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Which Walt Disney World Resort Park Should You Visit First?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

When you arrive at Walt Disney World Resort, does your family ask the question, “Which park should we visit first?”

Check out the graphic below, which asks a series of questions and gives you a suggestion at the end as to which park you should visit first.

Which Walt Disney World Resort Park Should You Visit First?

Which park did you get? I got Magic Kingdom Park – one of my favorite places!

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  • We started with EPCOT (arrived mid afternoon) and stayed until the fireworks. Good intro for 5 yo to the hustle and bustle of crowds and she LOVES flowers so perfect time to be there during the flower show.

  • Nicole i think she ment attraction wise. (= most things to do)

  • @ Amanda, that is a really cool strategy! But I thought Animal Kingdom is the biggest park (acres wise)? Then Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom as the smallest! I could be wrong though!!!

  • I’d always start in Magic Kingdom…and end in Magic Kingdom…with a few Magic Kingdom trips in between. Alas, I’m usually ‘forced’ to endure the incredible magic at the other parks as well! lol Of course, I got Magic Kingdom on the graphic 🙂

  • We always start with the park that has the newest attraction or major changes. So, when we arrive this June we are going to the Magic Kingdom and visit Fantasyland and catch a meal at Be Our Guest!

    • You’ll love New Fantasyland. Be sure to get a cupcake at Be Our Guest!

  • Animal Kingdom. ALWAYS Animal Kingdom. Real animals doing the things that real animals do, in settings that ONLY Disney could create for them, a no brainer for us. Combine that with Cast Members that are not only as immersed in WDW lore as the Cast Members in the other parks, but are experts on their particular animals also and you have the best of the best. And oh yeah, Expedition Everest and the best show in WDW, Festival of the Lion King.

  • Magic Kingdom every time with a leisurely walk toward my favorite attraction, soaking the magic in along the way. Vacations only truly start once I board the Jungle Cruise.

    • Love Jungle Cruise!

  • We always start at Animal Kingdom – if you get there early enough (with magic hours) while the sun is just coming out all of the white birds are sleeping in the trees, and it’s beautiful. We can get through that park in about 3-4 hours. Then it is on to Magic Kingdom through lunch. Early/mid-afternoon we head to Epcot and hit the rides that the wait times allow. If we have time, we’ll head over to Hollywood studios until after dinner. If the magic hours go until midnight, we will head back over to Epcot to finish up the night and ride the big ticket rides, like Soarin’, because the lines are shorter after the fireworks.

    And that is how to do all four parks in one day! Not for the faint of heart!

  • Being from the West Coast and having grown up at Disneyland Resort, it’s only right to start each trip with the Magic Kingdom……..unless of course, it’s Star Wars Weekends, then all bets are off and it’s Hollywood Studios!

  • It depends on the day, I like to start at MK, but if it’s Star Wars weekend or a special event at Epcot I start with it.

  • Start out at the Magic Kingdom and end at the Magic Kingdom and enjoy the magic in-between!

  • I’ll be starting my 3rd Disney World vacation at Animal Kingdom. It’s always great to kick off a fun trip at a beautiful, relaxing park.

  • We always start with the Magic Kingdom and end with Downtown Disney. That way we’re getting immersed in the Disney magic right from the beginning and we shop for anything we still need at the end

  • I always start with the Magic Kingdom and head to the Haunted Mansion. It was the first ride I rode at Disney on my first trip years ago so I make it my first stop on every trip now.

  • Soooo, Jennifer (or Steven!) when does this arrive on a t-shirt?? 🙂

    My answer depends on my mood and whether I am craving a particular food!

    • Mmm…food is another draw! I’d head anywhere there was a Mickey Pretzel.

  • What a fun graphic! I always head to the Magic Kingdom and it’s always our last park of the trip too.

  • Love this, but where’s the Typhoon Lagoon option? Haha, what if we wanna swim in shark’s reef!

    All in all, this will come in handy for those random weekends when we decide to drive over to the House of Mouse.

  • My motto is start from the smallest to the biggest. So, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood, EPCOT, Magic! That way you aren’t as tired on your last day. I hate seeing people coming to Animal Kingdom all tired out because they’re missing all the fine details and amazing things that make the park so beautiful!

  • I got EPCOT… That’s about right as I LOVE World Showcase!

  • That’s a great Graphic. I went to Animal Kingdom 🙂

  • Depends what day of the week it is and what park is opening early for extra Magic hours. Thats how I did my trip in Feb. Alot of people start there vacation heading straight for the Magic Kingdom first thing that is why I go to the magic kingdom in the middle of the week less crowded shorter wait times. This past trip I went to epcot on Monday, Animal kingdom on a Tuesday, Magic kingdom on Wed and Hollywood studios on a Friday. Worked out great!!!

  • This is great! Thanks for the morning ‘Pick Me Up!’

  • We sometimes do when ‘Bus Roulette’ when we first arrive.

    We go to the bus stop and go to take the first bus that stops and go to that park!

    Variety is the spice of life.

    • Ah, that’s a neat option.

  • As a tradition for 19 years we go to the Magic Kingdom and head straight for Space Mountain! I can’t wait to make that dash next summer!!!

  • Jedi and Yeti don’t rhyme.

  • I always start with the Magic Kingdom! It’s classic Disney.

  • I always start in Magic Kingdom because it just feels right to start a Disney Vacation at that part. Magic Kingdom IS Disney World. Then it’s off to Epcot because it’s my favorite.

  • Magic Kingdom first so I can create an earful masterpiece to wear while there.

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