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Disney Memories HD App Now Available For Android & iPhone

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you tried the Disney Memories HD App yet?

Disney Memories HD App Now Available For Android & iPhone

This app offers a few great ways to add a Disney touch to your photos, whether it’s through posing (virtually) with a Disney character, or choosing from a selection of more than 100 “decoration items” to add to your photos, including photo stickers, Disney Parks and attraction-themed filters, frames and more.

Disney Memories HD App Now Available For Android & iPhone Offers a Few Great Ways to Add a Disney Touch to Your Photos

You can also use the app to view a “Photo of the Day,” as well as set character audio and video alarms.

What do you think of the app? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • I haven’t had a new photo of the day since May 9. I was really enjoying the app until then and am disappointed with this glitch.

  • This is SO FUN! Me and DS were having a blast with the Magic Mirror 😀 The alarms are adorable, and it really is like Photopass for free. I’ve noticed a few glitches, but i’m sure those will be worked out in time. It’s a winner – thank you!!

  • I downloaded it to my Samsung skyrocket it’s such a cool app, can’t wait to use it for my trip next year!! been fiddling with it with some pics I had from my last trip it’s really awesome Thanks!!!!

  • How do you select date on the alarm function on iPhone? Is that a glitch? Settings on iPhone?

  • This app looks really cool! I checked the Windows Phone store but it wasn’t on there. Hope to see it soon on Windows Phone.

  • How do you download from your phone?

  • Add another windows phone convert! I hope we see this and My Disney Experience on Windows Phone very soon.

  • I’ve been playing with it all night…It’s like Photopass for my Iphone!

  • When we are going to have Disney’s apps for Windows Phone?

  • Add another to the list of users that would love to see this released on Widows Phone 8 devices! When can we expect our app?

  • The app is great! Only if you take pictures inside the app the quality is not as good as it is outside the app. The solution: take a picture and decorate later. You’ll love it.

  • Hi, I downloaded this app, and accidentally selected “Don’t allow” when it asked about accessing photos. I re-downloaded the app and it won’t change anything, and there is nothing in settings either. Can you help me?
    Thanks. 🙂

  • Not compatible with my LG phone (which is less than a year old) – bummer, I’d love this app. Hope new versions will be available soon. It looks like lots of fun.

  • I have a Samsung Android phone but when I try to download it says it’s not compatible with my phone 🙁

  • I am LOVING this fun app !! I can’t wait to play with it more !! Well done !!

  • It’s artsy because it’s tilted.

  • Just downloaded it for our trip on Thursday!! Can’t wait!!!!

  • +1 for windows phone 8!

  • i have this app and it’s AWESOME!!! I hope they add more frames with characters in them soon. My students and I have been having fun with this app at school and my sons love it!!! try Disneyland Resort Explorer app too for ipod and iphone. IT IS SO CUTE!!!!

  • This is sooooo cute! Can’t wait to play with some of my favorite Disney pics!!

  • Is it available in the UK yet? It wasn’t the other day 🙁 Sounds exciting…

  • Are there any plans to bring these apps to Windows Phone 8 users?

  • Loading it as we speak. Can’t wait to get some great photos to play with next month!

  • I hope it has an option to export decorated photos directly to Instagram!

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