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Enjoy a Special Promotion on the Disney Parks Online Store from June 13-16, 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


A few months ago, I shared with you that the Disney Parks online store would be adding many new items to the site in the coming months. Since that article, I was happy to see things from New Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney California Adventure park at Disneyland Resort and much more. I asked the online store team for an update on new arrivals. They were happy to share that the Dooney & Bourke collection from Disney Cruise Line was recently released online (they join a few other Disney Cruise Line items already featured on the site).

I spotted a few more items that caught my eye including an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit T-shirt that was released at Disney Parks this spring.

New items are added nearly every week, and you can see them in the “Disney Parks Product – New Arrivals” section of the store. The online store team also told me that it’s a good idea to visit regularly as the assortment varies often.

Finally, they are holding a special online store promotion from June 13-16, 2013. Guests can enjoy free shipping on Disney Parks items found at At checkout, make sure you use the promo code “PARKFREE.”


  • Are the disney cruise line bags still available on the ships?

    • @Caleigh – From my understanding, Disney Cruise Line still carries the Dooney & Bourke items.

  • YAY! I love Disney Park items from the Disney Store online! I have a question for you. You had previewed the new Haunted Mansion themed items to us a few months ago (candle holder, candy dish, music box, coasters, etc.) and I know you mentioned they would be available online. I have seen the coasters and picture frame but I never saw any of the other items. I check the website every morning for them (I wanted to have a Haunted Mansion theme in my dining room since I had my wedding pictures done inside the mansion and have them on canvas in there)! 🙂 I was also in WDW in March and May and could only find the coasters and picture frame there too. Do you happen to know if and when the other items might become available?

    • @Kristen – I will have to check with the online store team. I know that new items are typically added each Monday. For the Parks, the first shipments sold quickly. Additional shipments of items will continue to arrive in the coming months. I unfortunately don’t have a firm date as to when that would happen.

      Check out the page for New Arrivals in Home and Decor today as several more Haunted Mansion items were added to the site:

  • Steven- Any word on releasing Galaxy S3 phone cases on the online store?

    • @Michael – I will ask the online store team if there are plans.

  • I just wish there was a way of finding out what items will be available online (and when!)!!

    Do you know if 400004174477 and 400004173487 will be back in stock online?? (both plates)

    • @Jonathan – Items are typically added on Mondays. I would keep watching this page for New Arrivals –

      I’m unsure of the item numbers you provided but I’m going to guess they were the Disney Cruise Line plates. If so, there are no plans to have them return. If those aren’t the plates, any additional information would be helpful. I will then ask the online store team.

  • Hey Steven! These Dooney & Bourke bags look like a perfect anniversary gift for my wife! Celebrating lucky number 13 this July! I was trying to think of a way to have a Haunted Mansion theme celebration that incorporates the number 13, like maybe the 13 hour clock. Kristen’s question reminded me of a few items that may help me do that! Like always, your posts are very helpful! Your Haunted Mansion Pal, David

    • @David – Happy Anniversary!! That’s wonderful. I wish you and your wife many more happy years together! 🙂

  • What is the Pluto WDW item in the photo above? I cant seem to find it on the store’s website.

  • @charles the Pluto was a figurine that was on the site about a month ago. There were 5 different ones (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy & Pluto) and were all on sale for $6.99. I bought all five and they are really nice. I have them displayed with my Partners statues and it looks good! They look just like the characters in the park. I checked my invoice and the item number for Pluto is 400006919557. Maybe they will have more in stock for you soon!

    • @Kristen – Thank you for the reply. You are correct. They were on the site but it appears the inventory may have sold out. Funny thing is that it must have happened within the past few days. At the time I wrote this article, all five figures were still online.

      @Charles – You may still be able to find those figurines via our Merchandise Guest Services team. Sorry for the challenge.

  • Is there a release date for the Vera Bradley bags? Do you know if they will be available on line or only in the parks?

    • @Terry – We are currently looking at September 2013. They will be carried both at Disney Parks and on the Disney Parks online store. More details will be shared once the release plan is finalized. Please stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog.

  • You are correct, those are the DCL plates. I know I had asked you already, and you had checked for me. The only reason I bring it up again is that in talking with Merchandise Guest Services, I have reason to believe that maybe the plan has changed, and I was hoping you could verify. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, do you have sku’s for those DVC glasses for Old Key West, Hilton Head, Vero Beach, and Saratoga Springs?

    Many Many Thanks!

    • @Jonathan – I spoke again with the Disney Parks online store team. It appears they have decided to move forward with carrying the Disney Cruise Line items again. Look for things toward mid-July.

      As for item numbers for the glasses, please see below. I was told by their leadership that they do not have the ability to get items from Disney’s Hilton Head Island or Disney’s Vero Beach Resorts. We will be offering select items from those locations on the Disney Parks online store later this summer.

      Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
      Coffee Mug – 400007779839
      Pint Glass – 400007779846
      Toothpick Holder – 400007779884

      Disney’s Old Key West Resort
      Coffee Mug – 400007779853
      Pint Glass – 400007779785
      Toothpick Holder – 400007779877

      Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
      Coffee Mug – 400007779792
      Pint Glass – 400007779808
      Toothpick Holder – 400007779891

      Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
      Coffee Mug – 400007779860
      Pint Glass – 400007779822
      Toothpick Holder – 400007779815

  • Hello, could you please let me know if the Disney Wonder sells the Disney Cruise Line Rolling Duffle Bag and the Disney Cruise Line Mickey Mouse Plush shown on the Disney Store on-line. Thank you.

    • @Kari – Yes. Both items should be available on the Disney Wonder. If you are sailing soon, bon voyage!

  • I saw that 13 out of the 19 shoe ornaments are on the parks website now. Do you know if they will eventually put up the last 6?

    • @Jamie – Glad you found them. Look for the remaining ornaments next Monday, June 24.

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