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Wildlife Wednesdays: Fun Abounds When Kids, Disney Parks Cast Members and Animals Connect During Hospital Visits

Allyson Atkins

by , Education Manager, Disney's Animals, Science and Environment

It’s fantastic being a Disney cast member, and no days are better than when a group of us get to take some of the animals from Disney’s Animal Kingdom to visit with the kids at three local Florida hospitals (the third was just added this year).

Fun Abounds When Kids, Cast Members and Animals Connect During Hospital Visits

Each month, with the support of Walt Disney World Resort Community Relations, Disney’s Animal Programs and Entertainment cast members partner to bring some wonderful programs to kids, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The programs include educational presentations, interactive activities, animal encounters and special appearances by Disney characters. And for kids who are unable to leave their rooms to attend a program, we make individual room visits to bring the fun to the kids.

The kids really get into trying to figure out which animal is the fastest, strongest, largest, etc., during our “Awesome Animals” program. And they are amazed at what animals can be found right in their own backyards during our “Backyard Buddies” program. Another favorite is the “Caring for Animals” program – there are nods of understanding all around when kids learn that our animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom undergo many of the same procedures when they are cared for by our veterinary team as the kids do when they receive care from the hospital medical team.

Fun Abounds When Kids, Cast Members and Animals Connect During Hospital Visits

During these visits, it’s hard to say who has the better time, us or the kids!


  • What a FANTASTIC way to bring joy to these kids and the parents as well! This is why Disney is so loved:)

  • I think it is great that Disney gets out into the community and shares the Disney magic and love of nature with the kids. Keep up the good work Disney!

  • I love that Disney does this! How fabulous!

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