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The New Adventurers Outpost Opens Today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have a new home base at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Adventurers Outpost opens today on Discovery Island, and it’s the exploration headquarters for everyone’s favorite globetrotting duo, where they get together with friends old and new.

The New Adventurers Outpost at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Step inside Adventurers Outpost, and you’ll find mementos from Mickey and Minnie’s expeditions around the world, including stunning photographs from their trips to destinations as varied as the mountains of Nepal and the savannas of Africa.

Of course, some of the best memories of all come when you get your chance to meet Mickey and Minnie, share stories of your own travels and capture that postcard-perfect photo with your Disney pals, before heading out to continue your adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


  • I hope they use the same wonderful background music that they did at Camp Minnie Mickey. Those classic guitar versions of the Disney songs were some of my favorites.

    • Mary Ann – You can still hear the guitar music in Camp Minnie-Mickey. The background music chosen for Adventurers Outpost is in keeping with the story of this new location and the setting of Discovery Island.

  • Is Camp Minnie Mickey Closed? What are the plans for that section of Animal Kingdom?

    • Brian – Camp Minnie-Mickey is open and continues to be a great spot to meet other Disney character friends and catch a performance of “Festival of the Lion King.”

  • Am I right in thinking that they will be available together for a photo as a couple? If not is there anywhere on property today 15/5 that they are together as a couple for that amazing photo.


  • Luke – You are correct! Adventurers Outpost is currently the only place at the Walt Disney World Resort where Mickey and Minnie will regularly appear together as a couple.

  • Where on Discovery Island is Adventures Outpost located? Will fast passes be available for the Outpost? And will Mickey and Minnie continue to make appearances at Camp Minnie-Mickey for autographs?

    • Denise – Adventurers Outpost is in the former Beastly Bazaar merchandise location, on the east side of Discovery Island along the path toward Asia. Fastpass is not currently available for Adventurers Outpost. With the opening of the Outpost, this is now the only place to meet Mickey and Minnie at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You’ll find lots of other characters visiting Camp Minnie-Mickey, though!

  • Oh they are just so cute, I can’t wait to “meet them” there 🙂

  • What other character might we expect at Camp Minnie Mickey now?

    • Diane – On a visit to the Camp, you could meet Donald Duck, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Baloo, King Louie or Pocahontas. Of course, character appearances are subject to change and do so regularly, so I would always recommend checking with Cast Members on the day you go.

  • Mickey and Minnie used to have different costumes for Halloween and Christmas seasons when they were in Camp Minnie-Mickey.
    Any hint as if the new location will still offer those seasons themes and costumes now that our mouses have moved ?

    • hugues – The seasonal costumes worn by Mickey and Minnie had been tied to holiday celebrations within Camp Minnie-Mickey. No word on that yet in regard to Discovery Island.

  • Hi Shawn, I am going to be there in august 14, for my birthday 43, I know I am not a kid, but this was my dream since I was a little kid, I am from Argentina, do you think I have a chance to have my pic with Mickey? Also I have a reservation for breakfast at Chef Mickey´s for that special day… is Mickey going to spend sometime at my table even if I don´t have kids? Thank you!

    • Mariana – Happy Birthday! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderfully time celebrating at the Walt Disney World Resort! During breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, Mickey Mouse will definitely visit your table, so be sure to smile and say, “Cheese!”

  • Does this mean Camp Minnie Mickey is closed? 🙁

    • Luke – Camp Minnie-Mickey is open and continues to be a great spot to meet other Disney character friends and catch a performance of “Festival of the Lion King.”

  • What are the times for the meet & greet?

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