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Interchangeable Chamilia Jewelry Featured at Tren-D Trunk Show in Downtown Disney Marketplace on May 3-4, 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, I’ve been thinking about what to get my mother (sorry Mom – this is when you should stop reading). One thing she likes is interchangeable jewelry by Chamilia. Disney Parks have carried a variety of their interchangeable beads and bracelets for a few years now. We even offer some Disney Parks-exclusive beads inspired by Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel. I spoke with Denise Edelmaier, merchandiser for jewelry at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, about the appeal of Chamilia jewelry at Disney Parks.

“I think guests enjoy Chamilia jewelry because they can mix and match bracelets and Disney-inspired beads to match their moods,” said Denise. “We offer a lot of beads, so the combinations are many. It’s also easy to add beads, which become a great way to celebrate a special occasion or remember a Disney vacation.”

If you are unfamiliar with Chamilia, we are holding a trunk show at Tren-D in the Downtown Disney Marketplace at the Walt Disney World Resort on May 3-4, 2013. Representatives from Chamilia will be at this show each day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

One cool thing that the jewelry team is introducing at the show is a unique Disney Parks starter bracelet. The bracelet will contain a few beads, which can jump start a bead collection.

I’m excited to see they are introducing a red Minnie Mouse-inspired bow along with a cupcake bead that has a Minnie Mouse-inspired bow (she is my mother’s favorite character, and, with that, Mother’s Day shopping is done!).

Finally, Denise shared that she is working on a few additional Disney Parks-exclusive beads for later this year (fans of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will be happy).

If you can’t attend this event, you can find a small selection of Chamilia jewelry on our Disney Parks online store.


  • we went to Tren-D on Sunday, and they said that the charms were only there for the trunk show. They directed me to WOD in the jewelry section. There were slim pickings there. I still got one for my wife, and one for my daughter, but not the selection that I was expecting.

    • @Shannon – You may want to consider a new bracelet as Pandora is a different company. 🙂

      @Evan – I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. I spoke with the jewelry team who said that additional locations should be receiving the items that were launched this past weekend within the week. They will also appear on the Disney Parks online store in the coming months:

  • I love these! Do these charms fit on the Pandora bracelets? If not I see a new bracelet in my future….

  • I’m sooooo excited about the beauty and the beast set!

  • You’re “killing” my wallet! We purchased a few of these last summer at WDW for my wife and she has also discovered that they are available online so the list grows for Mom’s day Etc……… so new ones coming out for Beauty and the Beast? Add those to the list!! Thank you as always for the Merch Purch info!! David ( Your HM Pal)

  • Hello, will these be available for purchase at Disneyland in California?

    • @Evan – Yes. These items will be offered after the trunk show. This upcoming event on May 3-4 is more like a product launch. I hope you have a great visit this weekend!

      @Amber – Yes. The jewelry team told me these items will also be carried at Disneyland Resort.

  • We are going to be there this weekend, but already have a pretty full schedule with other things in and around the parks. Will the charms still be available to purchase from Tren-D on Sunday, or are they only available during the trunk show?

  • So pretty! And great gifts! Can you tell me what size the bracelets are? Or are there different choices? Such as 7 1/2 or 8″ Can’t wait to start my collection!!!

    • @Katherine – There are a few different options.

      The braided leather bracelet has an adjustable clasp making it easy for anyone to wear. It will be available in one adjustable size fitting 6.9 to 7.9 inches / 17.5 to 20.1 cm.

      The solid bangle is going to be a medium, which is 17cm / 6.7 in. These are slightly flexible and can be adjusted smaller or larger to an extent. I guess it’s one of the more popular sized bangles that Chamilia offers.

  • Hi Stephen,
    Will we be able to buy the Disney bracelet starter online as well as other beads that might be new if we aren’t at Tren-D during the trunk show? (We won’t be back to Disney until November.) Also, when will the “Beauty and the Beast” inspired bead be revealed?
    Thanks so much for the information:).

    • @Angel – There is a selection of Chamilia jewelry currently offered on the Disney Parks online store. The jewelry team said that eventually additional items will be carried online. For now, the starter bracelets will only be carried at Disney Parks and Downtown Disney areas in both Florida and California.

      I unfortunately do not have a confirmed date as to when the new “Beauty and the Beast” item will be released. I only heard that it (along with a few other items) are coming later this year.

      I learned today that the “Beauty and the Beast” item will be released in early August 2013.

  • Hi Steven, will there be any specials or deals at the trunk show? Thanks!

    • @Jessica – At this time, we are only introducing the new starter bracelets. It’s more like a product launch. The jewelry team said there aren’t any additional specials called out for the event.

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