Good Afternoon from Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Good Afternoon from Mad Tea Party at Disneyland Park

It’s a beautiful, if a bit warm, afternoon here at Disneyland park – a great day to find a shady spot and enjoy the sights and sounds all around you. I like the little spot next to the Mad Tea Party, where this guy is hanging out. It’s cool, a little tucked away, and the perfect vantage point for all the action that happens in this corner of Fantasyland.

What is your favorite spot to relax and cool off at the Disneyland Resort? Let me know in the comments.


  • After an early morning of running the TinkerBell Half Marathon this year, my friend and I were exhausted but still wanted to spend some time in the Parks. So we got some hand-dipped ice cream bars and grabbed a spot at the Carthay Circle Fountain for over an hour. What a perfect spot! Everything happens right here! We saw the Red Car News Boys, Five & Dime, and even got to talk with some of the Buena Vista Street “atmosphere” entertainers. It was the perfect way to enjoy DCA in our comatose post-race state.

  • I love to grab some beignets from the Mint Julep Bar and watch the Rivers of America! And the greatest part is I get the chance to do that next week!!! 😀 I’m so excited!

  • My favorite spot is in Disney CA. It is the level below the Silly Symphony Swings that is shaded and has sitting benches. I enjoy the sights and sounds of Paradise Bay from this area.

  • I hate to give away my secret spot, but on a really hot day, I head straight to the fore deck of the Mark Twain riverboat, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.

  • I love the lower deck of Hungry Bear restaurant – it’s nice and cool, and you can watch the canoes cruising around the river. Having a chocolate funnel cake dessert while there doesn’t hurt either!

  • This would be me if I were at Disneyland today!

  • Hi Erin,

    If we are in the Park on a warm day and it’s lunchtime we like to grab something from the Stage Door Cafe. and go over to the backside of Tom Sawyer’s Island. This works especially well if you have youngsters along. A couple of adults head over with the kids and I bring lunch along after and we have our own private picnic!

    As luck would have it we are on our way over to the Park today! It’s a short drive from Tucson and will be there this afternoon and maybe have lunch on time Sawyers Island!

    See you soon!

    Arizona Mike

    • Have fun, Mike!

  • I have to agree with Don above. Hungry Bear, tucked way in the back, is an amazing get away space from the crowds.

  • I’m sure everyone else does this one as well, but I just love to grab a Dole Whip and sit in the courtyard of the Enchanted Tiki room and enjoy the preshow going on with the different tiki gods.

  • My favorite place is under the Monorail tracks between the Matterhorn and It’s a Small World. Shady, nice breeze and quiet. Shhh don’t tell anybody!

    • Your secret is safe here, Nancy. 😉

  • Recently my honey and I have discovered that our favorite place and time is at the end of the day when the crowds are leaving we like to sit at the Jolly Holiday bakery, sip on our hot chocolate and watch the people and the occasional duck walk by.

  • I love finding a shady table (or sunny if the weather is just right) on the Pacific Wharf and watching the world go by at DCA!

  • I love the seating outside of the Paradise Garden Grill in California Adventure, listening to an Irish band play and enjoying the shade!

    • That’s a great spot.

  • On Main Street by the train station under a big tree. I can watch a parade, hear the trains arriving and smell the popcorn popping.

  • I love to sit and people watch on Main Street USA!

  • There’s many! But one of my faves has always been Refreshment Corner. I just love to be surrounded in that old-time nostalgic feel!

    • Especially with the piano music!

  • I love to relax on the patio deck behind the Hungry Bear Restaurant at the entrance to Critter Country- so peaceful!

    • That’s one of my favorites, too – with a fried green tomato sandwich, of course!

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