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New Duffy the Disney Bear Items Coming to Disney Parks in Summer 2013

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


I recently shared with you some new merchandise coming to Disney Parks this summer. One item that caught the eyes of many was a Sulley-inspired outfit for Duffy the Disney Bear. I saw the outfit at World of Disney in California during my coast-to-coast expedition for the Monstrous Summer All-Night Party (which means Walt Disney World Resort should receive it soon). I spoke with Disney Design Group artist Monty Maldovan about a few more Duffy items arriving this summer.

“We have new outfits for the 17-inch bear and some new 12-inch pre-dressed bears,” explained Monty. “For some items, we worked closely with our friends at the Disney Store. They recently introduced Duffy the Disney Bear to their assortment, so we will introduce some of their development to Disney Parks this summer. It’s also been fun designing new Duffy items that were inspired directly by things at Disney Parks.”

A new 12-inch pre-dressed bear was inspired by Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure park. Monty designed an Oswald’s Service Station-inspired bear complete with red handkerchief in his back pocket.

Monty made a slight modification to the railroad conductor outfit. This 17-inch bear outfit was originally created by the Disney Store team. For the Disney Parks outfit, Monty added the official logos for the railroads at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris (I only pictured the Walt Disney World Resort version above).

The Mickey Mouse plush holding a smaller Duffy was created for the Disney Store, while the 12-inch pre-dressed nautical bear was created specifically for Disney Cruise Line.

Monty said there will be two additional holiday-themed outfits coming this summer. The patriotic 17-inch bear outfit was inspired by a previously released 12-inch bear. The Halloween outfit for a 17-inch bear was inspired by Mickey Mouse’s Halloween costume that was introduced last year.

You can find select Duffy the Disney Bear items available on our Disney Parks online store.

Which new Duffy item is your favorite?


  • Hey Steven, I saw the Sulley outfit a while ago on DisneyStore and can’t seem to find it anywhere! I recently bought my first Duffy would love to have this outfit to compliment my Sorcerer Mickey outfit for him. As I said, I can’t find it anywhere and was wondering if they sold out of it and if so, are there any plans to make and sell more?


  • Can I buy Duffy and his Sulley outfit online?
    I love it so much but I cant go to disney:(

  • My husband and I are wondering if we could still get the original Duffy that came out in October 2010, I have one already but want to get another one, but it seems that they don’t look the same with the ones that came out first!!

  • My Duffy’s Sully outfit arrived yesterday. SOOOOOO cute!

  • Hi Steven,

    My daughter has fallen in love with the Duffy Mickey Ears hat that is displayed in a window at Epcot. I was told by the manager that the hat is not showing in stock. Has this product been discontinued for good?

  • When will the Halloween costume be released? That is just soo fantastic!
    Thanks for the info

    • @Sally – I’m glad to hear you like the costume. Look for it to be released around September 2013.

  • Steven-
    Can you tell us whats going on with Duffy lately??? I’ve heard from friends that there are no 17in Duffys to be found around WDW! From the looks of the Facebook page it looks like Duffy is getting a new look. Any more info to share?

    • @Mary – That’s interesting. According to our merchandising system, I see 17-inch bears available at multiple locations in Florida. I also know he was available as of last week because I bought one as a gift for my daughter’s high school graduation (she really wanted one to take to college in the fall).

      I’m unsure what you mean by a “new look” on the official Facebook fan page for Duffy the Disney Bear. We’ve recently shared a variety of photos of visits to Disney Parks.

      Finally, you can find a variety of Duffy items online including the same bears we sell at Disney Parks –

      I hope this information is helpful.

  • Hello Dear KATIE (comment n°4),

    Here in France, at Disneyland Paris, on june, saturday 15th, we will received a Duffy dressed as Sully pins !

    Have a magical day from Disneyland Paris !


  • These are cute, my Duffy needs a new outfit!

  • Just got my Sulley outfit yesterday. I absolutely love it! Can’t wait for all the new outfits to come out soon. When will the 12 inch Service attended be released?

    • @Jessica – Look for the service station 12-inch bear to be released in mid-September 2013.

  • I have a dark brown Duffy too, though mine came from the World of Disney store, around Halloween in Disneyland Resort Downtown Disney. It was interesting seeing Duffy at Tokyo Disney a few years/months later and it still escapes me on which came first.
    Also… *makes grabby hands at the Halloween Mickey Duffy outfit*
    and is that a mickey plush with a miniature Duffy plush of his own? I know what two items I’m going to get.

  • Simply adorable! <3

  • I have a version of Duffy that was originally sold at the World of Disney on 5th Ave in New York City. His fur is a darker shade of brown but his face design and the Mickey shapes on the feet are the same. This was several years before Duffy made his debut at Disney Parks in the US. I believe at the time his name was just “The Disney Bear”, is that correct?

    • @Kevin – You are correct. The “Disney Bear” was originally introduced in 2002 at Once Upon a Toy store in Downtown Disney Marketplace. He was carried at the former World of Disney Store on 5th Avenue in New York City. When he was introduced at Tokyo Disney Resort in the mid-2000s, he got the name “Duffy.” He returned to Disney Parks in the United States in October 2010.

  • Will there be a smaller 9″ pre-dressed Duffy bear for Halloween this year like there was last year, or is the outfit for this 17″ bear the only option for Halloween?

    Are there any other plans for more 9″ pre-dressed Duffy bears in the future? Thanks.

    • @Lauren – I asked the development team who said that the 9-inch bear released last Halloween will be seen again this year. They will also re-release the 9-inch plush for the holidays, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

  • Sully outfit added to my August shopping list!

  • These new 12″ Duffy’s are adorable! All these new outfits are a must have for my Duffy too!

  • I love Duffy. Can’t wait until all the new Duffy items come out. That Sully outfit is too cute.

  • I LOVE the Duffy costumes! Are there going to be pins made of Duffy in his various costumes?

    • @Katie – I’ve not seen any development for such pins. Sorry.

  • That Sully outfit is too adorable for words! I’ve still got my eye on the Mad Hatter Duffy costume, but this “monstrous” new addition will certainly be going on my list! 🙂

  • Just wondering if there are any plans to bring Shellie May to this side of the Pacific?

    • @Karen – At this point, the Disney Theme Park Merchandise team is only focused on Duffy the Disney Bear. You can find ShellieMay (Duffy’s girlfriend) at Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

  • I love the Sully outfit, it looks so soft! My wife wants the patriotic one (for dressing up Duffy on the 4th of July).

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