Fantasyland Theatre Through the Years at Disneyland Park

As we gear up for the debut of “Mickey and the Magical Map,” the latest and greatest new show at Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park, it triggered memories from my colleagues about what’s been featured in this popular theatre in years past. Many of them grew up in Southern California. They danced at Videopolis, had a front-row seat to “Animazement” and celebrated the holidays watching “Mickey’s Nutcracker.” Those are only a few of the fun shows, so check out this video and take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy!


  • I remember Pocahontas, Animazement and Snow White (and I got to see the mirror opening effect before it broke), though not Mickey’s Detective School. I always wondered if the lady who Aladdin runs into with the popcorn was a cast member or some poor soul who managed to get trapped in the row at that time and place. That and was the popcorn un-buttered so that way it was an easier job on the janitorial after the show. The best part I remember from Animazement was when Genie tried to help Al escape then opens a door stage right, Cue Frollo singing “Hellfire” w/ smoke. Genie then slams the door closed and says “Sorry kid, wrong story.”

    Can’t wait to see Magical Map and the effect it has on the fans, considering it’s branching two different Disney owned games. Mickey Mouse has to go to different worlds in order to paint them into existence(See save) onto Yen Sid’s Magical Map. My Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts fan inside is intrigued.

  • Great video! Mickey’s Nutcracker was my absolute favorite show on this stage.

  • Gosh, I miss a lot of those shows. They defined a pleasant summer outdoor evening with great sounds. Dick Tracy was different and a lot of fun. And Videopolis presented the neon and pastels of the 1980’s well, introducing the tradition of wearing nighttime glowsticks.

  • I remember all these shows. Going to the theater was always one of favorite things to do during our family trips to Disneyland. Plane Crazy and Mickey’s Nutcracker were the best. All I wanted do was just watch the shows over and over as a kid. So excited for the new show to come.

  • I fondly remember many of these shows, Especially Plane Crazy, Beauty and the Beast, and Mickey’s Nutcracker.

    I’m really looking forward to Mickey and the Magical Map.

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