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Vinylmation Park Starz Return May 10 with New Characters from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One of the more anticipated Vinylmation collections this year, Park Starz 2, arrives at Disney Parks on Friday, May 10. Introduced in September 2011, the first series featured uniquely shaped figures inspired by classic characters from Disney Parks. The second series has 12 new characters designed by Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones. I recently asked him about his experience working on this project.

“Being a huge fan of the parks, Park Starz is one of my favorite projects to work on,” exclaimed Casey. “Disney Design Group artist and principal Vinylmation designer Thomas Scott created the Park Starz brand and supervises all development. He tapped me to be the lead artist for this series, and I loved creating crazy, stylized versions of some of my favorite park characters.”

Each figure in this limited release mystery series is packaged in a collectible tin, which is sold either individually or in a tray. If guests purchase entire trays, they get all 11 known figures (as seen on the packaging) and the one mystery figure.

Casey shared some additional insight into his designs.

“Rex from the original Star Tours attraction was designed for Park Starz 1,” said Casey “I’m glad he finally made it — better late than never! I loved including long-lost friends, like the Orange Bird. At the time I designed [series 2], the Orange Bird had not yet returned to the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park. Like many fans, I was thrilled to see him return last year.”

I had fun photographing this series. My favorite two images include the Orange Bird (someone had to eat that citrus swirl after the shot), and the Tapestry of Nations parade figure in Epcot. I loved that parade from the Millennium Celebration, and it appears Casey did too.

“The Tapestry of Nations parade will always be my favorite Disney memory,” continued Casey. “I joined Disney around that time, and my wife and I must have watched that parade 100 times! The music and the costumes make it an all-time classic.”

The series will be released in the Vinylmation Store on Facebook on May 3. The series will be released at D Street locations in California and Florida on May 10. Casey will be meeting with fans at D Street in Downtown Disney West Side in Florida on May 10 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


  • When will we find out about variants?

  • Anymore news on variants?! We grow impatient over here! 😛

  • The Tower of Terror figure picture brings up a question.

    How can we get the skus/product numbers for HTH merchandise? I love that bell.

  • I love Steven’s photography. Steven Miller #1) has the coolest job and #2) his work is a Disney treasure to preserve!

  • I love the Tower Of Terror vinylmation!! So cute!

  • Do you know when the Beauty and the beast viynalmations will be available on the disney store website?

  • What time will they be released at D Street at Disneyland? Store opening or 1PM like other releases? Also will there be wristbands or first come first served?


    Can’t wait to pick up a tray!

  • Yes!!! Must Have The Orange Bird!! Steven, did you eat that Citrus Swirl?

    • @David – Yes, and it was delicious! The perfect treat for a sunny Florida day.

  • That Orange Bird is just TOO cute!

  • Casey is ridiculously talented & such a genuinely nice guy in person. It’s the perfect blend of old & new. It’s nice to see the Orange Bird & the Disc puppet from Tapestry get the Park Starz treatment. I know I’ll be at D Street on Friday!

  • I’m heading to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Thursday morning and I know a little Orange Bird is going to be hopping into my luggage!

    for the love of Disney running

    • @Erin – How wonderful! I hope to see you this weekend. Have a safe trip.

  • Well this just made me want a citrus swirl for breakfast. 🙂

    • @Erin – And lunch. And dinner.

  • That citrus swirl looks soooo good.

  • Such great photos Steven! I hope Orange Bird accompanies you to more photo shoots, he’s ADORABLE!!! (well, they all are, but him in particular) Casey & Thomas never disappoint.

  • Is there a way to order these via the parks merchandise phone number? While i won’t make it down to WDW until December, I really need to pick up a couple of this series.

    The last time I checked the FB store, it required activating an app. I won’t shop the vinylmation facebook shop because I don’t enable Facebook apps as a general rule. If there were any other way disney could offer a vinylmation shop and NOT use Facebook, I’d be really very grateful.


    • @Melissa – Our Merchandise Guest Services team is one option. If contacting them, please reference the following item number – 400007317536.

      The other option is to wait as the figures will also be made available on the Disney Parks online store starting May 10. Here is the direct link to that mini-shop on the online store where they will be found –

  • Can’t wait to get hold of a Case of these from DisneyStore this week and ship it all the way to the UK

  • I want so many of these now, but will settle with an Orange Bird. Thanks for making my love of Disney merchandise even stronger, Steven! 😀

    Bob A. from NC

    • @Bob – You’re welcome! I hope you have a safe trip to Florida this weekend.

  • I love this set as much as the first series! Ordered a case on Friday through the facebook store and can’t wait for them to arrive! They will looks perfect next to series 1 and the variants!

    • @Joseph – Right on! There will be limited edition variant figures coming for this series as well. Look for them to be released this summer. Like before, they will be packaged in tins.

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