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Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

A few months ago, I invited you to experience the essence of Beautifully Disney and introduced you to Wickedly Beautiful, the first of many collections in the new line. On June 29, a spellbinding NEW collection will debut at Disney Parks, and I want to make sure you have the key to Unlock the Spell!

Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks

Just as before, this new collection inspires the inner beauty in everyone to come forth and allows you to experiment with your favorite colors while immersing yourself into the diverse stories that each pigment and product represents. Unlock the Spell includes three nail polishes, three lip glosses, a mini nail polish set and an eye shadow palette, which unleash the alluring soft colors of three spell bound princesses: Belle, Rapunzel and Tiana. These graceful hues create a sense of sophistication where only you hold the key to unlock redefining interpretations of timeless looks.

Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks, Including an Eye Shadow Palette Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks, Including Three Nail Polishes Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks, Including a Mini Nail Polish Set Beautifully Disney’s Unlock the Spell Debuts at Disney Parks, Including Three Lip Glosses

Here’s a special tip for you! For a limited time, guests will have the opportunity to purchase a Beautifully Disney 5 Piece Brush Set for $15.00 plus tax with any Beautifully Disney cosmetic merchandise purchase of $40.00 or more. But don’t despair, if you are unable to pick up this brush set during this special promotion, look for it at its normal retail value of $19.95.

Beautifully Disney 5 Piece Brush Set

If you are on the West Coast, and happen to be near Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District, be sure to stop by on June 29 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. for the official debut of Unlock the Spell! This premier event will include mini makeovers of the eyes and lips, all performed by Disney Parks make-up artists! For those of you on the East Coast who were there for the launch of Wickedly Beautiful, look for Unlock the Spell to debut at Tren-D inside the Downtown Disney Marketplace on the same day! If you are unable to make it to Disney Parks, then be sure to keep an eye out online, as this new collection will debut in early July.

Whether you are a beautiful bayou princess, a provincial mademoiselle or a spirited adventurer who lets her hair down, there is something in this collection for everyone! Be sure to keep an eye out for future collection releases in the Beautifully Disney line and premier events happening at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.


  • Will the Beautifully Disney line be doing Princess Compact Mirrors too (nice ones) like the ones done by Sephora now that the Ariel make up line is the last they will be doing? I would love to see those gorgeous mirrors continue – the Swarovski Ariel Mirror at the D23 Expo was gorgeous. Hate to see such high end, lovely mirrors disappear. Thanks! 🙂

  • This Brush set looks Great . I have both other eye shadow palette’s and I can’t wait to buy the purple’s . The make-up wears great and always last all day ! I can’t say enough good things about this make-up line from Disney ! I have a trip planned in Sept. but I’m not sure I can wait that long — a online purchase might be in the future !

  • Oh My GOSH I can’t wait !! I already have lots of the first collection and wear it every day ! These eyeshadows and lip glosses are VERY up my alley – the colors look beautiful !! And those brushes !?!? AWESOME !! Hope they will still be around when I go to WDW in November !! Who am I kidding … I will buy them online before then … hahaha

  • Also to add, that these are one of the first products in the UK Disney Stores to appeal to guests my age (21) … I grew up with Disney movies and so for me to go to my local Disney Store and find items appropriate for my age range is fantastic. Well done Disney on these beautiful items!

  • I have just completed my last collection and I am more excited to come back to Walt Disney World on the 9th of July to see and buy this new range! Looks so beautiful! Love it all!!

    • Hope you’re able to pick it up on your trip. The color palette for the eye shadows is amazing. There was non-stop talk about it during the release on Saturday, June 29.

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