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Disney Parks Ticket Price Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We wanted to let Disney Parks Blog readers know that starting tomorrow, June 2, tickets to our Florida and California theme parks will be adjusted with new pricing.

As we’ve heard from many of our guests, the quality entertainment and attractions and the memorable moments created by our cast make a Disney theme park experience a great value. There’s something for everyone at Disney Parks to make a magical vacation memory.

You can now find information on the different ticket pricing on our Walt Disney World Resort ticket page and Disneyland Resort page.


  • I am having trouble renewing 2 annual Florida passes online. They are on the monthly payment program. Can these be renewed online?

  • Thomas,
    I see your post on June 1, 2013 that the annual FLORIDA RESIDENT pass is $394.00 – I had gone on line about a month ago and wrote this down and made my budget. We are ready to get our tickets next week and now online it says the FLORIDA RESIDENT annual is $494.16 – am I reading something wrong – I am really bummed out if it went up again in the last month – please help
    here is your post:
    Thomas Smith on June 1st, 2013 at 5:41 pm
    The Florida Resident Annual Pass renewal price is $394 plus tax. Thanks, David.

  • and i also bought one last year that we didn’t use is it still good to use too?

  • if i purchased tickets before the price change are they still good to use?

  • Hey everyone! After reading the comments of everyone it seems natural that some would be upset that it just keeps getting tougher to save that money for our dream vacations and some may rationalize it and understand that costs of operating and licensing and reimagining keep going up. To put costs in perspective, while gathering some more items for my Disney curio displays, I came across a day passport to Disneyland from 1985. If you flip it over on the backside it has the price…..$15.95. It made me smile because I remembered how often my friends and I used to frequent the Park. Alas, almost 30 years later, a wife and 4 kids added and now living in Ohio, the Parks are less attainable for me. Yet year after year we find a way to save the money for our trip, sometimes adding some magic, sometimes taking in a little less, depending on our situation. Everyone has a situation, and for some it may be trips less often or staying outside of the resorts, which we have had to do often. But when you find you CAN do certain things, it makes those memories so much sweeter and special. Disney is so much a part of my Family’s lives its really incredible to think about. They offer so much that you can find outside of the Parks as well, although I will admit there’s NOTHING like being there! Whatever your situation, keep looking for the Magic!

  • I appreciate the transparency of this blog for posting the comments of discontent, as well as the comments that are rationalizing the price increase. I purchased at a good time a few weeks ago. Same thing happened last year. Low income individuals and their families should have an opportunity to experience the magic. As opposed to raising prices, Disney should figure out a way to make it more appealing for people to stay in the parks and willing to spend staying at a resort hotel, eating at resort restaurants. Pricing people out seems is disheartening. It means people will spend on tickets rather than staying at the resort, which I believe would be more profitable in the long run.

  • I already have an annual pass. Will I have to pay more to keep it valid?

  • Hi, Thomas.
    Do FL residents still have the option of paying monthly? I am not seeing that option on the website anymore.
    Thank you.

  • I’m usually very understanding and supportive of Disney’s monetary decisions, but I have to say I’m disappointed in this price change. I’ve been saving to take my younger sister and myself to Disneyland this summer, but with one ticket costing almost $100, I’m not sure it can be done. The rest of my family and friends can’t afford to visit Disneyland Resort as often as we’d like with a change like this 🙁

  • Why are there no discounts for CA residents for a no blackout date/parking inclusive AP?

  • there is currently a Florida resident discount for those of you making comments suggesting that there isn’t. It is a great deal, $119 for 3 days in any of the parks – if I am reading correctly. However, this expires today, and your purchase is good until the 7th. I am not aware of any resident discounts available for purchase after today, but I am sure there will be something as there always has been.

  • Wish I had known this was happening. Would have bought my ticket for my trip this month in advance.

  • I too maybe priced out from being an Annual Pass Holder. I come once a year for two weeks… it’s the only days off we get as we own a retail business and can’t afford to hire help. In this economy, it’s just not the time to be raising prices. We’ve been coming for 24 years. I hope our economy at the store does better, I’d hate to have to give up our tradition.

  • will triple A discounted ticket prices go up?

  • Seeing this makes me happier than ever that I booked a trip for my son and I ealry this year for the fall. It also, however, crushes my spirit because with these increases I know it is very unlikely we will be able to afford to go back again within the forseeable future. I am a long time lover of all things Disney, but with these prices and the frequency with which they seem to increase it seems as though disney prefers to cater to upper class families. It’s a real shame because so amny people will never get to appreaciate the wonder of Disney because it is simply out of their budget. At least my son will get to do it once, and at 7 years old will hopefully remember it for many years to come.

  • My question is why is the Premium pass $205.00 less for Florida than California.

  • Do the new ticket prices include tax? I was thinking the previous rates were “tax included” rates, but I couldn’t tell with the new rates … If tax isn’t included, what is the tax % applicable to ticket purchase? That would be helpful to know when trying to plan a week-long trip for family of 4!

  • Typical park hours say 9am to 9pm at MK. $95 for the day equates to a value of $7.91/hr per person for entertainment. That’s just based on a 1D/1P ticket. Should you purchase a multi-day pass or Annual pass your entertainment value per hour is even less. It’s what you make of it.

  • Will Seniors over 65 get a discount? Will Seniors over 80 get in free any time any day? like at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

  • Well, thank you for the heads up… Had a pass to renew and was able to renew it at the old price.

    Was hoping that Disneyland would be spared a price increase this year after the huge increase last year but oh well.

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