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Window Shopping at Disney Parks Around the World: Mystic Point Merchandise at Hong Kong Disneyland

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

I hope you’re packed, because we are on to our next window shopping excursion. Are you ready to visit Hong Kong Disneyland?

I was so excited to see the Disney Parks Blog post from fellow author and Chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Tom Staggs, who gave all of you the first look at Mystic Point, the final chapter of the current expansion project at Hong Kong Disneyland, opening May 17, 2013.

An adventurer and shopper at heart, I of course had to know what kind of merchandise would be offered as part of the opening of this exciting new attraction. Luckily, I was able to get the inside scoop from my Merchandise Communications counterpart and former Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador, Fion Lai.

“If you plan to visit Mystic Point, then The Archive Shop is one place you don’t want to miss.” says Fion. “There will be over 140 different Mystic Point merchandise items available to our adventurers and explorers. You’ll find tees, plush, toys, artwork, pins, drinkware and more themed to Mystic Manor and Mickey’s Family Adventures through Mystic Manor, as well as glow-in-the-dark memorabilia and a selection of rare collections from treasures and mementos that Lord Henry has found at Disney Parks and attractions around the world.”
Window Shopping at Disney Parks Around the World: Mystic Point Merchandise at Hong Kong Disneyland

“There is so much detail that has gone into this new assortment,” says Fion. “Our teams have even designed travel accessories based on Lord Henry’s expeditions. Since he is one of the official members of the S.E.A. (Society of Explorers and Adventurers), he is always prepared to travel, and now you can be too. You’ll find a selection of leather travel accessories available to purchase, including a passport cover, luggage tag and bag tag and more.”

“There’s one final thing I have to show you.” says Fion. “One of my absolute favorite items is the limited-edition Grand Opening Music Box jumbo pin. It slides open just like the actual magical music box from the attraction. Take a look for yourself – isn’t it amazing?”
Limited-Edition Grand Opening Music Box Jumbo Pin at Mystic Point at Hong Kong Disneyland

While I know that Fion hopes to see many of you at the opening of Mystic Manor, I know I’m glad that you could join us today for a quick “window shopping” opportunity and your first official glimpse into the world of Mystic Point merchandise.

Where in the world should we go next?


  • Please make it possible for us here in the US to make available for us to get some of this merchandise. When I was at D23 I saw the figure they had of Albert the monkey and the cast member said everyone was asking if they brought some plush of him. Since most likely, I will never be able to go to go there in person to get one, it would be nice if there was a way for us here in the US to get it. Please have them change their minds about making it available. Thank you!!

  • Wow! The pins are really cool! Kinda hard to make out exactly what some things are…like for instance….is that a fly swatter at the bottom middle in front of the trunk or a really big luggage tag? Are there any fridge magnets?

  • Please, oh please make this merchandise available in the US! What an awesome selection for this fantastic new attraction!

  • I saw a video of this ride on YouTube and it looks amazing. I can only hope that one day ill be able to ride it!

  • Bottom right corner…is that a Mickey and Minnie set of blankets/shirts of them getting trapped in a painting thanks to the Monkey King?
    If it is, I second that want of availability for us in the US.

  • Any chance there will be a way for US Disney fans to get any of that merchandise online? LOVE what I’ve seen of Mystic Manor but no way for me to get to Hong Kong anytime soon…

    • Sorry Jaclyn, not at this time. But I know how you feel, there are so many things I see in the picture that I want. It makes it hard for me to ‘window shop.’ I’m so glad you are as excited as I am about the opening of their store and attraction.

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