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Main Street Bakery Reopens, Now Serving Starbucks at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Earlier today, we officially reopened the Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom Park – a favorite stop for many Disney Parks Blog readers. And on the menu for the first time at Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll now find Starbucks drinks and food along with delicious Disney house-made treats.
Main Street Bakery Reopens, Now Serving Starbucks at Magic Kingdom Park

After this morning’s official opening ceremony, Main Street Bakery served up Disney cookies, brownies and cupcakes to Magic Kingdom Park guests. Starbucks offerings include coffee and espresso beverages and Frappuccino® blended beverages, as well as breakfast sandwiches and pastries.
Main Street Bakery Reopens, Now Serving Starbucks at Magic Kingdom Park

Main Street Bakery, which is designed to fit with the current theme of Main Street, U.S.A., won’t be the only Walt Disney World Resort location to serve Starbucks. As previously announced, other locations are coming to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

And, at the Disneyland Resort in California, the Market House, serving Starbucks, is scheduled to reopen on Main Street, U.S.A., in September.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to ordering during your next visit to the Main Street Bakery in the comments below.


  • We have breakfast reservations at Cinderella’s Castle, would this be open to get coffee before we go in for breakfast? I’m assuming not, but thought I would ask, it will be an early morning and some Starbucks would be a great help to start it out! 🙂

  • Will the Main Street Bakery be honoring Starbucks Rewards? I look forward to walking down Main Street drinking my Iced Vanilla Grande.

  • For anyone who wondered how the prices are, I just got back from MK and will say the prices are the exact same at the Main Street Bakery Starbucks as they are out in the wild (maybe a few cents higher but that fluctuates from city to city too)…so skip the drive thru, get to the park a little earlier and make your coffee stop inside the park!

    It’s a wonderful location…I think I went back three times in one day. 🙂 Every time I crossed the park to pick up a Fast Pass or something I stopped in at SB for another Misto. 🙂

  • I have to say that I was one of the biggest supporters of adding Starbucks. A GOOD cup of coffee has been lacking in the Disney parks for a while. However, I am thoroughly disappointed that they have removed most of the treats that were so loved at the Main St. Bakery (the banana bread pudding being my personal favorite!) I know others have mentioned that the cinnamon rolls are now at Gaston’s, but I had one two weeks ago and they are not the same ones. They have a maple icing that just isn’t the same. I’m so sad that many of our favorite, special snacks have been replaced with things that we can get every day in our local Starbucks, but I’m very glad for a delicious cup of coffee!

  • It looks pretty good..I still miss the old Main Strett Bakery…
    Can we find a danish or a cinnamon roll?

  • From what I have heard, the pricing is the same as any other Starbucks. The bakery items appear, based on the photogrpah, to have the Disney Dining Plan Logo. Which means one could use their snack credits for thos items, I am not sure about the beverages. I am very excited to have a Soy Hot Chocolate at the Startbucks on Main Street USA.

  • Insanely excited about this and happy they will take Starbucks cards!

  • How are the prices? Are they more expensive than at a regular Starbucks or about the same?

    So excited to check it out when I’m there in a couple weeks!

  • Will be there Monday, can’t wait to order a non fat latte. Thanks for bringing real coffee to DisneyWold
    Will they accept the Disney Dining Plan & what will be considered snacks???

  • I can’t wait to have my fave coffee on Main Street USA! So excited!
    I absolutely love the Starbucks in California Adventure! It looks great, and feels great, and did NOT change the “feel” of the location!

    And now I am super excited to have it official at Walt Disney World (my home away from home 😉

  • We used to get cinnamon rolls “To Go” at night before park close to take back to the room for breakfast, if they made it back to the room and did not get eaten on the ride to the resort. SO many people loved them it is odd Disney would take them away. Seems like they would at least open an alternative if Starbucks was so important to get into the park. They had cinnamon rolls at the California Adventure Starbucks, not quite the same, but what the heck?!? No cinnamon rolls? We will be there JUL 12. I have to see for myself.

  • Argh. I don’t drink coffee, but I understand the desire to have coffee folks like. But why the total redesign of the Main St Bakery to accommodate new coffee? Why remove beloved items like the cinnamon rolls? What does this accomplish?

    Serve Starbucks coffee by all means, but don’t change the bakery portion of The Main St Bakery!

  • Exactly, the Bakery is basically a Starbucks. Nothing different except the theming.

  • I can’t wait to check this out in person! Also, I’ll be very interested to see how they incorporate something like this in Animal Kingdom!

  • Awesome! Love the Starbucks option. Looks like a large selection of both Starbucks and Disney baked goods. I think the changes are a wonderful addition to Main Street, USA.

  • I can get Starbucks anywhere, but nothing can replace the giant Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll! Please say it isn’t so!!!

  • So the bakery is strictly just for serving coffee and a little bit of bakery goods? 🙁

  • No cinnamon rolls. It is not a bakery anymore.

  • Are there still gonna be Cheese Danishes on the Menu? I havent seen any as of yet. Which is really sad, becuase I have gotten one of those at the Bakery every morning I am at the MK for the last 25 years since I first went. Not a big fan as of yet, bring back my danish.

  • Hi Will the MSB be accepting the dining plan ? and is it a counter service credit or snack credit, and if a counter service what do you get for that? sorry for lots of questions just excited !

  • Will the other locations at Disneyland still be featuring the coffee it served previously? The hazelnut coffee was my favorite coffee, and I don’t particularly care for Starbucks coffee.

  • Will there still be the Cinnamon Rolls? Chocolate cake? Apple turnover? Blueberry muffins? Those where always staples on our trip! Very pleased about the coffee but I know I’m not going to be having the starbucks goodies as we can get them at home. Hopefully starring rolls cafe won’t be the next to change in DHS, that would be disappointing.

  • The only items from the original Main Street Bakery are the cookies, brownies and cupcakes you can see on the bottom row of the picture that you can get most places. The confusing part was they had a picture of a cinnamon roll and chocolate pastry but I was told those were only sold at Gaston’s Tavern. And the one’s there are smaller with maple added over top.

    The seating has been taken out so they can have a two sides of counter space for ordering, sales and delivery. Really wish I was a coffee drinker so I could appreciate it more!

  • Those cookies look so good.

  • They do accept both the Starbucks Gift Cards and the Mobile App.

  • Have some friends at WDW right now and they couldn’t find the cinnamon rolls at the Bakery. I will really miss getting the Cinnamon Roll and sitting outside at the end of Main Street watching people. It was one of my favorite traditions when we visited. I hope they bring the cinnamon rolls back soon.

  • Yes, there are cinnamon rolls. They are on the menu. Don’t know where all the misinformation is coming from.

  • The cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s are a little different – they have a maple glaze. Personally always loved the Main Street bakery’s best.

  • What happened to the indoor seating?

  • The cinnamon rolls aren’t as good at Gaston’s Tavern.

  • I’m hoping that Main Street Bakery will accept Starbucks gift cards as a form of payment. I’d much rather use that than redeem a snack from my Dining Plan.

  • no cinnamon rolls at the bakery anymore.. but you can now find them at gaston’s tavern

  • We were wondering if they will have Starbucks Disney gift cards?!

    • Hi Sonja, yes they will.

  • Will the Disney cheese Danish still be available? If not here, at another location in MK?

  • It says only breakfast sandwiches, that’s shame. The wonderful sandwiches they had for lunch were so good. And they were such a nice and easy meal to grab before the afternoon parade.

  • Definitely happy for some real coffee, BUT not if they take away the cinnamon rolls!!!

  • How long will the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station continue to serve breakfast items? With all the seating, I’d love to see it become a permanent counter-service breakfast location…

  • The theming is exquisite!

  • So from early reports the place looks great but…. NO CINNAMON ROLLS???

    So i can no longer get my favourite snack there nor can i sit down to breakfast there!!

    Is this how it will remain??

  • I will be the 3rd to ask about the cinnamon rolls because they are a tradition. I have endured the instant coffee, for as long as I can remember, only because I was eating a basketball sized cinnamon roll. I hope I can have a venti something or other AND my beloved cinnamon roll.

  • Is it true there’s no indoor seating? Where are guests supposed to enjoy their Starbuck’s coffee in the heat?

    I know the Epcot location will be next to the Fountain of Nations, but where will the Studios and Animal Kingdom Starbuck’s go?

  • At the initial announcement it was stated that some Main Street Bakery favorites would be coming back. I hope that is the case. Can you confirm if the cinnamon rolls and apple turnovers are back. My family loves them!!

    • Hi Blair, the cinnamon rolls are located at Gaston’s Tavern.

  • Will the WDW Starbucks locations take Starbucks gift cards?

    • Yes, Starbucks gift cards are accepted.

  • Can we verify they still have the cinnamon rolls that are as big as your head?

  • YEAH! Just in time for my visit next week! Can’t wait!

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