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New Dooney & Bourke Rainbow Collection to Debut at Tren-D at the Walt Disney World Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

I know there are a lot of Dooney & Bourke fans out there. Just wait until you see what’s coming your way. I just received word from the merchandise special events team that a Dooney & Bourke release, along with a signing opportunity with Ian Ray, has been added to the calendar of events for May 2013!
New Dooney & Bourke Rainbow Collection to Debut at Tren-D at the Walt Disney World Resort
Here’s a look at the new Dooney & Bourke Mickey Rainbow Letter Collection on four black silhouettes, including a large Pocket Tote ($295), Satchel ($195), Pocket Satchel ($260), and Tablet Sleeve ($90), which will be available as part of the release.

The New Dooney & Bourke Mickey Rainbow Letter Collection Includes a Large Pocket Tote ($295), Satchel ($195), Pocket Satchel ($260), and Tablet Sleeve ($90) The New Dooney & Bourke Mickey Rainbow Letter Collection Includes a Large Pocket Tote ($295), Satchel ($195), Pocket Satchel ($260), and Tablet Sleeve ($90)

Tren-D in the Downtown Disney Marketplace at the Walt Disney World Resort will have all of these and more, on Saturday, May 25, 2013. What could be more exciting than the release of this new collection? What if I told you that on that same day, Tren-D is going to have a “Sample Sale” of some never released bags, and that Ian Ray will be on hand for a special appearance and signing opportunity from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.? It doesn’t get better than that! For those who are able to attend the release and signing, be sure to ask about a special gift with purchase. Tip: Be sure to get their early! Although Ian isn’t signing until later, the collection, along with the other bags, will be available at shop opening on the day of release.

If you like the collection, but wish it came with a white background, you’re in luck. For a limited time, beginning later this month, will offer a Rainbow Collection Letter Carrier with a white background. But of course, it’s only available while supplies last. So don’t miss out.
Limited Time Dooney & Bourke Rainbow Collection Letter Carrier with White Background
I think I’ve picked out the one I like. Do you have a favorite?


  • Do you know if they will make the letter carrier bag in the black rainbow pattern?

  • Michelle, there already is an iPhone case for the 4/4S. I was hoping that one for the iPhone 5 might be in the works.

  • Yes please let us know when it will be available!

  • Michelle, any idea if there will be a Sketch iPhone case for the iPhone 5 like the one for the iPhone 4/4S?

    • Lisa, no word on if there will any sort of sketch iPhone case, but should I hear about it, I’ll let you know.

  • I am so disappointed the white letter carrier wasn’t available today. Please let us know updated news regarding this! Also, the prices on the crossbody satchel and the pocket tote are reversed and need to be fixed.

    • Hi Robert! I’m so sorry about that. I just found out myself. Please note the white letter carrier is scheduled for release towards the very end of the month via Please continue to watch for more information and when it’s finally available I’ll be sure to comment back here on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Michelle, the white letter carrier isn’t on the website yet. Is it still going on sale today?

    • Lisa, it appears there was an unforeseen delay. The white letter carrier will be available later this month.

  • The white letter carrier is suppose to be available online as of today but its not yet there. Has there been a change?

    • There has been Julie. It turns out the white letter carrier will be available towards the very end of the month.

  • When will the new designs be available for purchase online? Having just come home from a trip to Disney World on May 12, we missed the event at Tren-D. However, I would love to purchase one.

    • Karen, the white letter carrier seen above will be released now towards the end of the month as for the others, I’m not sure when /if they will release online. I would suggest contacting her Disney Merchandise Guest Services team.

  • Hi Michelle- another post said that the white crossbody would also be released at other locations on May 26th. I checked at disneyland today and no one knew about them. Where are other locations? thanks

    • Suzanne the white letter crossbody carrier will only be released online, later this month.

  • Hello;

    Not sure how this works. I have I guess the same question as Liz. I will be in Disneyland some time in the first two weeks of June and would like to get a Dooney and Bourke purse of some kind. How can I get hooked up.

    • Diana, as I mentioned to Lori above, there are quite a few locations at the Disneyland Resort that should have them on hand including Disney Vault 28 and World of Disney Store. In Disneyland park you’ll find them at Disney Clothiers. If you wish to purchase them sooner, I would recommend contacting our Disney Merchandise Guest Services team, once the items are released.

  • Are there any plans for a signing event or sample sale at Disneyland? I sure hope so!

    • Liz, there are no plans at this time, but if that changes I’ll be sure to let you know, right here on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • I love the Disney dooney and bourke collection have three bags so far. Will these be available for sale from June 2 to the 7 this is my next vacation at disneyworld

    • Hey Lori! You should be able to find the bags at various locations throughout the Disneyland Resort, including Disney Vault 28 and World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District and Disney Clothiers in Disneyland park. Of course, the styles are available while supplies last.

  • Michelle

    Do you know what time on June 3rd the white background bag will go on sale on-line?

    • Hi Kelli! Actually sales should begin online around Midnight Pacific time on the 3rd.

  • I LOVE the Dooney & Bourke bags! I have a collection! I so happen to be driving in for the weekend to attend the 24 hour event at the Magic Kingdom the day before! I do have a question about the sample sale. I know I will be exhausted from being awake for over 24 hours in the Magic Kingdom the day and night before the sale. For the sample sale, are the items going to be offered at a real discount or are they just going to be for sale for around the normal prices the bags would go for? I know they are going to be never released patterns being offered (which I would love to see). I’m trying to figure out if it is worth it to try and make it there after the event. Thanks!

    • Kristen, I think you can expect the sample style bags to be the normal prices, but they will be different styles and designs. Hope that helps. Have fun!

  • I love my disney D&Bs, Aulani bag being my favorite. That white one is SOOO cute.

  • Truthfully, not crazy about it…

  • Yes, please! I love the one you picked out, MIchelle! I wonder if KC would surprise me? Hee Hee! 😉

    • I sure hope you get one of these as a surprise. You deserve it!

  • Will the white be available at the sample sale at all?

    • Amber, unfortunately no it won’t.

  • Must have!

  • I love the white one and I have June 3rd marked on my calendar!! Bummer that I can’t be there on the 25th; I’d love to see the “sample sale” and purchase 🙁

  • Will these bags be available in Disneyland at Vault 28 on the same date?

    • Actually I just found out that Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, CA. will in fact offer these bags shortly after the initial release in Walt Disney World.

  • I’ve been waiting for the release of a new print. I’m so excited!!! Between the Dooney & Bourke and Vera Bradley partnerships I’ll never go without my Disney swag. 🙂

  • I love the Dooney’s with the pockets but sadly can’t afford them. But I really would like to get one of these.

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