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Sneak Peek at 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The countdown has begun for the 13 Reflections of Evil trading event taking place September 13 – 15, 2013, in World ShowPlace at Epcot. I suggest blocking your calendar that weekend for our largest trading event of the year at Disney Parks. But I offer a few words of advice – Beware the 13! Who are the “13”? I suppose I should bring you up to speed.
13 Reflections of Evil Event Poster
In a far away land there lived a wicked and vain Queen who wanted more power. While pouring over ancient spell books, she discovered an incantation that, when performed on the darkest of days – Friday the 13th – could bring together thirteen of the most evil Disney villains known only as “The 13.” To cast this spell, the Queen must use a powerful, supernatural object – a magic mirror – to transport “The 13” from across time to the present day. As luck would have it, Friday the 13th will take place in September this year! The Queen decided this would be the perfect day to cast the spell.

Let’s fast forward to September. As the newly assembled Villains are hashing out their nefarious plans, the Villains intentionally break the mirror and hide the thirteen shards. Now the mirror can never be used against them, as it is the only object that can send them home. Lucky for us, an imaginative purple dragon named Figment overheard their plotting and asks Mickey Mouse for help. Along with five of their trusted friends known as the “Lucky 7,” Mickey Mouse and Figment devise a plan to stop “The 13.” They must reassemble the broken shards to send the villains back to their rightful places in time.

Now that you know what battle lies ahead, here is a sneak peek at some of the merchandise that helps tell the story. I asked Pin Trading Merchandiser Jeanne Lewis and Disney Design Group Senior Character Artist Michael Sullivan about their favorite pins being created for this event.

Evil 13 Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Sidekicks Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Villain Mirrors from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

“The mirror set is definitely one of my favorites” said Jeanne. “I love that it shows each villain with their alter ego. The detail that has been put into the sculpted metal characters, combined with the translucent fill overlay, makes it look wickedly beautiful.”

Open Believe Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Closed Believe Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Open Beware Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Closed Beware Pin from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

Michael’s favorite items fall along the line of a particular storybook (but I can’t reveal that item to you yet). Michael said to look closely at the jumbo pins for some hidden treats. You will find that the number “13” has been incorporated into the words “Beware!” and the number “7” can be found in the word “Believe.”

I also got a sneak peek at some Vinylmation items, including Maleficent and a special two-pack Madame Mim set.

Maleficent Vinylmation from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot Madame Mim Vinylmation from 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

Tickets for this event will go on sale via beginning May 8 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern). Look for more information in the coming weeks on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • Can we buy the NEW Mickey Vinylmation on line or do we have to be at the event?

  • Who is the big demon thing in the back? I know all the villains except that one. Is he going to be in Frozen and is new? I’m talking about the monster with the big wings that is the biggest villain in that drawing of the magic mirror.

  • So excited for this event! Do we know the price of tickets yet? I went to the vinyl day for Mickey’s Circus last year, thinking about possibly attending the pin event as well this year 🙂

  • with google translator
    My trip is planned for Friday, September 13, which is the last day of my stay. These pins will be avaialble at Disney Hollywood Studios? Will there be special objects in the Disney Hollywood Studios park. Must I go to Epcot for these pins and have to take a multi-park ticket and wasting time on my day at Disney Hollywood Studios?

  • Do we need to buy park tickets to Epcot AND tickets to the pin trading event? Is the pin event ticket for the entire weekend or a per day ticket?

  • Please tell me we will be getting ticket dates soon. We have planned to start our vacation with this, but I want to make dining reservations.

  • I wish the 13 could be transparent on the Beware pin with all the villans. I was trying to count them to figure out who were the 13 and I couldn’t even tell that Maleficent was hiding behind the 1.

  • When will there be a major pin event at Disneyland?

  • Martine From VA…this is event only merchandise and is not available through the regular parks purchase area. You must attend this paid event to purchase unless there is some items left after the event which will be distributed to retail areas at WDW. The event itself last year was $125/$105 early bird registration(I believe if I remember correctly) to attend. Then there were additional mini activities…Friday breakfast, Saturday evening dessert reception and Sunday’s Vinylmation event that were $40 each.

  • This is almost like “The 13 Days of Halloween” event that had back in 1999…the story was that Chernabog had figured out a plan to have the world in perpetual darkness and he ended up capturing the other Villains (or something like that). The player would then “free” the other Villains by playing a mini-game and having a secret word revealed. Ironically, you were helping the other Villains (Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Si & Am, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Jafar, Scar, Judge Claude Frollo, Hades, and Shan Yu) defeat Chernabog.

    At the end of the 13 days, you would put the words together, forming the spell to defeat the ‘Fantasia’ foe. Chernabog was bound in chains and disappeared. Your reward was a giant poster that you could print out…I believe it was about 6 sheets of paper altogether. I still have that, along with the screencap image of the Villains situated around the Black Cauldron. 🙂

  • Yaaay, Villains! I won’t be at Epcot for this event, but it is nice to see some awesome Villain merchandise every now and then. I see that it features the Terrible Ten with Oogie Boogie, Gaston, and Dr. Facilier. 🙂

  • We’re really looking forward to the event this year! When will the event merchandise catalog be available? Thanks!

    • Stephen, we will most likely post the merchandise catalog on or around the ticket sale date.

  • (Traditionally) Pins are 9/13 and 9/14. Vinyls are 9/15. Also, pins are usually only available at the event and extras may show up at the parks if there are any left (I saw a lot of circus for awhile). With it being villains, I personally don’t see much being left.

    I had a great time last year and will be there again this year! Love all the pins so far!

    • Thank you for the quick response regarding the difference between pin and vinylmation days, Courtney. I appreciate your help.

  • SO EXCITED for the 13 Event! Could you tell us what days are Pin days and what days are Vinylmation days?


  • We went last year to the Mickey’s Circus event and had a great time! I’m even more excited about the villains and the storyline for this year’s theme! Absolutely LOVE the designs of the merchandise so far!! Great Job!

  • This sounds awesome! My birthday is on 8/13 and it is also my lucky number. We will definitely add this to our Disney calendar.

  • Cant wait for this years event. I have everything booked except for our tickets to the event. So ready for this!

  • Will I be able to call merchandise services and order these? My daughter’s birthday is the 13th but we’ll be in VA! She’s always said that’s her lucky number!

    • Martine, you can certainly inquire with Disney Merchandise Guest Services following the event about any remaining quantities.

  • Hopefully they will still be selling some of these pins on Monday 9/16. We don’t arrive until then but really wish we would’ve planned a week earlier to be a part of this event.

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