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The Go-Go’s, Edwin McCain & Others Join the 2013 ‘Eat to the Beat’ Musical Line-Up at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will return to the park Sept. 27-Nov. 11, and we just received the list of performers who will participate in the Eat to the Beat concert series.

New acts coming this year include the Go-Go’s, Edwin McCain, The Manhattan Transfer, Wilson Phillips, Spin Doctors and Christopher Cross. There are also many returning favorites, including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Boyz II Men.

The Go-Go’s, Edwin McCain & Others Join the 2013 ‘Eat to the Beat’ Musical Line-Up at Walt Disney World Resort

Check out the full schedule below:

  • Sept. 27-29 – Starship starring Mickey Thomas
  • Sept. 30-Oct. 1 – Go-Go’s
  • Oct. 2-4 – Air Supply
  • Oct. 5-6 – Sister Hazel
  • Oct. 7-9 – Sugar Ray
  • Oct. 10-11 – Edwin McCain
  • Oct. 12-13 – Manhattan Transfer
  • Oct. 14-15 – Wilson Phillips
  • Oct. 16-17 – The Pointer Sisters
  • Oct. 18-20 – Night Ranger
  • Oct. 21-23 – Boyz II Men
  • Oct. 24-25 – Survivor
  • Oct. 26-27 – 38 Special
  • Oct. 28-30 – Smash Mouth
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 1 – Spin Doctors
  • Nov. 2-3 – Christopher Cross
  • Nov. 4-5 – Hanson
  • Nov. 6-8 – Dennis DeYoung
  • Nov. 9-11 – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Which group would you love to see? If you have a favorite, tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • Just saw Sugar Ray tonight at Epcot and they were amazing! What a show – I hope they are back again. Thank you Disney!!!

  • SISTER HAZEL!!!!! Traveling with family who picked our travel dates, who knew that they would pick the weekend that Sister Hazel would be there! LOVE them!!! Other’s might say they are going to Epcot and saw Sister Hazel, I’m going to Epcot to see SISTER HAZEL.

  • I have always loved the one of a kind sound of Christopher Cross. I would LOVE to see him.

  • Can’t wait to see the Go-Go’s!! Does anyone know the show times?? Thanks!!

  • BBVD for sure on Saturday night. Grandson is learning to play the trumpet and he will enjoy them along with us ‘older’ mousekateers!

  • I have seen Boyz II Men, Starship and Smash Mouth at Eat to the Beat….I will definately be there sometime between Oct 28 and 30 for Smash Mouth, they are fun and put on a great show.

  • SISTER HAZEL!!!!!!!
    I flew down 2 years ago JUST to see them! They were the only reason I flew in and left after seeing them both days of performances!! We just moved to FL and SO excited to see them again!!!

  • OMG!! Wilson Phillips!!! A dream come true!!! Gonna catch the Go-Go’s too! Saw Survivor and Dennis DeYoung last year – both were awesome. Nice line-up! Thanks Mickey! 😉 Joe

  • I’ll be there for The Pointer Sisters and Night Ranger and a big belly!

  • Have show times been determined yet? I don’t see them on the WDW website or here. I’m helping some out-of-town friends decide what to do when they’re here and those times would be helpful!!! Thanks!

  • We are there from the 23-30 and normally there a week later. So we will see Starship but will miss Manhattan Transfer the Go Go’s and others. Last time we were there for food and wine we saw The Beach Boys and it was a great show. Actually saw them twice.

  • Smash mouth is going to be there during our trip! Have to check this out, what time does the concert usually

  • What a great lineup this year. Would LOVE to see the Go Go’s, Wilson Phillips,Air Supply or Edwin McCain…unfortunately we won’t be there yet. I am really excited to see Boys II Men though…I hope we can get there in time…their last night is the night we arrive 🙂

  • Gonna miss Billy Ocean, always a great treat to have him here.

  • I would soooo love to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They are a class act. I saw them in the mid 90’s in West Palm Beach and have been a great fan ever since. They are talent. I love turning people on to them.

  • Very excited to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy closing Food and Wine again!

  • I will definitely be there to see HANSON! I have seen them at Epcot for the last 3 years ~ they put on an amazing show!!!

  • Is there a line up of bands for the Amercan Experience in the World Showcase in June?

  • WOW! SO many groups, so little time! Going to try to see as many as possible.

  • Sugar Ray is amazing! Saw them last year and they put on a fantastic show. Really hoping I can go down this year and check them out again.

  • I’m thrilled that the GoGos will be at Epcot during my trip. I’ll be at every performance 🙂

  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will be there for my birthday weekend. Must. Plan. Trip!!!

  • Night Ranger & Survivor while I’m there!! 🙂 A little bummed that Air Supply is early this year. I’d love to see Air Supply & Dennis DeYoung the same week next year!

  • Is it so crazy that I would LOVE to see Boyz II Men

  • WOW!! What a great line up. I have played shows with a couple of the groups listed and know at least 1 band member from about 5 others. I wish I could be out there to see all of it.

  • Edwin McCain is an awesome addition!! But, where is Howard Jones?

  • So happy Sister Hazel has signed on for another year!! I’m a huge Disney fan and HazelNut! So great to have my two favorite things combined!

  • I wish I was going…Manhattan Transfer, The Pointer Sisters, Boyz II Men, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and Spin Doctors are my faves from out of the this group. Enjoy to all who are going to be there!!!

  • It’s a 90’s flashback! LOVE the lineup!!

  • After two tris to WDW this year I was planning on staying home until Dopey, but the Go Gos might have me packing my Disney luggage one more time in 2013.

  • So excited Boyz II Men will be there even if it’s our last day in the parks. Our 10th anniversary trip is going to be AWESOME!!!!

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! Now, I have to rearrange so we can go and see the best act to ever come to Disney!

    Edwin McCain!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Disney!

  • Saw the Go-Gos last year at the Hollywood Bowl. Great concert. Just returned from my WDW yearly visit a couple weeks ago. Oh well. Those who can go enjoy! Looks like a great line up!

  • I would love to see ANY of these acts! What a great line up. Sadly, I can’t afford air fare this year. 🙁 boo

  • Would love to see Edwin McCain! “I’ll Be” was our wedding song almost 14 years ago. But alas, we arrive one day too late on the 12th 🙁

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