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Who Can Resist Disney Parks Popcorn?

When we’re in any of the Disney Parks, it’s hard enough to pass the popcorn wagons with the buttery aromas beckoning. And now it’s twice as hard to walk on by when these adorable popcorn buckets are filled with the fluffy kernels.

Dumbo Popcorn Bucket at Disney Parks R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket at Disney Parks

Through the summer (and while supplies last), you’ll find the endearing Dumbo popcorn bucket in Fantasyland at Disneyland park and Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. The R2-D2 buckets are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Tomorrowland at Disneyland park.

Cost is $12. Popcorn buckets aren’t on the Disney Dining Plan.


  • Any chance these will be around through September?

  • Wonder if they will ever bring the flavored popcorns to the WDW and DL. Tokyo Disney has some great tasting popcorn, especially the Strawberry flavored, and my husband loves the milk-tea version, along with the curry one. Plus they have some great popcorn holders too – mouse ear ballon version, duffy head, and so many more.

  • Looks like we’ll be eating a lot of popcorn so we can enjoy these adorable souvenirs!

  • I always have to stop and get popcorn several times throughout my visit. I agree with Gloria, it just taste better at Disney.

  • For Elaine from PA on May 21st, 2013 at 2:52 pm:

    Dumbo is sold with his ears not “snapped” into place, so you can transport him easier! And, yes, he is so CUTE! Holds a lot of popcorn as well! Enjoy your upcoming visit!

  • Can we just buy the bucket without the popcorn, I am allergic to corn!! But I want R2D2!!

  • I love the popcorn at Disney. What I can’t understand is how the Orville Redenbacher popcorn tastes so much better at Disney than when you pop it at home!! It must be the atmosphere, lol, so just have to go to Disney more to get it.

  • I love my Dumbo popcorn bucket! I hope that they continue to make more. Tokyo Disney has lots of different popcorn buckets available for different rides, characters and celebrations. WDW and Disneyland should do the same! They are such a fun souvenir!

  • I want the Dumbo…added to my Fantasyland list. 🙂

  • This Dumbo bucket was a fun find in Disneyland a few weeks ago! Just adorable!

  • These popcorn buckets are awesome. I instantly fell in love with the R2D2 ones and they are the popcorn bucket of choice for my two kids now.

    I also saw the Dumbo ones and at least one other one that was not mentioned — a Jack Skellington coffin case, that is also a popcorn bucket. I’m pretty sure it was Jack Skellington anyways.

    Still, none looked as cool as the R2D2!

  • I think I need the Dumbo!

  • Hi Elaine- I purchased the dumbo popcorn container, couldn’t resist it’s cuteness! And I managed to very gently pull the ears out and fold them down so I could pack dumbo into my suitcase for the flight back home. 14 hrs later when I arrived home his ears popped right back into place and sits happily on my desk . Hopefully you can do the same when packing your dumbo:)

  • Mmmmmmmmm………Dole Whip! I wonder if they would fill my R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket with Dole Whip!?

  • Some folks have to get Dole Whip…I have to have Disneyland Popcorn.

  • My nephew managed to make off with my R2-D2 bucket last trip he came to visit (honestly I let him have it since he loved it so much and I have about 5 other style buckets), but I had not seen the Dumbo buckets yet!!

    My 19-month old will be THRILLED!! She is crazy about elephants right now. Last time we were there and rode Dumbo she made her “elephant noise” the whole time! 🙂

  • please tell me there is a way I can get the R2-D2 bucket outside of the parks?! PLEASE! 🙂

  • I really wish the Dumbo bucket would be made available either online or through mail order.

    (Also, any word on new souvenir resort refillable mugs? I’d LOVE for them to go back to being resort specific? I noticed there seem to be new souvenir mugs for each park, which is excellent! Just wish there was a way to purchase them outside the park again though!!!

  • i thought the same thing elaine. it doesn’t appear to but there is a seam along the middle that perhaps it does??

    i know the r2 one does open up from the bottom, so you get two halves basically as flat as you can make it with his rounded body. so i wonder if dumbo does the same. but it doesn’t really appear to.

    i am deciding if i will have room in my luggage to bring home dumbo or not too, esp. if he doesn’t open up a bit. haha

  • Oh my goodness I love these!

  • My daughter collects the Disney Parks popcorn buckets, and these two are already proudly displayed in her collection.

  • I was just wondering if the ears on Dumbo fold down? That would be a hard item to pack and take on an airplane. But it is TOO cute! I love it and would find a way to get it home.

  • These are awesome!…. if cost effective…. you could branch out to attraction vehicles / iconic items specific to each land…

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