A Fresh Take on Blue Bayou Menu Debuts Today at Disneyland Park

Blue Bayou fans have some new dishes to try and can revisit classics that have been lovingly tweaked. No worries, the favorites are there, but some delicious creations have been added – like the new sweet potato biscuits that come to the table along with the popular sourdough rolls, perfect with the new herb-crusted rack of lamb.

Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb - Part of the Updated Blue Bayou Menu at Disneyland Park Monte Cristo Sandwich - Part of the Updated Blue Bayou Menu at Disneyland Park

Every meal at Blue Bayou starts with an appetizer – gumbo or salad. But now you can opt for a shrimp cocktail (for an additional $5.99). “We’re adding lighter dishes with the menu makeover,” says Christine Weissman, executive chef at Disneyland park. And even classics like the jambalaya get a flourish of healthful micro-greens. No worries, the Monte Cristo sandwich is still there, served with fresh fruit, a perfect complement to the rich sandwich. Also back is the braised short rib and Tesoro Island chicken breast, both tweaked just enough to keep the original flavors but bring a freshness to each dish.
Portobello Mushroom and Couscous Macque Choux - Part of the Updated Blue Bayou Menu at Disneyland Park

Pan-seared salmon is no longer stuffed with cheese, but instead served with rich sweet corn risotto, tangy citrus mousseline and a dollop of salsa verde. The favorite of vegetarians, the portobello mushroom and couscous macque choux, is another keeper.

The new menu officially debuts today. For reservations, call 714-781-DINE or email dining reservation requests to dine@disneyland.com.

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  • I treated my mom to a birthday dinner at the Blue Bayou last week, and it did not disappoint! I’m both vegetarian and allergic to wheat, and the restaurant combined the amazing portobello mushrooms with roasted potatoes and vegetables for me. The server also let me in on the “secret” sorbet which isn’t listed on the dessert menu. Disney knows hospitality like no one else!

  • My favorite restaurant anywhere!

  • I really miss the clam chowder. Can you bring that back ? The experience of a meal in the shadow of Pirates is a must while in the park.

  • I had the lamb as a special two weeks ago. The lamb itself was phenomenal – absolutely perfect. But the cannellini bean side dish was strongly spiced/flavored and overwhelmed the lamb.

  • Glad to hear there are a few more healthy choices. Can’t wait to try the new menu this August! Thank you for the update.

  • Will the Disneyland Parks website be updating the online PDF menu
    to reflect the new changes, as the lunch and dinner ones there now are dated 2011!!

  • This all looks fantastic. I would love to try it but every time I’m in Disneyland, I find that I can’t afford to eat at the Blue Bayou. The atmosphere and the dining are definitely top notch and I’m sure worth every penny, but have you guys considered accommodating those who aren’t able to spend $50/plate on one meal?

  • I’m glad to hear Pam’s response to @1 David, b/c that’s the dish I ate after proposing to my then-girlfriend (now wife) at the Blue Bayou! (in fact, I was so relieved, and she in turn was in such shock, I ate most of her filet mignon dish too). Thank you Disney for the wonderful Blue Bayou restaurant!

  • Can’t wait to have dinner at Blue Bayou on Tuesday!

  • I really hope that nothing at all has changed with the Surf and Turf, from the seasoning on the filet to the delicious potatoes served with it. I have to stop in at least once per visit for that amazing dish and will be very disappointed if it’s been changed at all. 🙁

  • Is the filet mignon still there? I hope so. Its my daughter 18 bday wish for dinner in jan.

  • I’m Glad the Monte Cristo Sandwich remains on the menu! That is my absolute favorite dish at the Disneyland resort. Dining at the Blue Bayou is a must during every visit.

  • we love eating at the blue bayou, but want to know if the entrees will still come with cheesy potatoes and vegetables, or have they been replaced with things like fruit (with the monte cristo) etc?

    • Some entrees will be served with Boursin Cheese Mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Just be sure to check the menu during your visit to see which entrees offer these side dishes.

  • Thanks for thinking of the vegetarians with this menu upgrade. As a vegan I had been having a hard time finding anything to eat at the resort for a while, let alone at a place that my whole party could agree on. It’s great to see these kinds of options popping up more frequently!

  • excellent. Can’t wait! Having dinner there a week from today!!

  • Reading these descriptions and looking at the pictures honestly made me hungry. Haha!

  • Please tell me you kept the filet and the surf and turf!

    • Not to worry, the filet mignon and surf & turf dishes are still on the menu!

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