Disneyland Park Guests Share Their Favorite ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ Moments

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

During the premiere of “Mickey and the Magical Maplast week, we asked guests what they thought about the new production in the Fantasyland Theatre at Disneyland park. If you’ve had a chance to see it, what’s your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments!


  • Just saw the show this afternoon. Amazing integration of live action with technology, great dancing, wonderful arrangements. Add this one to your agenda on your next visit!

  • #1 – My husband, my cousin, her husband and I had our Disney Blog event tickets Friday night. On our way in, we were given a drink (sodas or water) and a Mickey & the Magical Map bucket of Kettle Corn. The show was a lot of fun, with dancers and others doing the different songs in the show, along with Mickey and characters.

    After the show, our Disney Blog friend Erin introduced 3 people from the creative staff, who shared about their jobs for the show, then took questions from the audience. They also had drawings for prizes, but sadly, none of us won anything! 🙁 I would’ve loved the framed castle blueprint! Does anyone know if they’re sold in the park?

    I was anxious to ask the costumer about the CM’s costumes, but unfortunately, that person wasn’t available, according to Erin.

    On our way out of the theater, we each received a special M&M2 Rice Krispies Treat, in the shape of a Mickey head, along with a special event/show logo Luggage Tag that reads, “Disney Parks Blog – Magical Meet-Up – May 31, 2013”! I was really surprised by the luggage tag, since they handed it to us on our way out and we were on our way to dinner, so we didn’t open it and I thought the show logo was just a sticker attached to the cellophane!

    All in all, it was GREAT event, we all enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing it again! Thanks again Erin!

  • The bubbles rocked it!

  • The show is fantastic. My favorite part is the balloon dancers during “Under the Sea”. I am entranced watching them and want to find my own giant balloon too! The transistors between scenes are so smooth as is the integration of the live action and video. Definitely a hit show!

  • I LOVED how they used older, classic songs along with some of the newer ones! It seemed to have something for everyone, from start to finish!

  • Can’t wait to see this when I visit later this month!

  • My favorite moment of the show is of course the part where Yen Sid tells Mickey why the black dot was there stating how the map will never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world, these words are that of Walt’s as he stated how Disneyland will never be complete and the fact that Yen Sid is Disney backwards makes it the more dignifying. Great Show. 🙂

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