Top 10 Favorite Cool Drinks at the Disneyland Resort

Spring is here and it’s warming up a bit, so we’re on the lookout for the most refreshing Disneyland Resort libations (that don’t involve alcohol). After we got a taste of the creative PB&J soda at Carnation Cafe, we figured that sips have moved far beyond plain sodas.

A stroll through Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park left us nearly floating in delicious drinks. And we admit we have a penchant for drinks that involve ice cream and a straw.

Here are our Top 10 favorites. Do you have one to add to the list?

PB&J Soda in Carnation Cafe at Disneyland Park

  1. PB&J Soda, Carnation Cafe, Disneyland park – A tall, fizzy concoction that looks like a grape soda but has a delicious backbeat of peanut butter. We didn’t think we’d like it, but one sip and we wanted more. And more.
  2. Boysen Apple Freeze in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland Park

  3. Boysen Apple Freeze, Fantasy Faire, Disneyland park – The newest treat, and we said “Boysen apple,” not “poison apple,” Snow White! Icy and apple-juice sweet with a hint of wild berry and passion fruit foam topping.
  4. Dole Whip Float in Tiki Juice Bar at Disneyland Park

  5. Dole Whip Float, Tiki Juice Bar, Disneyland park – The classic; it’s a must-have every time we visit. If we’re super thirsty, we start with a tall glass of straight pineapple juice so we can savor the float.
  6. Root Beer Float, Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, Disneyland park – When it’s parade time, you’ll find us curbside with this treat. And trust us, you won’t find root beer just anywhere.
  7. Caramel Macchiato, Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, Disneyland park – When we need a picker-upper, this sweet jolt of caffeine does the trick.
  8. Rose Petal Soda in Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge at Disney California Adventure Park

  9. Rose Petal Soda, Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge, Disney California Adventure park – Completely different, this artisan drink features locally sourced, purified sparkling water flavored with delicate rose essence and garnished with an edible, sugar-glazed organic rose petal. Very chi-chi for sipping.
  10. Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda in  Cozy Cone Motel at Disney California Adventure Park

  11. Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda, Cozy Cone Motel, Disney California Adventure park – Start with Sprite, add a hint of desert pear and Mojito gourmet flavor, lots of ice and stir. Like biting into a juicy pear.
  12. Mango Madness, Schmoozies, Disney California Adventure park – This is a meal in a cup: mangoes, peaches, bananas and low-fat yogurt blended with orange, pineapple, guava and passion fruit juices. Sweet and satisfying.
  13. Quake Shake in Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop at Disney California Adventure Park

  14. Quake Shake, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, Disney California Adventure park – Throw caution (and calories) to the wind when you order this; it’s worth every sip! Our preferred version of this shake involves one full chocolate bar blended with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. There are six different versions to choose from if peanut butter isn’t your choice!
  15. Twisted Cheshire Concoctions, Mad T Party, Disney California Adventure park – There are lots of drink choices at the party, but our preference is the Hatter’s Mandarin Fury, a frozen slurry flavored with mandarin oranges. Sip slowly or it’s brain freeze!


  • For Alain…here are a few from WDW: At Disney’s Hollywood Studios try the PB&J shake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe…delicious made with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream! You can order them to-go at the bar, along with some yummy cocktails. If you like adult drinks, try the Yak Attack at Yak & Yeti in Animal all-time fave!… Anything on the menu at La Cava del Tequila in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion…the Grand Marnier and Grey Goose Orange Slush at the Les Vins Kiosk in France…a Bellini or Rosa Regale at Italy’s Gelato kiosk…and of course Dole Whip floats in Magic Kingdom!

  • Mint Julep needs to be on the list, an iconic classic.

  • I’m more of an east coast girl, so I’ve never tried a cold drink at Disneyland. At Disney World, however, I love the mango green tea slushies you can buy at the China pavilion in Epcot.

  • I’m going to have all of them this year… Goal!

  • Hi Pam!
    The PB&J looked fantastic until we realised it was PB&J!
    As Brits, that is almost completely off the food map for us. It can be bought, but not many people typically use the stuff. I will be brave next time and try it!
    Just out of curiosity, what proportion of cola drinks sold are ‘diet’ versions in say a year?

  • I can’t believe you didn’t mention the Mint Julep, that is my altime favorite.

  • Surely W.D.W.’s top 10 list will include ‘Beverly’.
    (More like the top 100 maybe, but NOT the top 10!).

  • The mint julep is cool enough to be #11.

  • Have to add the all-time classic: Coca-Cola.

  • No mention of the Mint Julep!?! That’s almost criminal!

  • It’s too bad the tiki bar no longer has the orange flavor of Dole Whip.

  • These all sound so delicious! I absolutely always get a dole whip float, every labor day weekend!

    That seems to be the only one on your list that I have tried.. I think I will need to track down the PB&J soda along with the Boysen Apple Freeze.

    No mention of the Mint Julep? That’s still a must have almost each day of our 4 day visit. Its an amazing cool down on those hot September afternoons when the park is packed full.

    Also the apple freeze from Cozy Cone cafe became a favorite last year, and I will definitely be drinking that again!

    I have never actually thought about the novelty and love that goes into something as simple as a drink there at the Disneyland Parks.. they really do sprinkle Disney magic onto everything!

  • Can’t believe there’s no mention of the Citrus Swirl outside the tiki room!

  • WDW’s list: Lefou’s Brew..

  • Can someone make a similar post for WDW drinks? I’m going this fall and the only one I recognize is the Dole Whip – which is on my list to try. Looking forward to others, too…

  • The Boysen Apple Freeze, or Le Fou’s Brew as they call it in Disney World was definitely worth having! The more you sipped it the more delicious it got! It was absolutely yummy!

  • Had a caramel quake shake at WDW. As someone who loves their milkeshakes i have to say they may be my favourite shake ever! As for the calories… Thank god there is no Ghiradelli’s in England!

  • Pomegranate Limeade at the Cozy Cone. YUM! Even good with vodka!

  • My favorite on your list is the dole whip. But you NEED to add the wildberry lemonade from Carthay Circle. It’s probably the best and most refreshing lemonade you’ve ever tasted!! 🙂

  • Everything here is pretty good except the dole whip (overrated) 😉

  • Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda is ALWAYS a must for me! I usually don’t drink soda but when I hear about this drink I had to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint! It’s so refreshing on a hot day!

  • Love the rose petal soda! I got that my first time at Carthay. I’m excited to try the new Boysen Apple freeze though, I liked the LeFou Brew at New Fantasyland in Disney World and imagine it will be similar!

  • Don’t forget the Mint Julep!!! It’s an all-time favorite!!!

  • Enjoyed the Boysen Apple Freeze last month on a warm day along with the chocolate twist. The PB&J Soda will be a drink I’ll to try this month. I like reading these type of articles. It gives me ideas what to experience during our monthly visits.

  • Boysenberry Apple Freeze is delish – Dole Whip…classic. Speaking of classic does anyone remember a drink that was served in a plastic orange? I also seem to remember a orange sherbet served in a bowl that was actually half an orange peel….these are way back in the day drinks.

  • It may have only been for Mardi Gras But I loved the “Louisiana Lemonade” from the mint julep bar. Mango and Raspberry puree with lemonade and sprite. I frequently make it at the restaurant I work at. So Delish!

  • While I love the Dole whip float, the boysen apple and rose water, I still have a soft spot for the mint julep. I haven’t tried the others, but they sound good.

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