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Enter Cinderella’s Fantasy Sweepstakes to Win a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: If you experience any technical difficulties affecting the entry process at the Web Site, you can also enter by mail. On a postcard (no larger than 5” x 7”), legibly hand-print your first and last name, complete home address (including street address, city, state and zip code), date of birth, email address and daytime telephone number. Then mail with proper postage to: Cinderella’s Fantasy Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 7719, Burbank, CA 91510. Mail entries must be received by 9/3/2013.

How does having a new chance to win a five-night/six-day Walt Disney World Resort vacation sound to you?

Enter Cinderella’s Fantasy Sweepstakes To Win a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation, Including One Night in the Cinderella Castle Suite

Now you have a chance, thanks to our friends at Disney Family Movies, who just launched the Cinderella Fantasy Sweepstakes. You can enter now for your chance to win a Walt Disney World Fairytale Fantasy Vacation that includes five nights/six days at the Walt Disney World Resort, one night in the Cinderella Castle Suite, a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover, a Pirate’s League makeover, breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, a Disney Gift Card, and more.

The contest runs through August 26. You can enter here and read the full rules here. Best of luck!


  • I’ve tried IE and Chrome and have the same problem as everyone else. I would be so so sad to miss this opportunity. Please fix it as soon as you can! Maybe Tinkerbell can put some fairy dust on the server?

  • Thanks Jennifer. I’m a lucky girl! he is my “once upon a dream” good luck to all!

  • This would be so wonderful to win. Now, if they could just fix the page so we could log in.

  • Try with both IE, Chrome and Amazon browsers and it still not working. It appears it only works with apple based web browsers.

  • I’ve been trying every day but I still can’t enter. It just takes me back to the entry page.

  • Any news on the fix yet? Still not working in Safari, IE or AOL. We really want to be able to enter for this dream opportunity also!

  • if you have a pop up blocker related to a google, ask, or AOL toolbar, it will not work. disable pop up blockers in your browser and clear your Internet cache. if you are unsure as to how to do this, try entering on your iPhone if you have one. it works.

  • directions to clear your cache and disable pop up blockers can be found on google. for example just type

    “how do I clear my Internet cache in IE?” then just follow the steps.

    Same thing for pop up blockers:

    “how do I disable pop up blocker on the google tool bar?” the page works but you would be surprised how intrusive some of the toolbars inadvertently downloaded to your browser can be. I hope it helps. good luck!!!

  • I hope to win this. I have a 6 year that would love to stay in the castle. Her little dream is to be Cinderella. With luck her little dream will go true. Her Dad is in the army and has been to war 5 times and she is now hope to see her Dad soon. His has been in the Army for over 15 Years. So I will be entering daily. Thanks again for doing this.

  • For those of you having issues, we signed up a new account under my husband and that worked. Maybe that’ll work for you too?

  • I was able to enter the very first day. Now it won’t work on my laptop, phone or iPad.

  • I have tried to enter using two different versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, on two different computers. I tried to enter on two different iPhones via Safari. I have turned off pop-up blockers and cleared my cache. On every single platform I get the exact same result as so many are – lgging in just returns me to the login screen. One of the versions of IE I have processes slowly enough that I can actually see the entry page flash by between login screens – I eventually was able to use the ‘back’ button and the ‘stop’ button to keep the entry page up. I completed the form with my information, but then the ‘submit’ button doesn’t work. Clearing cache, allowing popups, and using Apple isn’t working for everyone.

  • I would love to bring my 3 grandchildren to stay with Cinderella. They would love to see you all. And they would have fun at Disney world. Hope to hear that we are the winners.

  • we never were able to have a honeymoon….6 kids later….this would be SOOOOO magical!!!!=) LOVE you DISNEY!!

  • I’ve tried using 3 different computers, turning off pop up blockers, clearing my cache, and still no luck. Pull-eeze fix the site, I would really love a chance at this!

  • Do we have any estimate on when you’ll be able to fix this registration? It’s been almost a week since you first posted it, and it’s still not working correctly.

  • Again, just another FYI – not having any issue logging/entering daily on the website. It specifically states that the website may not be accessible to do this on mobile phones, handheld devices or tablets. Only by desktop or laptop computer only.

  • Been trying, on a desktop computer, with multiple browsers, from multiple locations, for almost a week, still with no success.

  • Would this be the MOST Magical Vacation ever!!!!
    My Grandaughter who is almost 5 and has never been would NEVER ever forget staying in the castle. Nor would I. A once in a lifetime experience that would be savored forever.!!

  • Not sure if this is the magic tip but it seems to work for me… I go to disneyworld and log in to my regular account there. Then I open up this blog in another browser tab and click on the “here” to enter. t takes me straight to the entry form and my info is all pre-filled. I got nothing when I tried to go straight to the contest.

  • Any news as to when the entry page will be corrected? It is now 7 days into the sweepstakes and the same error is happening. It keeps bringing me back to the log in page.

  • This would be awesome, Disney World is the first stop for our honeymoon in December!

  • I love Disney…and would really love to be able to enter the contest….but your website is still having issues…..

    How can you hold a contest when people can’t enter?

  • I was sad that the website isn’t working properly. It says I need to be a U.S. resident. Iowa is still part of the U.S. right? 🙂

  • I wish us Canadians could enter! We come to Disney every 2 years!

  • Hello! I am still having problems with entering. I agree with post 73 (Maureen). How about the contest gets put on hold until all issues are resolved, and then extend the deadline to enter? This prize is fantastic, a literal “dream come true” for all of us here, but it seems a moot point to have a contest that so few people can successfully enter.
    I think we’d all like an update on the status of this contest. I hope that we get some answers very soon!

  • I’ve never had trouble entering … just had to be patient with signing in and the proper page coming up. I hope it becomes as easy for everyone. I enter through the Facebook link to the Disneyblog; copy & pasted the link to my FB page.

  • I was unable to enter for a couple days. Then I was able to enter ONCE and since then have not been able to enter again (on different days per the rules). I wish I and the others also having technical trouble could have an equal chance at winning this wonderful magical prize.

  • I had to register as a new user with Disney Family Movies in order to enter the sweepstakes, even though I am already registered on other Disney sites. Was finally able to enter the sweepstakes after doing so. Good luck everyone!

  • I also have tried for the last 2 days to log in. I was already a member of the Disney Family Movies as well as just about every other Disney website that requires a login. I completely agree with everyone else that is having a difficult time with the website. This is a chance in a lifetime prize that almost no one can win due to the website. Thank you for considering our requests!

  • our whole family is trying for us and not having issues logging in daily. I also know several friends that are entering daily as well without issues

  • Wow !!! Talk about Dreams Coming True. Imagine sharing this with the Grand children. The magic and wonder would be fullfilled. For Mommy, Daddy , Grand Ma and Pa and Grand Children.
    Like Alice in Wonderland, ‘…I knew who I was this morning, but I have change…’so many time since going to Disney. After going to Disney from when the children were young, experiencing it as they got older,then with their new better halfs and now looking thru the different eyes again of Grand Children – Talk about pursuing your dreams per Walt, they would come true.

  • No one need miss out on a chance this incredible prize … just send in a postcard entry.

  • What an amazing dream that would be to win – how come there is no love for Canadians?????

  • SO EXCITED ’bout taking our 5 – going on 6 year old to Disney this year! Would be even MORE EXCITED if we didn’t have to over extend ourselves trying to do it!!! 🙂 LUV MICKEY!

  • Is there a limit on the number of postcard entries you can submit? I’d like to make up for the two weeks worth of entries I missed due to the technical difficulties.

  • Hello! **What is the daily limit to enter with postcards for those of us who are have no luck with entering online? Can we send many on the same day? Jennifer Fickley-Baker, can you help us find the answers to these questions? Thanks so much!

  • I seriously hope I win. I never win ANYTHING so, this would really mean the WORLD to me. Please oh Please oh PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!

  • I have to say Cinderella’s CASTLE is the most amazing place in the world. My family was blessed to have stayed in CINDERELLA’s CASTLE when we won “The Year of a Million Dreams Sweepstake”. Words can not describe how you feel when you know you are sleeping in Cinderella’s Castle. To this day it is one of our families best memories. My family of 2 young girls and my wife were treated like Princess Royalty and I was treated like a Prince. I am so happy my 2 girls have been blessed to have this memory with their mom and they can remember that magical time for the rest of their life’s. Unfortunately we lost my wife to cancer just three years after our Royal Stay but we have that Cinderella memory forever. We will never ever forget that magical experience. We talk about it all the time and always dream one day it could happen again. We love Disney, I have taken my two girls to Disney World every month this year just to be in such a magical place. Some Dreams Can Come True. Thank you Disney for the memories.

  • I wanna win this more than anything in the world!!! Disney is my favorite place in the whole wide world!!! This would make me the happiest girl in the whole wide world!!

  • any news on a winner??

  • GOOD LUCK ALEXIS FROM PA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How will we know when they’ve chosen a winner? I’ve been anxiously staring at my phone hoping for a miracle! It would be nice to know when it’s officially over so I don’t have to wonder. Thanks!

  • Hi Jennifer: Do you know who or if the winner has been decided?
    It stated on the website on or around September 9th, 2013?????

  • so who was the winner of the magical stay???

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