First Look at D23 Expo 2013 Official Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Are you counting down to the D23 Expo? I am. Mainly because I have so much to tell you about before the spectacular event kicks off August 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center. For the record, today marks 69 days and counting. So let’s get started! Here’s your first look at the logos that will appear on a variety of D23 Expo official merchandise and will be available at the D23 Expo Dream Store.

I consider this first one … magical and filled with character. Why? Well take a look!
Find Characters Like Goofy, Donald Duck and Chip n’ Dale Trying to Make Their Mark as a ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ at the D23 Expo
Where else can you find characters like Goofy, Donald Duck and Chip n’ Dale trying to make their mark as a ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’? As you can tell, Mickey Mouse is still the real deal. Look for this art to appear on a variety of merchandise including tees for kids and adults, fleece, a baseball cap, mug, souvenir tote and more.

This next piece is, simply, a classic! The silhouette of Sorcerer Mickey will appear on a sampling of items including a ladies tee, adult t-shirt and bowling shirt.
The Silhouette of Sorcerer Mickey Will Appear on a Sampling of Items Including a Ladies Tee, Adult T-shirt and Bowling Shirt
If you are looking to make a statement at this year’s expo, do I have a tip for you! Check out this sneak preview of one of the new Seatbeltbags from HARVEYS. The collection, featuring Sorcerer Mickey and classic D’s, was created especially for this year’s expo. I can’t show them all to you, but here’s a look at my favorite silhouette.
The New Seatbeltbags from HARVEYS features Sorcerer Mickey and Classic D’s, and was Created Especially for This Year’s Expo
What else do we have up our sleeves? How about designer jewelry, accessories (and yes this line has the letters D&B in it), signature collections, artwork, collectibles, D-Tech, Duffy the Disney Bear, appearances by renowned artists Dave Avanzino, ACME Archives Ltd., Collectors Editions, Noah, Robert Olszewski, Precious Moments, Linda Rick, Jim Shore and more.

Finally, if you are wondering whether there will be an auction this year, you are in luck. As part of this year’s D23 Expo, a silent auction will be hosted by Disney Theme Park Merchandise giving you – our ultimate Disney fans – the chance to bid on unique Disney artifacts, artwork, experiences, props and more. The Silent Auction is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Aug. 10. Tickets for the Silent Auction will go on sale June 11, 2013, via Keep in mind, separate D23 Expo admission is required.

Anyone want to see a sneak peek of the pin you receive when you register to participate in the silent auction? Take a look.
Cheshire Cat Pin from D23 Expo Silent Auction Saturday, Aug. 10
Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog, and over the next few months, because I will be sharing all of the details and much, much more when it comes to Disney Theme Park Merchandise releases, artist appearances, the silent auction and the D23 Expo 2013. If you have yet to get tickets to this ultimate fan event, check out all the details here, and let the countdown begin!

See you there!


  • This is my first time attending the D23 Expo and I just learned about the RSP. Is RSP only for Sorcerer’s Package holders? Are the D23 exclusive pins only for the RSP participants?

  • This is a very late response, but will they be any possibility of non-sorcerer ticket holders to get the Harvey’s bags? I see that the quantities are very limited. Are all the quantities going to be made available to the RSP for Sorcerer’s Package holders?

  • There is a lot of interest in the Harvey’s bags among those of us who could not afford to buy the Sorcerer’s Package. My understanding is that Sorcerer’s Package holders get to shop the Dream Store the day before it opens to D23 members and then the general public. We know the quantities on these bags are EXTREMELY limited. Is it possible that all bags could be purchased before the Dream Store even opens?

  • Hi Michelle.. My daughter’s and I attended the 2011 Expo and we loved it!! We are so excited for this year’s Expo. Is the line up available for the Disney Channel/Radio Disney guest appearances? My daughters are begging to know who will be there, but I can’t find that info anywhere.

    • Hi Lisa! Unfortunately I don’t have any information regarding any of the special appearances by stars of the Disney Channel or Radio Disney, but I’m sure that information will be posted in the coming months.

  • The artwork is very cute for this event. 🙂 at the last expo the Dream Store had ipad and iPhone covers with the event artwork. Will they be doing that again? By chance will they be offering covers for both iPhone 4 & 5? Maybe an ipad mini cover? 🙂

    • Dave, I know the teams are still working hard on everything that will be offered in the Dream Store, If I hear of any iPad or iPhone cases I will be sure to let you know.

  • If we don’t go to the expo, where else besides the parks can pin traders be found?

    • Trina, you might try Disney Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District, there are often great trades happening there.

  • Will Mickey’s of Glendale be returning? I’d love to buy more throwback Epcot t-shirts.

  • Thank you so much for the link and the help. I will for sure look into it. The closer it gets and the more you tell us about it makes me want to go even more 🙂

  • I have a question, I have never been to a D23 Expo and I am thinking about going this year. But I really just want to go through the hall where the merchandise is and just to be able to see what is on display. I can I buy a ticket for just 1 day? or do I have to buy tickets for the entire event and participate in all the other activities. I am sure those events are alot of fun, but I want to spend the other days in the park. Thanks for anyones input on this.

    • Hi Stacey! I really hope you consider going this year. There is so much to see and do. You can definitely purchase a one day ticket to the Expo. Here’s a link to the site where you can find out more on the tickets and other things happening as part of the Expo this year.

  • I LOVE the Harveys Disney bags! Can you tell me what styles will be available? Will there be a mini messenger?? Thank you!

    • Noreen, I actually hear there are a few different silhouettes available, however I don’t believe a mini-messenger style was among them.

  • Ted, I think you will be quite surprised at some of the starting bids for the silent auction lots, some items will start as low as $25 – $50, however you never know what they will go for.

  • I attended the auction last year and enjoyed the preshow but was disappointed the fact that everything was so expensive. The cheapest I remember seeing an item go for was $700. XD

    Is there any chance for more small item bids this year that wont be nearly as bank breaking as obviously some of the more fantastic items will be?

  • Hi so will we be able to buy the Harvey’s bags online or in the park?

    • Jennifer, these particular Harveys seatbeltbags are not scheduled to be available online at this time. If they do make there way to the parks, it will be because there were remaining quantities from the Dream Store. I would say keep an eye out after August 11 or call Disney Merchandise Guest Services after that date to inquire.

  • HI Michelle,

    My family and I are attending the D23 Expo for the first time this year and are so excited, thanks for your updates. Can’t wait for more.
    Diane 🙂

    • Diane, you and your family are going to love it! There is so much to do and see. Keep watching for all of the updates. Hope to see you there!

  • Michelle, yes you definitely helped with your answer to my questions. Will the information about the silent auction be up on the Art of Disney Parks website soon? Also, will the catalog be up on the website, or will we only be able to preview items once we get to the Expo?

    That makes me happy to know that there will be an RSP for Sorcerer ticket holders? Do you have any idea when we might get an e-mail or information about that? Thanks again so much. You are always so helpful.

    • Hey Lauren! Information about the Silent Auction will be released here on the Disney Parks Blog in the next couple of weeks, as well as on the and sites. We will actually have a pretty big preview of the different silent auction lots on the site, but of course there will be a few surprises you’ll have to check out at the Expo itself.

      As for the information regarding RSP, I’d say look for an e-mail or information within the next week. We’re working pretty hard on it right now.

  • Are the Harveys bags exclusive to the Expo or will they be made available to everyone? Or maybe to D23 members who can’t make it to the Expo?

    • Christine, the Harveys bags aren’t exactly exclusive to the Expo, as they were specially made to help celebrate it. There are a couple of different styles that will be available, but I have to tell you, quantities are very limited. So if you are planning to get one, I’d definitely try to make it to the Expo this year. As for them appearing in stores later, it will depend on if any quantities remain.

  • Michelle, does a Sorcerer ticket include admission to the silent auction ? Secondly , under the picture of the Harvey’s bag you mention D&B . Does that mean there will be expo exclusive Dooney and Bourke purses as well. Thanks

    • Anthony, the Silent Auction Ticket is separate from all of the other D23 Packages (Sorcerer Leve) and or tickets. A separate ticket will be required should you wish to participate in bidding on any items. The tickets will be $23.

      In regards to your question about Dooney & Bourke, there is not an exclusive Dooney & Bourke version, I think you could consider this more of a launch or debut of a new collection to D23 attendees before it hits Disney Theme Parks.

  • Hi, Michelle. I have the same question as Ethan. I have Sorcerer tickets. Will I still need to purchase tickets to the silent auction? If yes, do I need to purchase a separate ticket for each member in my party, or will I just need to buy one ticket for the person who wants to do the bidding in the silent auction? I guess I am asking if you need a ticket not just to bid on items but also to view them, or do you just need a ticket if you want to bid on an item?

    I have to say I am a bit disappointed that there won’t be a live auction like there was at the Expo two years ago. It was so lively and fun, and I much prefer live auctions to silent auctions. Any details on how exactly this silent auction will work?

    Lastly, do you know if there will be an RSP run for people with Sorcerer tickets to be able to pre-purchase Expo merchandise like there was two years ago? Thanks.

    • Lauren, it’s such a great question. I appreciate you asking. If you want to participate and bid on any Silent Auction items you will need to purchase a separate ticket. Tickets are $23 and will include the opportunity to participate in the silent auction, a mini-catalog, credential and pin.

      There is no charge to view the actual Silent Auction lots, only to actually bid/participate. I think you will be quite surprised by the lots available this year and will find that some of them are of the same level as those seen in previous D23 Live Auctions. Does this help?

      As for your questions regarding RSP for the Sorcerer Level package, the answer is definitely, yes!

  • Hi Michelle will there be any discounts offered for annual passholder or cast members?

    • Danielle, applicable discounts such as a Disneyland Resort Annual Passport or Disney Cast Member I.D. will be accepted on the purchase of merchandise only at the Dream Store location. Discounts will not apply at other venues or locations at the D23 Expo or on any Silent Auction items.

  • My wife and I have Sorcerer’s Tickets this year. Will we still need to purchase tickets to the silent auction as well?

    • Ethan, so excited to hear that you will be part of the Sorcerer Level package. You will in fact have to purchase a separate ticket to participate in the Silent Auction. Silent Auction Tickets will be $23 and will include the opportunity to participate in the silent auction, a mini-catalog, credential and a pin.

  • Michelle, the event kicks off on August 9, ending on the 11th, correct? Your first paragraph says otherwise. I do look foward to seeing (and buying!) all this great new exclusive D23 Expo merch. See you in August! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right Mandy, we have corrected it above. Sorry about that. I’m clearly still asleep this morning.

  • Not going to be able to go to the Expo this year 🙁 but so want one of those seatbelt bags!! Will they be available to D23 members via Disneystore??

  • Ummm… Your pin says “silent action” instead of auction!

    • David, thanks for catching that on the post. I am such a goof. I accidently posted the wrong image. Rest assured we caught that spelling error for the actual pin. Look for new art in just a bit.

      All fixed!

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