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‘Eye-mazing’ Merchandise for Monstrous Summer All-Night Party at Disney Parks on May 24, 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Logo Shirt Featuring Mike Wazowski, Part of the ‘Eye-mazing’ Merchandise for Monstrous Summer All-Night Party

I can’t wait for the upcoming all-night party that will kick off a Monstrous Summer at Disney Parks on May 24, 2013. I had a blast at last year’s 24-hour party with my fiancée, so I imagine this one will be even more “eye-mazing!” As part of Limited Time Magic, Disney Theme Park Merchandise has created some commemorative items featuring Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, stars of Disney•Pixar’s upcoming film “Monsters University.” Here are some things you can expect starting May 24.

We will have a new logo shirt featuring Mike, created just for the 24 hour party. The shirts will be similar on each coast except for a small logo change on the sleeve (either “Magic Kingdom” for guests in Florida or “Disneyland Resort” for guests in California). This shirt will also be offered on our Disney Parks online store from May 24-27 at (Please note that items will be shipped in 6-8 weeks from time of order.)
Ear Hats, Part of the ‘Eye-mazing’ Merchandise for Monstrous Summer All-Night Party

My favorite items are the Sulley-inspired Disney ear hat (it’s furry!) and Mike’s one-eyed novelty sunglasses. We will also be offering an embroidered Disney ear hat with a “Monstrous Summer” logo that day.
Mike Wazowski Sunglasses, Part of the ‘Eye-mazing’ Merchandise for Monstrous Summer All-Night Party

The apparel, ear hats and sunglasses will be released at the Emporium and select locations in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. At Disneyland Resort, look for these items in Emporium at Disneyland park and Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park, among other select locations. Please note we will have a purchase limit for the Mike Wazowski sunglasses and the Sulley ear hat; Guests may purchase a maximum of two of each item.

Special Mike Wazowski Cupcake Available at the Monstrous Summer All-Night Party

The Consumables team will offer some treats inspired by Mike and Sulley, including blue and green cotton candy, cake pops, and decorative candy apples. My favorite (mostly because they gave me a sample to try) is the delicious cupcake complete with green icing and a chocolate logo square. Look for select goodies in locations like the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, Candy Palace at Disneyland park or Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure park.

All of these items will be available for a “limited time” only beginning May 24, while supplies last.

Finally, I invite you to follow the Disney Parks Blog on May 24, as I will be traveling coast-to-coast to party in three Disney Parks that day. I look forward to seeing friends on both the east and west coasts! If you are in the parks, please say hello!

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  • I was there that day and I spent a glorious 24 hours at the Disneyland Resort never leaving the resort once and thanks to my AP I got some great deals on Disney dinning thank you guys so much for making my dreams come true and another thing at the end of the operating day you guys played Mickey’s Alma Mater and it warmed my heart to tears you guys should bring it back I remember as a Anaheim kid visiting the park and that song would play as the guest were leaving and I never wanted to go home again thank you DisneyTeam I LOVE YOUR PARKS!!!

  • I was down there for the 24 event and arrived at 11:15 pm on Friday night, walked into the store on Main Street to purchase 4 of the special night T-shirts and I was told there were all sold out except for 3XL. I was told I could purchase these shirts on line at the Disney Store.
    I flew down just to spend this weekend and to be a part of the 24 magic. When I got home on Monday, there were no shirt to be purchased on line at all! Nothing.

    I am looking to get 4 of these shirts. How can they be all sold out by 11 pm and why was I told by 2 different cast members that I could purchase them on line, when this was not the case!

    Looking for 4 shirts please!

  • this is the second time I’ve gone to a 24 hour event… next time could you please do the shirts in Youth sizes… My kids do these events with me and they don’t get a shirt… last time I was able to get my son a shirt online this time I only see the shirts in adult sizes..

  • Will the shirts also be in Youth sizes and what price?

  • Will there any special hats given out at opening like last year?

  • Thanks Steven! Will the hat and glasses be available only on the 24th or will they be available at the parks after too?

    • @Marie – The glasses and the Sulley ear hat will be released on May 24 at the locations listed above. Please note there will be a purchase limit for these particular items – two Sulley hats and two sunglasses per Guest.

  • Are any of the other merchandise going to be available through the website – specifically the hat? I’m still planning on going to the event at Disneyland but am worried that the hat will for sure sell out quick.

    • @Marie – The only item being offered via the Disney Parks online store is the shirt. It will be sold from May 24-27 at

      I hope to see you in California!

  • Thank you so much for the info, Steven!

  • @Karen – Here is some information:

    Shirt – $27.95 (Sizes offered will be from XS – 3XL)
    Sulley Ear Hat – $19.95
    Embroidered Ear Hat – $20.95
    Mike Wazowski sunglasses – $16.95
    Cupcake – $4.99

    For Walt Disney World, the shirt, Sulley ear hat, embroidered ear hat and sunglasses will be released at the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A., and Mickey’s Star Traders and Merchants of Venus in Tomorrowland.

    For Disneyland Park, the shirt, Sulley ear hat, embroidered ear hat and sunglasses will be released at Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A.

    For Disney California Adventure, the shirt, Sulley ear hat, embroidered ear hat and sunglasses will be released at Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street.

    Consumables will be found in consumable locations like Main Street Confectionary at Magic Kingdom, Candy Palace in Disneyland park or Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure Park.

    Please note that additional locations may carry the shirt, embroidered ear hat, sunglasses and consumables.

    Availability of all items is subject to change and items will be available while supplies last.

  • How much will the t-shirts be and what are the size ranges? What stores will carry these, Emporium and Elias?

  • This all looks great! With the forecast calling for temperatures in the upper 50s at Disneyland Resort in California, any chance we’ll be seeing EYE-MAZING sweatshirts for sale, too? Not sure that even the Sulley ear hat will keep the wife warm enough.

    • @Andrew – Unfortunately, there will not be sweatshirts offered featuring the event logo. We’ll have, however, other non-event, Disney Parks items. And good to know about the weather … I’ll have to pack warmer clothes.

  • CUTE T. Think I would have to pass on the cupcake. LOL. Was supposed to be there this weekend. Can’t afford the air fare.

    • @Ann – Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to join us. I invite you to follow along on the Disney Parks Blog all day. We will be sharing multiple updates from the event. You could just stay up all night where you live. 🙂

  • Hopefully my friend and I will be able to say hello to you. We’ll be celebrating her birthday, which happens to take place the same day. Of all the things we could have done to celebrate, she wanted to do 24 hours at Disneyland. Any suggestions on making her birthday extra special during Monstrous Summer?

  • Hello! I was wondering if the Sulley hat will only be available on May 24th, because I know I am not going to be there that day. Crowds. 🙁

    • @Cat – Sorry to hear you won’t be joining us. The hat will be released on May 24 and will be available while supplies last that day.

  • WHOA!!!! Steven… are going to be one tired puppy the next day………I WISH I WAS GOING TOO!!!!!! The last time I was at one of the Parks after midnight was 1983 Grad Night at Disneyland!! It was soooooo AWESOME!! Matterhorn at 3am!! AWESOME!! Haunted Mansion at 4am!! AWESOME!! Will you be posting from each park? Have a blast!! Your Haunted Mansion Pal, David

    • @David – Great to hear from you! I guess it’s a good thing I love coffee because I think I’m going to need a few cups. I’m looking forward to the coast-to-coast trip. We will be updating the Disney Parks Blog all day. I intend to have a few updates from all three Parks.

  • Mmmmmmm…. consumables…!

    • @Carrie – Yes!! My favorite thing! I hope to see you at the party in California.

  • Definitely saw a guest walk into D-Street last night wearing the fuzzy Sulley earhat. What’s up with that, then?

    • @Elizabeth – Looks like someone wanted to start the party a little early. There were a handful of hats inadvertently placed on the sales floor, yet they have been removed. Look for the hats on May 24 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • Three parks in one day? You’re going to be busy!!! Speaking of Limited Time Magic, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming week long 4th of July Celebration…is the “Celebrate America” firework soundtrack available on any CD???

    • @Jonathan – It’s going to be a super fun day! I will have to check with the media developer about your question. I don’t recall seeing that music offered on CD.

  • Will there be special buttons, which have the monstrous summer logo on them, like the ones they handed out for leap day?? That would be awesome if there were going to be some. 🙂

    • @Ivanejoy – I unfortunately haven’t heard if there will be buttons. Glad to hear that you plan on joining us for the party. I hope to see you.

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