek School Graduation? Our students would be wearing T-shirts with the name of our school.

  • Hercules is my most favorite Disney character EVER! I am beyond thrilled that we will be able to meet him in Disneyland this May! Erin, is this the first year of the Opa! celebration? What a fun idea!

    • Yes – this is the first year for this celebration.

  • I was hoping to contact the person in charge of this event. If you could please direct me to them I would really appreciate it!

  • I was sad when the Food and Wine Festival was cancelled at Disney California Adventure (a victim of the expansion project). But this little “taste” of what it was like will be a welcome sight to see.

  • P.S. Is Small World going to get an expansion for Greece? There’s a little boy playing the pan pips and some goats…

  • Need Greek Dancers? My group from Northern California can come perform!

  • Bless my soul, these comments are on a roll! I too would love to meet Hercules and the gang!!!

    • Only Hercules will be joining us, but I’ve heard he’s the nicest guy!

  • Erin, like some of the other posters, I would LOVE to see Meg, Herc and Phil out for meet & greets, but why stop there? Let Hades, Pain, and Panic come out for some fun n’ mischief as well!!!

  • I would “go the distance” from WDW to DL to meet my favorite hero, Hercules! Be my hero and have Hercules, Meg, and Phil available for meet and greets!

  • Erin, will Hercules be available for meet and greets?

    • Yes, Hercules will be greeting park guests during the event.

  • I was excited about this one, then realized that we will be in Disney World during this time 🙁

    But, at least we will be at Disney 🙂

  • so wish we could be there but it’s our Greek Festival at our church that weekend….Sounds like such fun…

  • Wait…it’s Saturday/Sunday/Monday? That doesn’t sound right…could you please clear that up for me?

    In any case, I am so there! I can’t wait to see Herc and I’d love to see Meg with him as well!

    • That is correct, the event will be Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27.

  • Any special merchandise for the event?

    • Yes! The artwork featured in this post will appear on a limited-edition t-shirt which will be available for purchase at the event.

  • I’m so excited to hear about Hercules! It would be perfect if Meg came out too!

  • Will be Megara be making an appearance as well? So excited for this!!

    • Jackie – Unfortunately Meg will not be able to join us for this event.

  • I was really excited about this until I saw the dates – why was this scheduled for Memorial Day weekend when most passholders are blocked out? Any hope of it being extended for additional weekends?

  • Sounds great, Erin! I like that the parks are celebrating different cultures. You had me at Greek food & wine tasting – Yum! I am so there.

    • “You had me at Greek food & wine tasting” – I know what you mean!

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