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Disney Cruise Line Unveils Brand-New Celebrations for Holidays on the High Seas

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Today we unveiled some of the magical ways guests can celebrate the fall and winter holidays on a Disney cruise, with enhanced Halloween experiences and even more winter holiday sailings.

I’ll tell you all about winter holidays tomorrow, but first…

Get ready for a frightfully good time this Halloween with Disney Cruise Line!

New for 2013 is Halloween on the High Seas on the Disney Dream! The brand-new event includes tons of spooky fun, like mask-making, pumpkin-carving and a Disney villain takeover of the ship’s announcements. And while you’re there, don’t forget to…

  • Dress up in your best costume and dance the night away with Disney friends at Mickey’s Calling All The Monsters Mouse-Querade Deck Party.
  • Meet Jack Skellington and Sally after an interactive showing of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
  • Try not to scream as a mysterious sea captain storyteller tells Haunted Stories of the Sea.

Halloween on the High Seas will take place on most voyages aboard the Disney Dream from late September through October.

On all Disney ships, special Halloween voyages will bring you treats, tricks and lots of magical mischief! Party with all your favorite Disney characters at a fun-filled haunted Halloween costume party – complete with live music, dancing and lots of candy! For added thrills and chills, treat yourself to Halloween-themed movies and frightfully delicious Halloween concoctions, like chocolate cake with pumpkin filling, spider cakes and “Spooky Juice.”

So, what do you think? Tell us which Halloween offering you’re most excited about in the comments section below.

And stay tuned for details about the winter holiday celebrations… coming tomorrow!


  • This starts on the Dream on cruises departing on September 22 – October 31st (excludes itinerary departing September 29, 2013).We leave on October 27 and were so excited this will be are first Disney cruise and I know my son is going to love it!

  • We are sailing the Dream on Sept 22nd an I am so excited. Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. So excited to be able to dress up in a costume and do some trick or treating with the little one. Does anyone know if the pirate party is being replaced by this or will there be both? Thanks 🙂

  • I CAN NOT wait! We sail on the 13th and Im so excited. We love disney cruise line but halloween while sailing, it doesn’t get any better 🙂

  • So excited to be going on the Disney Dream September 22 and to be a part of the first cruise like this!

  • I Love this idea! We are planning on a Cruise for next year and if this Halloween cruise is still going on we will be cruising Disney October of 2014. Wish I could go this year.

  • They had me at Jack and Sally! Changing one cruise for next year to the 10/31 cruise.

  • Please DCL offer something like this on all ships!! We are traveling on the Wonder and would love something Halloweeny.

  • OMG, we are sailing on the dream on 10/24! Where can I trick-or-treat with Stitch???

  • Awesome! Especially the Haunted Stories of the Sea, storytelling like this is great– it’d be neat to see that come to the parks too!

  • cool I will be on the 14 November saling

  • We are on the Disney Wonder Oct 26, will our ship have any Halloween fun?

  • So sad this will not be happening on our Disney Fantasy cruise over Halloween:( I love Jack & Sally!

  • How do we confirm if this is on our sailing??? w know it says it begins the 22 of Sept on the Dream, well we sale the Dream on Sept 22-26. I really hope we are the first to experience this and don’t miss out by one week!!!

  • We are on the Halloween cruise of the Fantasy (Oct. 26th – Nov. 2nd). Why can’t we have it too!? It sounds amazing. Sure hope Disney offers it across all ships!

  • Why this is a great idea, why are those of us that are sailing on the Fantasy excluded from the “brand new events”? We booked the 10/26 sailing to experience the joys of Halloween and Disney to find that the Dream gets a more elaborate Halloween than us. Please reconsider this idea, there is still time to make changes.

  • The Halloween cruise was by far one of our favorites!!!! So exciting to see all of the new additions!

  • Awesome, I will be on the Dream, October 17th

  • Please let us know if the Dream events apply to other ships, including the Disney Fantasy?? We are sailing 10/19 and hope we are not left out 🙂

  • I like so many previous posters will be sailing on the Fantasy during this time frame and I’m very disappointed it won’t be available on all the ships. Perhaps based on all the feedback received here and FB DCL will consider expanding to include more ships…

  • We are sailing on the dream from oct 31-nov 3. I hope that cruise will be included in the halloween celebration?

  • I am SO bummed this is only on the Dream :(! My husband-to-be and I are sailing on the Fantasy in mid-October for our honeymoon and he LOVES The Nightmare Before Christmas! Wish we would have the chance to meet Jack and Sally on the Fantasy too!

  • So happy we planned B2B sailings on the Dream, Oct. 13 – 20!!!! B2b cruises, completing the DCL Grand Slam (Wonder, Magic, Fantasy and, last but not least, the Dream), and Halloween. What a magical week this will be :o)

  • This sounds so great, but what about the Fantasy? We will be on the Fantasy for Halloween! REALLY hoping this happens for our cruise!

  • Another family cruising on the Fantasy October 26-November 2 during Halloween. DCL, please tell us we’ll be celebrating like this, too!!

  • Take it for what its worth…I seen this on the face book comments for the announcment “This will start on the Dream on the September 22, 2013 sailing. I just called DCL and verified”….Will be on the 22nd sailing 🙂

  • I’d love details, like so many others. The vague statement of “On all Disney ships, special Halloween voyages will bring you treats, tricks and lots of magical mischief!” doesn’t tell any of us sailing on a ship other than the Dream if we can plan on fun Halloween festivities for our October sailing dates.

  • Im sailing Sept 22 on the Dream hope its up by then

  • I will be on the Dream in October and this sounds exciting. Will the Mouse-Querade Deck Party replace the pirates deck party or is it an addition. I already have my pirate costume. Do I need to plan on a monster costume too?

  • The post specifically mentions the Dream. Can you elaborate on the other ships – like the Wonder?

  • I can’t wait! I’ve been planning my October Disney Cruise/Honeymoon since June of last year and this is a great surprise! We are big fans of Nightmare Before Christmas and can’t wait to celebrate Halloween on the ship! It’s our favorite holiday as well. This is going to be so much fun! Such a dream come true!

  • Those of us sailing on the Fantasy October 19th really REALLY want to “Meet Jack Skellington and Sally after an interactive showing of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas'” and hear “Haunted Stories of the Sea” too! Please Disney?! 😀

  • So excited, hope they do this again next year. We just finished the Alaska cruise and booked another for October of next year. We are going to go to MNSCHP and then the cruise.

  • I’m sailing on the Dream September 22nd! Please tell me it starts with this cruise!?!?!

  • Oh, nuts. My husband’s FAVORITE is Jack Skellington but we are on the Fantasy’s Halloween week cruise, not the Dream.

  • Why is this just on the dream? I’m on a Fantasy cruise on October 12th… Is there any activities on this cruise

  • This sounds like great fun, but it needs to happen on The Fantasy!! We’ll be sailing on Oct 26th for my son’s 8th (Halloween) birthday! So sad we won’t have the Halloween on the High Seas festivities 🙁

  • This looks so AWESOME! It’s making me think that maybe they will get rid of pirate night on the cruise and have the Mouse-Querade night instead (not in addition) and maybe have special fireworks? Anyone know if this is the case? Either way, it’s AWESOME! 😛

  • We are going Sept 22nd……..does anyone know when “late” september is?

  • Great news for the Dream Sailing, We are sailing on the Fantasy from Oct 26th ’till Nov 2 So Halloween will be during the cruise. Are we going to have a Halloween event too ? Sure wishing upon my star for this.

  • How do we know if this will be happening on our ship? My family and I are cruising on the Disney Fantasy Oct 5-12…these events look like they would be so much fun!

  • Why only on the Dream? We are sailing on the Fantasy in late Sept. and this would be fantastic. Sad that it is only limited to one ship 🙁

  • It says starting in Sept. so looks like our Oct. Dream will be part of it!!!!

  • This is super exciting, but so sad at the same time. We will also be sailing on the Fantasy and it’s a shame that only the passengers on the Dream will be able to experience this. DCL needs to open this to all 4 ships!

  • Sweet! We are going to be on the Dream just in time for this!!

  • I am VeRY upset that is is only on the Dream. I am on a late September sailing on the Fantasy and would love the chance to meet Jack & Sally!

  • We will be sailing the 27th of spook-tober.

  • Sorry, but I’ll only get excited when DCL starts offering truly special holiday-Christmas related events. The cruise line needs to catch up with the parks & resorts on this issue. (Still love ya though!)

  • I will be sailing on the Disney Fantasy during this time, and I am sad I won’t get to experience this! 🙁

  • This is great news! Halloween is my favorite holiday!
    How will we know which sailings this will be offered on? We’re taking our first cruise on the Dream this October!

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