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Can You Solve a Tokyo Disneyland Mystery?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

When we were sorting through images to use in today’s coverage of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland, one image in particular caught my eye – it’s a shot of a huge group of Disney characters assembled for the opening ceremony.

One character in this group caught my attention: It’s the pink character on the very far right, wearing a blue hat. I didn’t recognize him, and neither did a few of my coworkers. Pretty soon, a whole cluster of Disney friends were surrounding my computer tossing out guesses.

After a call to the Disney Archives, we finally found the answer. Can you identify him? Leave your guess in the “Comments” section below. I’ll update the post later with the answer – it may surprise you!

Be sure to check the Disney Parks Blog later today for a look at the 30th anniversary festivities.

ANSWER: This cat character was a member of Scat Cat’s jazz band in “The Aristocats.” In addition to an appearance at Tokyo Disneyland, all three band members used to appear for meet and greets at Walt Disney World Resort years ago. Who knew?


  • Is it Breir Fox?

    • Nope.

  • I am fairly certain that it’s one of the Jazz cats from the Aristocats, isn’t it? I could be wrong, though.

  • It looks like one of the cats from the Aristocats. They appeared at WDW in the ’70s.

  • I think it’s Dumbo. =)

    • I think Dumbo’s ear is peeking out from behind him. 🙂

  • Could it be a heffalump? It’s hard to see!

  • One of the: “Pink Elephants on Parade” from Dumbo.

  • Is it one of the 3 Little Pigs? I see the Big Bad Wolf in the center back.

    • Yep, the wolf is there…

  • it’s one of the three little pigs from the 1930-something cartoon?

  • Nevermind…I see the actual Pigs now…LOL.

  • It’s one of the AristoCats … I believe Scat Cat.

  • That “pink character” is a member of Scat Cat’s band from The Aristocats.

  • I’m not sure either, but I’m pretty sure that we saw this character make a cameo at the end of Roger Rabbit.

  • It’s Peppo, from the Aristocats!

  • Definitely one of the Aristocats from “Everybody wants to be a cat”

  • The hat and scarf look the Aristocat Cat, but why is it pink? It also looks like Cubbi the Gummi Bear to me.

  • Definitely from the Aristocats. Peppo who plays the accordion. You Can see his hat and neck scarf.

  • I feel like its one of the aristocrats but I don’t remember them being pink.

  • I’m thinking one of the cats from Aristocats as well.

  • it’s one of the 3 little pigs

    • I think the Pigs are elsewhere in the pic. (But that was one of our first guesses, too!).

  • It can’t be a pig because they are in the center of the photo… Hard to believe that would be an Aristocat because they were not pink… so I really don’t know!

  • It’s Peppo from the Aristocats. During their song “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”, each cats’ fur color changes from the lights changing colors in the room.

  • My only guess was a pink elephant on parade…. or a heffalump.

  • It’s a heffalump. The blue hat is actually on the character behind him, which is Dumbo – you can see his ears jutting out.

    • Hmm…

  • It’s Peppo from the Aristocats. In the movie he is brown but in the parks he was pink.

  • At first glance, I thought it was a heffalump, but on further examination, I’m not so sure.

  • It comments from Japan.
    He is “Peppo Cat”(The Aristocats).
    I still have an old guidebook.
    There was his photograph.
    Thank you for celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland.

  • It is Peppo the Italian cat from Aristocats

  • I’m reluctant to say an aristocat as well, even though the hat and scarf could match, because it’s pink!

    Perhaps they have the jazz cats in bright colors because the lights go crazy at the end of the scene? Still, the costume doesn’t look as furry as the one in the pic I found. Also the hat doesn’t look quite the same. Maybe it’s an updated costume?

    I would’ve guessed Henwen from the Black Cauldron but she’s not as pink either and never had a hat or scarf. It’s the wrong kind of hat for Cubby the Gummi Bear as well… hhmm… this is a stumper!

    • Isn’t it?

  • Giuseppi Cat!!!

    He’s in the Life magazine article for the opening of Disney World as well.

  • One of Scat Cat’s band members rendered in those blacklight-y colors of “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”. Before Disney latched onto Marie and the kittens, those characters were how Aristocats was represented in the parks.

  • I think it’s Peppo too. I have a picture (yeah, an actual printed picture) from back in the day of Peppo and Hit-cat together at DLR when I was 8-9 and I’m almost positive its the same costume/color.

  • How about Lots O’ Huggin Bear from Toy Story?

  • It is one of the three pigs? Love all of these characters together!

  • Don’t even think about that, Julie, as Lotso did not exist in the 1980’s, due to Toy Story 3 not being released until 2010!

  • Sometimes, character’s skin or clothing colors were a little off in the 70s. LOL, I wasn’t around back then, but Pinocchio’s hat used to be green. 🙂

  • I thought about that, Philip, but then thought that could be “any” opening ceremony, not THE opening ceremony…. Maybe I’m over thinking it…for a Monday that could be possible. 🙂
    Then sometimes I think characters “have always existed”, we just may have not been introduced to them….now I’m being overly philosophical…..

  • It’s a Little Pig!

  • Giuseppi Cat from the early 70’s!

  • It is absolutely Peppo from the Aristocats. 🙂 100%!

  • Is it a Gummie Bear?!

  • Is it one of the pink elephants on parade??

  • The scarf and the hat, It looks like peppo from the Aristocats to me.

  • pink elephant from Dumbo!

  • If it’s not Cubbi, it should be. Pink bear with blue hat and blue collar/kerchif thing. Absolutely…maybe.

  • It is Peppo from Aristocats…he and Hit Cat are day-glo.

  • It’s Jaq from Cinderella!

  • It’s a Gummi Bear

  • Behind Jac is Dumbo.

  • It’s Peppo!!!!!!

  • A closeup would help, but that definitely looks like an Aristocats jazz-cat. (Sorry if I don’t know their names, but don’t think Scat Cat was orange)
    It always used to bug Disney that the overseas parks remembered the Aristocats more than the American park fans did. 😉

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