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Stylish Shoe Ornaments Strutting into Merchandise Locations this Spring at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Stylish Shoe Ornaments Strutting into Merchandise Locations this Spring at Disney Parks

Last November, you may recall seeing a sneak preview of new Disney character-inspired shoe ornaments when my fellow author Jennifer Fickley-Baker visited Disney Theme Park Merchandise headquarters. I’m happy to share that these new ornaments will be at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts within the next few weeks. Similar to the character ear hat ornaments released last summer, these new shoe ornaments contain some amazing details. The artwork for these ornaments was created by Disney Design Group artists Cody Reynolds and Costa Alavezos. Cody designed the majority of the shoes, including the Disney Princesses and other characters like Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse or Mary Poppins. I recently spoke with Costa Alavezos about his experience creating the Disney Villain shoes.
Stylish Shoe Ornaments Strutting into Merchandise Locations this Spring at Disney Parks

“We wanted to create beautifully detailed ornaments that guests would enjoy displaying or collecting any time of year,” explained Costa. “The ear hat ornaments were very popular last year, so that became the basis for our designs. We kept the shoes mostly the same shape and size. To really capture the essence of each character, we added embellishments like glitter, jewels or printing. This was my first time designing women’s shoes, but I think they turned out great!”

The shoes each measure approximately 3 inches long by 3.5 inches tall. All of them contain a removable ribbon attachment, which is perfect for those interested in displaying them year round.
Stylish Shoe Ornaments Strutting into Merchandise Locations this Spring at Disney Parks

I asked Costa which shoes were his favorites to design.

“I enjoyed designing both the Queen from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and Cruella DeVille,” continued Costa. “I liked Cruella’s shoe because it is a little longer than the rest. It resembles something exactly like a fashion diva such as Cruella would wear. For the Queen, I added different elements from her environment, like the feathers from her throne and a sword as the heel.”
Stylish Shoe Ornaments Strutting into Merchandise Locations this Spring at Disney Parks

I loved photographing the little details found on these shoes. I particularly liked the playing cards printed on the inside of the Queen of Hearts’ shoe, or that Mary Poppins’ umbrella handle was used as a shoe heel.

These ornaments will also be sold via the Disney Parks online store starting in early summer.

Which shoe ornament would you wear if it were a real shoe? Please share in the comments below.

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  • Hi I am on holiday at Orlando, Florida and I have been looking for these shoes everywhere the only place I can find them is on the disney store online and to purchase them would cost me a lot more (because of delivery) and as I am leaving on Wednesday 28th August if I was to order them they wouldn’t come in time, is there any place anywhere where i am able to get them? I asked everywhere I have been, including disney stores and downtown disney and there is none left as they have sold so many since June, have you any idea where else I can get them? Thanks

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea and actually just purchased 8 of them for my daughter and family members while visiting Disney World last week. Awaiting the stock to purchase the rest. I see there are Jasmine, Daisy, TinkerBell, Mary Poppins, and Alice shoe ornaments (of which most I have already purchased); however, it would be nice to have the matching earhat ornaments to go along with these specific shoes. Any idea why a Jasmine ear hat was not created or the rest of them and if/when they will be created? Would love to have these in my collection (and the cheshire cat for Alice does not count…I would love to have Alice herself). Thanks for any insight!!

  • Where can you purchase these shoes, except for Disney World? I went and bought 6 of them while being down there, but would like to purchase more of them?

    • @Morgan – I hope you had a great trip! I invite you to keep watching the Disney Parks online store as they will be releases on that site soon –

  • These are AWESOME!! I really hope they sell them like they did last year – 3 for $50. If they do I will purchase them all. If not, I will most likely only get 3 of them. I am excited to see them!! What date are these going to hit the parks? We arrive in a week.

    When are we going to get a sneak-peek at the new Ear Hat ornaments?

    • @Barbara – The new ear hat ornaments are scheduled to arrive in mid-summer. We will share information about them a little closer to their arrival (probably July like last year). The shoe ornaments are currently available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • Omg I love these ornaments as much as the ear ornaments, I focus my collection on the princess and villains.

    I’m so excited for this collection as well as the new ear hats in July.

    I’m hoping for a Jasmine/Merida/Mulan/Pocahontas ear hat ornament?
    As well as a Jafar / Hades / Mother Gothel / Dr. Facilier / Gaston ear hat ornament for the villains?

    Steven, can you perhaps shine some light on the matter? (a)

    • @Rowdy – There will be additional ear hat ornaments coming this summer. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of the characters you mentioned above. There are, however, some pretty awesome ones planned.

  • They’re all awesome! But, i’ve got a question. Are you planning to sell them in Disney land Paris ?

    • @Jamie – The ornaments are now available at Disneyland Resort. They will be arriving at Walt Disney World Resort in early June. They will also be sold online at some point toward mid-June. Counting all of the shoes pictured in this article, there are 19 different designs.

      @El – I have not received any confirmation if they will be sold at Disneyland Paris. Right now, the plan is to carry them at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Parks online store.

  • Steven, do you know when the new ear hat ornaments will be released and if they’ll be available online? Do you know how many there will be? Just trying to prepare my bank account to getting used to having a zero balance!

  • Just returned from a magical trip to WDW. Since it is Spring 2013, I looked high & low for the Steampunk ear ornaments profiled in one of your entries last October. Not only did I not find any, but I also couldn’t find a cast member who knew what I was talking about! Any idea if & when these will finally be released & how I can purchase?

    • @Julie – I’m glad to hear you had a great trip. I’m sorry to hear of your challenge and for any confusion that was caused. It appears the release date for the Steampunk ear hat ornaments (seen here – was moved to July. They will be joining a host of other awesome new ear hat ornaments. I know many of those ornaments will also be offered on our Disney Parks online store. But I’ll have to confirm that the Steampunk ones will be there too.

  • These are absolutely AMAZING!!! I collected ALL of the ear hat ornaments and now they can have shoes. Oops, my credit card just melted in my wallet.

  • i want the Mary and Alice shoes as real shoes DX

  • I absolutely LOVE the Minnie Mouse and Princess Jasmine shoe ornaments. They are definitely a must have for me =)

  • Oh my goodness! I totally deserved one of these Princess Shoes after doing the entire Princess Half Marathon in a BOOT this year! I might still have to get one, and put the date on it!!!
    SO cute!!!

    • @Brittney – Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment. Congrats!

  • Oh My GOSH these shoes are AMAZING !! I love the Minnie Mouse one the most I think, so classic. Daisy Duck is awesome too … love the open toe !! Actually, there is no way I can pick a fav. I will totally be getting some of these to add to my Disney Collection ! My Show White collection especially. Woo hoo !! These are officially going on my list for my November trip …

  • Hi Steven!!!

    Ok, seriously, I guess I need to make a cabinet – lol In all honesty you all got me going when they came out with the Shoe Pin Series!!!!

    PLEASE tell me – that Disney will make maybe a Shoe Pin Series 2 and 3 and 4 and so on……

    But, yes the ornaments are a new must have!!!

    Thanks for the update 🙂

    Dana FL

    • @Dana – Glad to hear you like them. I asked the pin team who said that Disney Villain shoe pins will be released this fall. They will be similiar to the previous Disney Princess shoes (open edition, packaged in a set, etc.).

  • ACK!! Those are fabulous. I embellish shoes with crystals as my business so every last one these are going to be finding a place in my home. Can’t wait to start the collection to go with all of the ear hats. I would definitely wear the Evil Queen shoes. Love them!

  • Big congratulations to all the designers! These are truly little masterpieces! The attention to detail is ridiculous. I can’t wait to own all of them 🙂

  • What date approximately those shoe ornaments will be available to purchase on line? And exactly through with website?

    • @Amela – Look for the shoe ornaments to be offered online in mid-June. You’ll want to visit

  • The details on these are fabulous. Just fabulous!!

  • Dare I say I love these more than the ear hats? And the ear hats were super duper cute.

    • @Hannah – You’ll be happy to know that pins based on the Disney Villains shoes are planned for this fall.

      @Jaime – Just wait until you see new ear hat ornaments coming this July. They are amazing!

  • LOVE these!! Seven of the Princess Shoes became pin designs last fall. Can we expect to see some of these new designs in pin form as well? (We HOPE so!!)


  • I absolutely love them! Especially the villains! What date are they coming out exactly? Thank you!:):)

  • ALL OF THEM. Is “all of them” a good enough answer? Oh my gosh. I completely echo what Layne said…I don’t even wear heels generally, but I would totally make an exception for these. (I can’t even say I especially like the princesses over the villains or vice versa…these are ALL terrific!)

  • Heh, it can’t be available in Disneyland Paris, isn’t it?

  • Great job incorporating the elements that make each character iconic into their own ornament. And whereas I thought this to be true, now I know…I really gravitate towards the villains, ha ha!

  • I love the Rapunzel ornament! How much are they?

    • @Helen – I liked that design too, especially how her long hair became the heel. Each ornament is $22.95 each plus tax.

  • I am beyond excited for this collection! I have the full line of the Character Cobbler Fine Footery miniature shoes that were discontinued and would love to expand my collection with these! Looking forward to putting these on display. 🙂

  • I would DEFINITELY wear the Jack Skellington shoe and I don’t even like wearing heels but I would HAVE to make an exception. These ornaments are so incredible, I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time. I can’t wait until I can buy some, maybe all 🙂

  • Do you know how many shoe ornaments there will be and what the price will be? I have to start a savings cuz I have to have them all! They are so cute! Will any of them be limited editions like the ear hat ones?

    • @Jamie – I counted 19 different styles, and each ornament is $22.95 each plus tax. They are not limited edition.

  • Any idea on price point for these? This are just as awesome as the ear hats, Thanks!

    • @Jennifer – Each ornament is $22.95 plus tax (note that retails are subject to change without notice).

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