Vote Now to Decide Which Long-Lost Disney Friends Visit the Disneyland Resort for ‘Limited Time Magic’

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE: This poll has closed. Please click here to view the poll winners.

Brer Bear and Brer Fox

Back in January, some long-lost Disney friends visited the Walt Disney World Resort as part of “Limited Time Magic.” Well Disneyland fans, it’s almost our turn! This time, though, you will decide which long-lost friends will be dropping by. From now until March 21, you can vote right here on the Disney Parks Blog to determine which of the rarely seen Disney characters listed below will be visiting with us here at Disneyland park.

Take a look at the list below, cast your vote and keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog to find out when some of your favorite long-lost Disney friends will be visiting Disneyland park for some “Limited Time Magic”!

Flik and Princess Atta


  • The poll closed 3/21 – any news yet on this? Hope it’s when we are there in June!

  • I want to see Merlin

  • I would love to see Pocahontas join the princesses! There are so many little girls out there who love her and never get to see her in the parks.

  • whoops… waited too long… poll closed 🙁

  • Philip! Thanks for the info! Will have to start looking around more! So I will go and vote for Merlin and Pocahontas! Can’t even tell you how long and often we looked for her. We asked Cast Members where she would be and they said, “She is a free spirit and walks around!” So maybe this vote will help get the elusive picture! 🙂

  • Also, Pam, the Alice in Wonderland characters appear in the park every day, so it would smarter to vote for Merlin, the Brers and the Pocahontas unit, since they’re harder to find.

  • You CAN vote for the other characters too, Pam. You can cast multiple votes.

  • What a hard choice! There are so many reasons for each of the characters – Pocahontas (when my daughter was little, we could never find her to get a picture.) Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear (I do have pictures of my daughter with them. Would love grown up pics – she’s 19 now.) Merlin, because I miss the ‘Sword in the Stone’ show. So hard to choose since we have been going to Disneyland since my daughter was two, (even before that for me!), but that is why I ended up voting for Alice, Queen of Hearts and the Tweedles. I have several age pictures with them, and would love a “grown-up” pic with my daughter and those characters!

  • If Merlin were to come back… does that mean the sword in the stone “show” would return for a bit?!

  • I would love to see any of these characters that were in the parks during the 70’s or later and especially in the costumes from those eras.

  • Loved meeting Lilo and Stich when daughter was younger, but have never met Robin Hood.
    Has to be them

  • I see many of these characters around quite a bit. Peter, Wendy, Hook, Clarabelle,Chip n Dale. They are around a lot! Just saw Briar fox a couple weeks ago, Frollo was out at Halloween… Let’s vote for the characters that are not regulars!

  • What about Disneyworld? Will they get the characters also?

  • Joey, it seems that you can actually cast more than one vote here.

  • PLEASE!!!!!! Tell me that this limited time magic will be sometime between March 22 and 31st!!!! That is when I will be at Disneyland and I would love to see them!!!!!!

  • I voted for my three favorite characters (Brer Rabbit, brer bear, & brer fox) Brer bear & Fox walk around critter country in Disneyland and i hope they stay and never get removed! they are great characters and its nice to see them interact with guests… plus they are the mascots for Splash Mountain.

    Brer Rabbit is never around… so i vote for him to make an appearance… i wish we can vote more then once because my next choice would be Robin Hood! to bad Roger Rabbit was not listed… nor the Country Bears.

  • These are all long lost friends? Does that mean they don’t roam around the parks anymore?

  • This was an easy vote for me…Scrooge McDuck! Come on DuckTales fans make your vote 🙂

  • I am a Jimminy Cricket fan. So, I chose him and his posse. LOL!

  • Please, PLEASE bring out characters who aren’t already doing meet and greets/character breakfasts. Stitch, Meeko, Brer Fox, Peter, Pochahontas, Pinocchio, Alice, etc. make appearances regularly (if not frequently).

    Scrooge McDuck, Ludwig Von Drake, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather never come out at Disneyland. Please bring out characters who have not appeared anywhere in Disneyland in the past few years.

  • how about one of the best at making people smile. the one the only Roger Rabbit….

  • Good to see Jiminy on the list, the original Disney Ambassador that was forgotten.

  • Definitely Scrooge and Ludwig for sure!

  • My vote is for Merlin, hopefully they bring back the sword in the stone show, that is one of my favorite memories?

  • Please please make it when California select members are NOT blocked out. We’re already blocked out for the Greece celebration!

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