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Rock’n Gear from Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Rock’n Gear from Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I’ve often dreamt of being in a rock band, performing shows in sold out arenas around the world. I once had a great name for my band, but it’s sadly no longer available. The closest I get to being a rock star these days is singing karaoke on the weekends or visiting Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I love this attraction, especially the thrill of taking a super-stretch limousine through the darkened freeways of Los Angeles (if only driving in Los Angeles was really like that!). I recently visited Rock Around the Shop, the merchandise location at the attraction’s exit, to see what “rock’n” gear they offer for my imagined world tour.

According to Matt Hahn, location planning manager for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this shop contains unique merchandise not found anywhere else at Walt Disney World Resort.

“[Rock Around the Shop] has a good mixture of merchandise inspired by the attraction,” explained Matt. “Guests will find apparel, accessories, headwear, plush and more. We recently added some signage to the location to inform guests that many of these items are only found in this shop.”
Rock’n Gear from Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The attraction’s logo is found on a few items, including shirts and a popular Mickey Mouse rock star plush. I liked the miniature guitar photo holder that was inspired by the giant guitar found outside the attraction.
Rock’n Gear from Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I also found a variety of shirts inspired by Aerosmith’s classic songs or their iconic logo. I particularly liked the “If It’s Too Loud” shirt (the only way to listen to rock!). Matt told me that one of the more popular items recently introduced was the guitar shaped bag (hello, air guitar solo!).
Disney Parks Blog Author Steven Miller at Rock Around the Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Finally, I couldn’t resist recreating a photo that many guests take when exiting the shop. Thank you to my fellow author Erin Catalano for taking this image. I guess it makes up for the recent Cozy Cone hat photo I took of her.

Rock on!

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  • Hi Steven; I need a little help and in the past you have always come through for me! I was wondering is there any chance you might be able to find a SKU# number for the Walt Disney World Monorail Play set in (CORAL) I have collected all of the sets in every color since the first release but I’m having trouble when I call the Disney parks merchandise number they can’t seem to find it for me? It’s the only play set I’m missing to complete my collection. Any help you can give me would be great! Thank You!

  • Love those guitar bags! How fun.

  • Cool ride and merchandise! I love Aerosmith.

    Steven, like the pics.

  • You look awesome Steven, I would like to try on that hat too 🙂

  • Is the Steven Tyler “If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old!” shirt available to purchase online? Or is there some way to purchase it?

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