D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – From Dooney & Bourke to Vinylmation

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The countdown continues to the D23 Expo 2013, taking place August 9–11 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Here’s a quick look at some of the other merchandise set to debut in the Dream Store, including: Dooney & Bourke, Vinylmation, Duffy the Disney Bear, a special artist sketch and more. So if you haven’t made your shopping list out yet, it’s time to get out that pen and paper.

Dooney & Bourke is at the top of my list. Here’s your first look at the new design that will be available on select silhouettes including the tassel tote, cross body and pouch.

PD23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including Dooney & Bourke

Vinylmation traders and collectors … try to maintain control, because you will no doubt be on the hunt for these new collections and more.

D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including New Vinylmation Collections D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including New Vinylmation Collections D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including New Vinylmation Collections

Where’s Duffy the Disney Bear? Where else! He’s ready to go in his D23 Expo gear and no doubt would be happy to go home with you.

D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including Duffy the Disney Bear

For those of you who are fans of the Artist Sketch Program and are planning to attend this year’s expo, you may want to consider picking up this next piece. The D23 Expo sketch ($35) will only be available August 9-11 at the Dream Store.

D23 Expo 2013 Merchandise – Including the D23 Sketch, Available August 9-11

Okay, I’m pretty sure that’s enough for now. Many of the items I’ve shown you over the last few weeks are extremely limited and will no doubt fly off the shelves, so if you see something you just have to have, but haven’t picked up a ticket to the D23 Expo 2013 yet, now’s the time to do so!

Could it be that I’ve saved the best content for last or will you “call” me crazy? I have one final D23 Expo 2013 post scheduled for next week … guess there’s only one way to find out. Keep watching!


  • Do the things sold at the expo ever go on sale to the public? I saw a couple people post pictures of some really cute princess merchandise that I would love to have, but I just cant make it to the expo!!

  • Hi! I was wondering if the iPhone cases featured such as the ETicket case will be available for purchase online at the DisneyStore? Thanks!

  • May we use disney gift cards to pay for merchandise? Will the Premium Pass port discount of 20% honored in disneyland also apply.

  • Thanks Michelle! That’s exactly the info I was looking for. I appreciate your help!

  • Sorry! I should have been more specific. It’s the Sephora Swarovski Encrusted Ariel Compact Mirror. It’s listed on the D23 app under pop up stores. It says it’s a D23 exclusive. There aren’t any pics or prices though.

  • Do you have the price of the Swarovski Ariel mirror? Or even a little sneak peek 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! I apologize, but I’m not aware of any Swarovski Ariel mirror. Do you know who is releasing it?

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’m just looking for some clarification on the Dooney & Bourke bags.

    On May 30th you said: “In regards to your question about Dooney & Bourke, there is not an exclusive Dooney & Bourke version, I think you could consider this more of a launch or debut of a new collection to D23 attendees before it hits Disney Theme Parks.”

    So, will the bags pictured above only be available at D23 (unless they don’t sell out), or will they be released to the parks at a future date? Thanks so much for the info!

    • Hey Christine! I did some further digging as well, so I apologize for the delay. As it turns out this particular collection will launch at D23 and then will be available in locations at both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort, as well as Online in late September /October. You will also find a few other silhouettes added to the collection around the holidays.

      Guests attending the D23 Expo will just have the first opportunity to purchase these items. Does that help?

  • Will AP discounts be honored in the Dream Store?

    • Anna, you will get your Annual Passholder discount on Disney Theme Park Merchandise sold at the Dream Store at the D23 Expo. Just make sure to have your passholder I.D. and a photo I.D. available.

  • I love Dooney and Bourke Disney bags, I have two! Will there be other new patterns for the Dooney and Bourke at the expo? Or just the one mentioned…

    • Hey Aimee! Just the collection shown/mentioned above.

  • I love the Dooney and Bourke. The Beauty and the Beast Vinylmations are really cool, too.

  • Any chance of a 17″ Duffy outfit for the Expo? 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure that this will be the only costumed Duffy available for the Expo. There won’t be any additional costumes on hand for the 17″ version. Though you can always find him a costume and perhaps he can create his own look for the Expo.

  • Thank you for the sneak peek. Dooney is at the top of my list too. 🙂 the Dooneys at the Expo are they limited editions?

    Duffy looks cute. Will the 17″ bear have a costume?

    • Not at this time, but thanks for checking!

  • Will the Dooneys be exclusive to D23 or will they be available to everyone after the expo?

    • Should quantities of the Dooney & Bourke bags remain, you will most likely find them in some of our Disneyland Resort store locations. I have a feeling they are going to go fast though.

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