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Photo Essay: Visiting The Enchanted Tiki Room At Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Visiting The Enchanted Tiki Room At Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort
Opening in 1963, The Enchanted Tiki Room was the first Disneyland park attraction to feature Audio-Animatronic figures, and due to their need to be operated with computers, it was the first fully air-conditioned attraction in the park.

At Walt Disney World Resort, we can experience a version of that attraction right here in our own Adventureland. I was asked if I could take a couple of photos, to help commemorate the 50th anniversary, so I revisited this iconic attraction yesterday morning, the first time in probably 10 or 15 years, for me.

I was pleasantly reminded what a delightful experience it is, from the time I entered the queue area, being swallowed up in lush tropical foliage, the sounds of a gigantic waterfall drowning out all other non-Polynesian sounds. The rhythmic drums in the distance welcomed me into a beautiful south-seas style thatched hut theater, and the air-conditioning felt wonderful!

Visiting The Enchanted Tiki Room At Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

The 12-minute show was such fun, with over a hundred brightly colored robotic birds, flowers and tiki gods singing a medley of songs, representing cultures from around the world. I was blown away by the beauty and attention to detail of each audio-animatronic figure, as well as the superb sound system that allows them to sing with such perfection. If you haven’t experienced this tropical treat, you should – plus, you will really enjoy the a/c this time of year, a bonus!


  • I personally liked Iago and Zazu as part of the show the added humor was nice

  • We went on our trip this June for the first time in many years and LOVED IT! The kids were clapping along to the music. Very enjoyable and relaxing “down time”.

  • The Show is Much better now that Lago and Zazu are gone. It was the First Attraction I went to on my Feb Visit and well worth it. 🙂

  • Great memory in my life. This was the first WDW attraction rehab I worked on after joining the company in 1997 (the “Under New Management” Rehab)….designed that audio system that George talks about. Was amazed that WDI was able to find the original voice talents in order to do the new dialog!

  • One of my favorite places to take a “break” in the park. relax and enjoy the show.

  • Ironically the one at the Magic Kingdom was called the Tropical Serenade from 1971-1997 and the Enchanted Tiki Room-Under New Management featuring Iago from Aladdin and Zazu from The Lion King from 1998-2011.

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