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A ‘Picture Perfect’ Tradition at the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

On more than one occasion, I’ve been accused of being “old-fashioned” and “sentimental” (I take both as compliments, by the way!), so when I heard the story of Vincent from Silhouette Portraits and the family from Strongsville, OH, I was instantly enamored.
A 'Picture Perfect' Tradition at the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort
Imagine coming to Downtown Disney for nearly a quarter of a century (starting back when it was called “The Disney Village”) every single year and encountering the same magic-maker. That’s exactly what happened for Marketplace guest Mark and his family. In a letter Mark wrote to silhouette artist Vincent, he shares, “Over the past 24-year period, our family has grown from one child to five. YOU have been the only artist, over this 24-year period, to cut silhouettes of my children. What are the chances of visiting at different times of the year and finding you each time? This has to be a world record!”

Mark goes on to thank Vincent, and to share that soon, they’ll be adding grandchildren to their collection of silhouette portraits – which now covers a complete wall in their home!

From one child to five … with grandchildren coming soon, this guest letter completely touched my heart!

It also inspired me to check out Vincent’s cart and get a portrait of my own, which you can see below. (So fun! And for once, I didn’t have to find the “perfect” lighting!)
Artist Vincent's Portrait of Author Darcy Clark at Silhouette Portraits at the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort
Want to make this a tradition for your family? Stop by Silhouette Portraits the next time you visit the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Single sitting portraits are $12; doubles are $20; triples are $24; or you can capture a family of four for $27. Each portrait comes with three copies and you can buy optional frames for $8.95/each.

If you time things right, like Mark’s family did, there’s a good chance you’ll see Vincent. If you do, let him know how much you enjoyed this story!

Has your family encountered the same cast member year after year during your Disney Parks vacations? Share your story in the comments below; I’d love another warm and fuzzy moment!

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  • Can you tell me what Silhouette Portraits is located near as I plan on going there with my daughters in November and would love to have this done. Also do you know the times of operation?

  • I absolutely love the silhouette idea. We will be at Disney in May 2014, and I will be doing this for my 5-year-old twin girls. I was wondering if this silhouette drawing is any different from those that I read are offered in France at Epcot?

  • My husband and I were Annual Passholders for quite a few years before we moved back home to NY, and he made a tradition of seeing Michael in the Harmony barber shop about every 4-6 weeks for a trim and a bit of pixie dust in his hair. We worked with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and during their Stanley Cup run, he used the hair “paints” to draw the Lightning logo on the back of his head! Michael is always a welcoming, warm presence in the Magic Kingdom and has made some really wonderful works of art on my husband’s head. Recently we were able to pay him a visit to say hi, this time with our 10 month old daughter. The feeling of happiness that came over us when he looked up and recognized us and saw our daughter is one of the reasons that the Magic Kingdom will always feel like a second home to us. We can’t wait to start bringing our little ones to him for the pixie dust their Dad loves so much.

    • What a wonderful tradition – a trim with pixie dust every month or so! So glad you were able to see Michael during your recent visit from NY … hopefully your husband got his dose of Magic Kingdom pampering?

  • It is such a delight to see Vincent getting this recognition! I had the pleasure of working next to Vincent for years at Downtown Disney and am proud to call him a dear friend. He is such a character and has a real passion for his art! Silhouettes only take a moment and it is amazing to watch him in action! While so many modern day souvenirs and trends come and go, his traditional and unique work is a personalized and timeless gift for your family for years to come!

  • My parents got a silhouette of me done when I was approximately 3 years old (not at Disney), and I have had it on my wall for years. I first went to Disney when my daughter was 3 and we had one done of her, and then again when my son was 3, and had his done. They all hang together now on our wall, and it is amazing to see how much they look alike. Last year we had one done of my husband so he could join the “silhouette wall”. It is an awesome keepsake!

  • I have my silhouette from 1977. But I have forgotten to get one of my own kids! Next trip–gotta do it! But also, we visited one of our favorite places to eat–Boma in January, and , Nick, the CM at Boma, remembered US from our trip the previous June! We were floored! And he knew what table we sat at! It was unbelievable! Can’t wait to see him again next trip!

    • Marie, it will be fun to see your silhouette side-by-side with your kids’! As for Nick at Boma, Wow! … sounds like all that time surrounded by African influences has given him the memory of an African elephant. Cast Members like this one continually amaze me, in the most delightful way!!!

  • I did not know about this! I’m definitely going to have to get one of my son and I when we go this fall. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Great story. We always go to the Grand Floridian to say hi to Richard the greeter. He held the train for our daughter when she got married at the wedding pavilion 15 years ago. We take our granddaughters with us and Richard is always gracious and poses for pictures. He is well into his 80’s as I recall.

    We also had Darlene as our server at Beaches n Cream at the Beach and Yacht Club for many years. I believe she may still be there after 15 plus years.

  • I wish I’d known about Victor two years ago when I was at WDW with my son. Bonnie had done a silhouette of my son and I when he was a toddler. I had one done in Magic Kingdom (not the same quality of a Bonnie or Victor). But, that’s okay … it gives me an excuse to go to Florida with my son again and have Victor work his magic. Bonnie also did a miniature silhouette of me when I was a cast member at Disneyland, next door in the Market House. It has an honored place on our mantle (wish I could post a photo of it)

  • Great article, and your question;
    Has your family encountered the same cast member year after year during your Disney Parks vacations?

    Prompts me to wonder what the most popular cast member name is for WDW?

    Please let us know!!

    • Kristin, problem solved! The grandparents will love it!
      Kevin, I reached out to a few partners in our research department and unfortunately, our name tag engraving team doesn’t keep a record of Cast Member names. But thanks a lot — now you’ve got me curious, too!

  • Thanks for solving my dilemma! We arrive on Mother’s Day this year and I’ve been feeling bad about my mother and mother-in-law not getting to spend the day with their grandchildren. I committmed myself to finding the perfect gift for them while there to make up for it and you just gave me the perfect answer! They will love the silhouettes of their three grandchildren!

  • Its funny you mentioned this! I just had my 2 daughters silhouettes done in February when we were at WDW. Its a tradition in our family too! We have a portrait of my brother done at Disneyland when they visited in 1970 (I wasn’t around yet), my niece and nephew and now my children. Although we have never met Vincent, we have always got ours done at the Magic Kingdom, all of the silhouette artists seem to be very talented. And whats amazing, is that in this world of ever changing things, the silhouette frames are exactly the same as my brother’s from over 40 years ago. So when you go to hang them up, they all match.
    Silhouettes aside, there are always cast members you see at Disney from year to year, that bring a smile to your face. Like the lovely gentleman that greets guests at Grand Floridian and “Auntie” at Ohana’s, or Tom the server at Narcoossees. Its the wonderful people that help make Disney World the magical place it is!

    • I hadn’t given it much thought … but you’re right, Claire, the frames never change. (There’s something to be said for consistency!) And you couldn’t have said it better – it really is the ‘wonderful people’ who work here that make a Disney vacation so magical! (As you described each Cast Member in your comment, I could clearly envision my favorite Grand Floridian Greeter in his 3-piece suit and hat – he never fails to make me smile!)

  • I LOVE this idea and will look for him when I go visit the World in November with my daughters.

    • Jennifer, you will not be disappointed! Silhouette Portraits is located not far from the Marketplace Carousel, near LittleMissMatched. I’ve got a feeling your girls will think it’s really cool!

  • I LOVE mine. I have my grandmother, my brother & me, and now my boys. Every time I look at them I remember each of the times we went to Disney. Next time I am going to get all 4 of us together, and another one of our first granddaughter. It is one of the many many treasures I have from Disney. Thanks Disney for another great warm & fuzzy feeling, and that BIG smile that is on my face thinking of those wonderful trips…. Cannot wait til we can go again…….

  • My family (my parents and brother) were at Disneyland around 1975 – and parents still have the silhouettes of my brother and I when I was five or six years old.

    In 2011, we had portraits of our entire family (my wife and two kids) done by Bonnie. She has been working there since around 1974. After talking with her – it is possible that she did the portraits of my brother and I 36 years ago. I don’t remember her – but the timing works out.

    We love these silhouettes! Compared to the prices for all types of Disney merchandise – these items are the best value you can get for your money.

    • Brian, I’m with you – these are so affordable. And I love the fact that you get three copies of each silhouette – one for the family and enough for each set of grandparents!

  • I had silhouettes done of my four daughters in 1999 by Vincent and had them all done again this last January by Vincent! He’s fast and amazing to watch. Truely a master at his craft.

    • Robby, I was amazed at how fast Vincent worked, too! It literally took less than 2 minutes for him to create my portrait. The whole time I was sitting there, I was thinking ‘how on earth is this going to turn out?’ but when I saw it, I was blown away! Such talent!!!

  • Beautiful story, I hope to read more and make some of my own 🙂

  • I have had the silhouette portraits done with my children. It is one my fondest memories that I have gotten when visiting WDW. These artists are very talented…and worth every bit of getting it done!ºoº

  • That’s amazing! A 24-year tradition. 😀

    • Carla, I know, right?!? I can’t think of many things I’ve done consistently for 24 years, which is part of the reason this story impressed me so much. Hearing about traditions like this one makes me happy!

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