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Travel to Japan – No Passport Needed

Travel to Japan- No Passport Needed
As we pause to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Disneyland, I decided to take a walk through our own Japan Pavilion inside Epcot. I was immediately transformed by the tranquil environment, the gentle, smiling faces, and the beautiful art that surrounded me.

From bold bronze sculptures to the most delicately painted fabrics, I was truly transported into a magical and hypnotic culture through its artistic creations. I put this short slide show together to share just a few of the details that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy spending one minute in Japan, with no passport needed.


  • Waited in the queue all day in 1984, never even got close to the front of the line for the next bus to the park… We could only be there that one day, so I still have my ticket, (3,900 Yen, face value)

  • Beautiful photos! I especially love #9, as it reminds me of “My Neighbor Totoro.” Is the image from that? And what, exactly, is the photo of?

    • Thanks Christen- You have a keen eye. The image is, indeed, taken from that 1988 animated film. The scene shown here is painted on a porcelain bowl, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!

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