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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Horticulture Planner

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Earth Month may be wrapping up, but keeping the Disneyland Resort landscape fresh and maintained is a year-round operation! In this installment of “Every Role a Starring Role,” cast member Greg Vierkant explains how he helps every inch of Disneyland Resort horticulture look “show ready” through careful planning!

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  • Great job Greg! You & your team are a major contributor to the beauty of the parks. Thanks so much!

  • I love the Every Role a Starring Role posts on here they are always so interesting. This seems like a fun job as well. Disneyland has some of the coolest plants I love seeing how quickly flowers change out as well!

  • I had no idea how much goes in to this job! Thank you so much Greg and all the other Cast Members! You guys not only make the park beautiful with flowers and trees but you do so much other unknown aspects that normal park goes just never know about! I am so glad you guy made this video! I loved learning all about it!

  • Great video! All the plants at the resort are beautiful. I love to see the flowers on Main Street.

  • Awesome job, Greg!! Disneyland’s plants and flowers are so much a part of the great feeling I get when I visit! They add so much to the “happy” feeling I have when I am there!

  • I love these every star is a staring role videos. Greg, you and your team do an awesome job!! When I come in the park, I always love to see what flowers are in town square and at the hub. A lot of times, the CMs we see everyday is disney magic, but I have always think about the unseen magic people like you who make the park so beautiful. I have said to my friends look what Tinkerbell and her pizie magic has done to make the park so pretty. I have gone to the park sometimes more than once a week and the flowers can be different one day to the next. Thank you for the part of the Disney Magic you do. Look forward to seeing what you do next!!

  • Wonderful Parks to visit , no matter the age…

  • On a rare weekday visit to the park, my wife and I caught them shooting this video and made it into the background at 2:03! Fun seeing this stuff get made!

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