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Caption This: Meerkats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This week’s “Caption This” photo was snapped at the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
Caption This: Meerkats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It looks like something has caught the attention of one of the safari’s smaller residents, these little meerkats. But what is it? You tell us in the “Comments” section below. Go ahead and Caption This!

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  • Where is the parade?

  • “You apologize first.” “No you go first.”

  • “I left my phone back in the burrow! I wanted to show you @Timon re-Tweeted me!”

  • Some of these are hilarious! Still laughing. Catching a flight tomorrow morning, will be there by noon. 🙂

  • The Standy By for Expedition Everest is how long???

  • Is that a fastpass for Toy Story Mania?

  • Where’s Pumbaa?

  • Is this our bus?!? No, it’s for another resort.

  • “If those Meerkats in Africa can have their own TV show, why can’t we? I hear that giant mouse here has many of his own?”

  • OMG FLOWER BABIES!!!!!!!! KS is always a must do, but now it’s really a must do! RIP Flower <3

  • I told you we shouldn’t have moved here. There’s too much traffic…jeeps filled with people coming by every few minutes. Look here comes another one!

  • I’m sure we parked the car somewhere around here!

  • Dig a tunnel, dig another tunnel, dig a tunnel, dig another tunnel…..STOP! Wait, before the hyena come!

  • Is that a Dole Whip?????

  • Is that a flying elephant?

    Naw, just goofy again.

  • “Did someone say Dole Whip?”

  • No, I’m telling you – I saw this at the Haunted Mansion. We’re supposed to face away from each other, then turn around and shoot at each other.

  • This would be at Pangani Forest, not Kilimanjaro Safaris.

  • Dig a tunnel, dig dig a tunnel, quick before the hyena come!

  • *Sniff Sniff…Sniff* You smell that?……Turkey Legs.

  • “Who said Free Dining???”

  • Hey Pumba, have you met my brother Simone?

  • Where’s Perry?

  • Look how short the line is for Expedition Everest! Let’s go!

    • Nice one!

  • If one more tourist asks me to sing “Hakuna Matata”, I’m gonna scream!

  • And here we see the Meerkats displaying a shocked look. They are realizing that people are taking pictures of them, and they left the house without putting pants on.

  • Scurry, Sniff, Flinch!

  • Scurry, Sniff, Flinch!

  • It’s lunchtime, where’s that Cast Member got herself off to?

  • Holy cow the lion is awake and he’s actually standing–get the camera!!!

  • So,this is Disney World, it really is everything they said it would be!!

  • Do you see Simba? I was hoping he would come by and take us to lunch with Timon and Pumba!!!

  • Wait What? Disney’s making a new Star Wars movie?!

  • “Squirrel!”

  • Do you see what I see?!? What is that, a huge mouse walking on two legs and kids are hugging him?!? This is crazy, stay on alert for any other odd animals…….

  • “Hey, you seen Timon & Pumba?”
    “No, but I’ll bet they’re over at the lion’s den again”

    • 🙂

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